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Label FAQ’s


  1. Recordings Contract –

Q: How long will this contract run?A: Initial agreement is for one album, but the agreement will stay in place for as long as both parties are happy. Each side can terminate the agreement at any time but must inform the other party. Please note that we have the right to sell the remaining stock.Q: Do I need to assign my copyright to CTR?A: No, you keep the copyright in the recordings and songs. We only lease it for a period of time. On the CD it will say (C) by you (P) Rhythm Bomb Rec. since they are our production partner.Q: What will I get paid?A: You will get paid in free copies each run. If you sign up for digital distribution you get a percentage of the net income. The more we (You and us) sell, the more copies you get. No limit.Q: Where can I sell my copies?A: Everywhere. There are no limits. Ebay, at shows, from your website, Amazon, you name it.Q: What if I don’t tour and can’t sell the free copies?A: Your income is based on the fact that you sell your free copies. If you dont sell you dont earn any money, so think carefully before entering an agreement. It is in everyones interest that all parties are actively promoting and selling the albums.Q: Can I license the recordings to someone else?A: As long as our contract is in place, NO. You must terminate our agreement before doing this or reach an agreement with us in writing to license the recordings elsewhere.Q: Who should sign the contract? All members of the band?A: It depends on who owns the rights. If you paid the recordings out of band earnings, everyone involved should sign it. If you replace somebody, he still owns a part of the rights.LAYOUT 2408 copiar 2. CD Production –Q: Why are you only offering jewelcases?A: The company we are working with is offering jewelcase only. Our offer is based on a 4p booklet. Thats how we calculated your free copies. Any extras will cost extra.Q: We love vinyl. Why you don’t offer vinyl?A: We are planning to offer that in future. We love vinyl too but our distribution channels are specialized in CDs.Q: Where do I get a EAN code and what’s is it for?A  EAN code is needed to get your CD into the regular shops. Without EAN Code / barcode they wouldnt accept it. We provide this.Q: Where do I get a ISR Code and whats the use?A: We can deliver a ISR Code. You will need to attach this to each song when the product is mastered. Its a unique code and its mandatory for digital distribution as well to fight illegal downloadsQ: What’s the offer of your promotion department?A: We will do a FREE digital promotion for each release. It will be issued to up to 500 important contacts like bookers, DJs, magazines. You can also opt in for physical promotion, but in that case you will need to pay for it. Usually a physical promotion will cost you 2.-4.000 €, we are offering it at cost price because we want to have the product promoted as well.Q: What if we need additional copies?A: You can simply order them at our Distribution partner Rhythm Bomb Rec. They are 5€ each plus VAT (if you are located in the EU) plus shipping. Shipping is usually 2 days within Germany, 3-5 days in Europe and 3 weeks rest of the world. You get invoiced by them.Q: My designer asks for specifications. Where can I find them ?A: http://www.gzmedia.com/en-GB/Technical-support/Technical-conditions/Templates.aspxQ: What about songwriter royalties, mechanicals?A: We report them at MCPS. To receive them you will need to be a member of a royalties collecting company in your country.Q: Why do we need to buy off 100 if we want to have a 1000 CD run?A: Our standard is 500 CDs pressed in the first run. If you think you can sell more we will need to recover the additional cost (production, MCPS …) so we ask you to buy off another 100 from the start.  

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