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Our Artists and The Platform!


3. The Platform InvestmentQ: Why do we have to invest in shares?A: One of the reason’s we created this new Record label was to help promote and grow the social and trading platform we are building this year for the global Vintage-Rockin’-Roots community. We are offering all our partner bands an excellent opportunity for an album release which will reach a global audience, in return we ask for their help in building our new community.

Catty Town – Support your tribe! from Catty Town Limited on Vimeo.

Q. Tell me more about this Social and Trading Platform you have planned?A. For a full explanation of all our plans click on the image below to see our special investors and crowd fund website.


Q: What are the benefits of owning a share in the Catty Town Platform?A: For a €200 investment, you will receive the following, an equity share in the ownership of Catty Town and a unique revenue share that will give you a quarterly financial return when the site starts trading, this return will start small but grow as the total trading activity on Catty Town increases. But the really unique thing is by purchasing a Catty Town Revenue share, you will receive 5 Trading Licences.

Benefits Table

Q: What is a Catty Town Trading Licence (CTTL)?A: To trade on the future platform all traders will need a Catty Town Trading Licence. Once the platform goes live these licences will be available for purchase for €49 each. Traders can buy these direct from Catty Town or from a friend they know that has a licence for sale. If you are a trader yourself, you will need to keep one licence for your own activity, leaving you four to sell or give away for friends and other traders. If you own 2 revenue shares you would have 9 licences to trade or give away. If you sell all your available CTTL’s you will already have made most of your initial investment back, before any revenue dividend is paid.


Q: How many CTTL’s will exist?A: We are issuing 1000 revenue shares, which will create 5000 trading licences. When the first 5000 are sold, we will re-issue another 5000 trading licences to our existing revenue shareholders. The CTTL’s are permanent TL’s with just a once off cost but ARE non transferrable.

Q: Can I get help to trade my CTTL’s?A: The Catty Town Platform will have a system that allows traders to buy a licence easily for a once off fee of €49, but the licences being sold will belong to our revenue shareholders and will be sold on a first come, first sold basis. The very first licence (in fact the first 5) we sell in this system will belong to our first investor and we will issue the revenue created directly to the shareholder, they do not have to lift a finger. The next five sold will belong to the person who purchased the second share etc. Revenue Shareholders can also sell directly to friends using this system, with the purchaser being able to denitrify a preferred seller from our list of shareholders.

Q: If our recording contract agreement finishes, can we get our €200 investment back?A: Catty Town cannot directly refund your initial investment but you will be able to get your investment back in this way – we are also building a special trading platform for our revenue shares, which will grow in value very quickly once the platform is built and people are using it to communicate and trade. So at any point in the future you can sell your share (a tradeable commodity with growing value) to new investors eager to get involved in what will be a very successful global platform. We are 100% confident that once the platform starts trading and you see the potential future benefits you will be delighted to have invested early in Catty Town and will be happy to watch your shares value increase and your quarterly revenue dividend grow.

Q: Are there really different ways I can get value from my initial €200 investment?A: At least eight, the table above shows the full list. You will receive CTTL’s that can be sold, you will receive a revenue share in Catty Town that is a commodity with a rising value as the business develops and that you can sell on at any time in the future for a profit. But you will also receive a growing quarterly return on your investment based on the total trading revenue the platform generates. Further benefits include your own access to our global platform enabling you to reach as wide an audience as possible and sell your own goods directly to them.

Q: Has anything like this ever been done before?A: Community owned and funded businesses like Catty Town are a new but growing phenomenon and one of the best examples is the UK Craft Brewery Brewdog who have successfully built a multi million pound brewing and pub business using an equity crowd fund approach.


Q: Are there any other reasons for investing in Catty Town?A: Yes, we believe there are compelling community, ethical and moral reasons to invest in Catty Town. We will be providing a new online home for EVERYONE involved in any aspect of the global “Vintage and Roots” community.  Catty Town exists to benefit our community, not to rip it off, check out our slide below.


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