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Drumless band from Toulouse (Fr), playing real Hillbilly music & roots Rockabilly!

Shorty Tom & The Longshots is a Hillbilly & Roots Rockabilly drumless trio formed in Toulouse (southwest of France) at the end of 2012 by Thomas (The Doodads), Dominique (John, Jack & Jill – The Doodads), and Bruno (King Size – John, Jack & Jill – Hula Trio – Da Gous Ket Ramblers – Carl & The Rhythm All Stars, to name but a few).STcoverTheir musical influences range from Al Ferrier to Hank Williams, Sr., and include the likes of Jack Guthrie, Mack Banks, Maddox Bros. and Bill Carlisle.They cut their teeth in bars and at local festivals of the southwest, acquiring a certain reputation, and, in July 2013, opened the famous Summer Jamboree in Italy, sharing the bill with Mike Sanchez. They spent 2013 on the local concert circuit- a tour strategy that allowed them to fine tune their repertoire, strengthen their stage performance, and gain stature on the European music scene.

This year, Shorty Tom & The Longshots will perform at the RnR Jamboree (Paris region), where they will share the bill with the Tinstars; the Rave On! Rockabilly Club (Barcelona area), presented by Kike Hayride; the Rock n Roll City Jamboree Donaueschingen (Germany); the Hoorn Rock’n’Roll Sunday (Holland); the Hultsfreed Hayride (Sweden); and the High Rockabilly (Spain). To be sure, the 2014 European tours mark the beginning of a long and successful adventure!The group has already made plans to release a 45 rpm single, and, eventually, full length album.Shorty Tom & The Longshots?ST2Who are they? And what makes them so special? Well, there’s only one way to find out! Come and see-and listen– for yourself!Shorty Tom & The Longshots?Don’t delay-or you’ll miss this opportunity to experience a musical phenomenon that won’t last! After all, Shorty is going to grow up fast. Very soon, he’ll be known simply as Tom!

Shorty Tom & The Longshots. Can there be a more perfect trio? Tom’s signature vocals are backed up by the unique playing style of Tom himself on rhythm guitar, Don on double bass, and Bruno on guitar/ steel guitar.But wait! The trio is going to fetch themselves a fourth rascal (a fiddler?)-and you will have missed the boat! Namely, their own brand of rural Rockabilly and down-to-earth Hillbilly music that aims to hit the town rough and hard!So there you are, folks! A flash of music (songs are all too brief at 1minute, 20 seconds)! And a hot time in the old town tonight! Guaranteed!ST3 To book The Longshots through Rockin’ Central click on image below to visit their page.RockinCcover


Drumless trio (from Poitiers erea, France) playing rustic primitive Rockabilly & Hillbilly.

Born in Normandy in 1973, Jack Face (an alias!) grows up in Toulouse. At age 16, first guitar, first chords & first revelations: Hank Williams, Carl Perkins & Elvis. The first 2 songs he learns are Perkins’ Honky tonk Gal & Elvis’ Baby Let’s Play House. At age 18, he buys a Hank Williams 10 inches (Moanin’ the Blues) & just for fun learns how to play ALL tracks on the record (Weary Blues from Waitin’, Honky Tonk blues and so).JFcoverFirst band as a duet with a female singer (Jack Face on rhythm guitar only). Crappy! He then meets up with Bruno Longo (famous guitar player born & fed in Toulouse) and begins to sing, first with the Lucky Smokey Boys then John, Jack & Jill. He learns his trade on the job and turns intensively in his erea’s bars & cafes. He learns a lot of songs (Al Ferrier, Sun, Starday). Nights of drunkenness, sleepless nights… He then decides to quit his job (delivery driver) & never having a day job, for better or for worse. His band gets some fame and enters the European circuit (bars and big rocking venues). First big show is in Spain, as opening act for Dale Hawkins.

No internet back on those days (1997/98), Jack Face turns into a bookworm (he reads Celine, Bukowski, Boudard, books about music, mainly Jazz & Blues). He meets Western Swing, Hawaiian music. Still pairing with Bruno, they turn to more exotic sounds, at first with The Orientals (a blend of Surf & Arab music), then with the Hula Trio (Hawaiian music, Swing & Country Blues).JF1In 2003, Bruno leaves Toulouse for some times to settle in Cannes and Jack launches Jack Face with fellow musician (Red Leg) Seg. At first, it was only for fun. Seg had bought some recording stuff & they fool around in his 12 square meter garage. They sent some demos to El Toro and wham!, Carlos wants to release an album that is recorded in 15 days, with any songs going through Jack’s mind! No rehearsals, 2 to 3 takes most of the times (they record Mama Mama totally drunk in one take! They never played this song before!!).The album (Crying Blues) is a big seller and Jack Face plays the European rockabilly festivals circuit (High Rockabilly, Rockabilly Rave, Rockin’ Race Jamboree to name but a few) and will highlight his carrer with an invitation to play at Viva Las Vegas.But Jack’s musicians are tired to be permanently on the road and decide to call it quit. Jack Face himself decides to make a break. But music’s virus is the strongest and in may 2013, Jack decides to relaunch his career, with new musicians and a new combo’s name, but the spirit is the same!

Do you remember Jack Face & The Volcanoes?

Well, Sylvain (vocal, rhythm guitar) relaunches his combo with a different name (Jack Face & The Rustic Echoes) and different musicians. JP Cardot (Roy Thompson & Chris Almoada’s piano player) on doublebass and Bastien (Blackberry & Mr. Boo-Hoo & Roy Thompson) on lead guitar. The musical influences remain the same: primitive Rockabilly.JF2 To book the Rustic Echoes through Rockin’ Central click on image below to visit their page.RockinCcover


Chris Almoada is a singer, composer and lead guitar player who has been performing since the late 1970s. He belongs to the first generation of European artists to embrace rockabilly. 1st solo album in september 2010, called “Come to New Orleans”.CAcoverChris Almoada is a singer, composer and lead guitar player who has been performing since the late 1970s. He belongs to the first generation of European artists to embrace rockabilly.In 1972, at the age of 11, Chris began playing boogie-woogie and ragtime on the piano. That same year, he discovered the rock ’n’ roll music of Bill Haley, Gene Vincent, and Eddie Cochran. But it was Wanda Jackson, the Queen of Rockabilly, who gave Chris the biggest thrill with such hit songs as “Let’s Have a Party” and “Honey Bop”. What a voice! What a sound!

In 1976, Chris began playing the guitar. His favorite LP was a new album entitled Sun Session. The sound of Scotty Moore introduced him to the technique of guitar picking. In 1978, Chris put together his first group, the Rockin’ Shoes. The group favored titles appearing under such record labels as Collector, Goldband, Starday, King, Redita, and Fed… During the 1980s, Chris composed music and sang with two other groups: the Ol’ Timers and Mystery Train.CA1After a hiatus in the 1990s, Chris returned to the music scene by giving private performances as a solo guitarist. In early 2000, Alain Chennevière (a singer and former member of the Alligators who pioneered rockabilly in France) enlisted Chris as a guitar player specializing in the picking style. At the same time, Chris and a friend of his (who played the upright bass) cofounded a group dedicated to Western swing in its purest 1940s style. The Spikebones reprised the songs of Johnny Lee Wills and Milton Brown, as well as those of Jimmy Revard and the Light Crust Doughboys.

After a stint as lead guitar player for Easy Lazy C & His silver Slippers, Chris is today the lead singer of his own group, the Broken Hearts, which recorded its first CD, Come to New Orleans, in July 2010 (Rydell’s Records). This CD includes first-rate songs such as “Cool Cat”, “Come to New Orleans”, and “Another mornin” that were written in collaboration with David E. Miller, an American lyricist. It also includes two original songs, “Somebody’s knocking” and “Gone really gone”, both of which Chris authored in the early 1980s but which haven’t been released until now.Book Chris through Rockin Central, click on image below to see their page:RockinCcover


This page’s aim is to promote as many worldwide upcoming Rockabilly concerts as possible by putting on line event flyers.Share yours, I’ll file them in my monthly gig galleries. /// Le but de cette page est de promouvoir autant de concerts Rockabilly à venir que possible, du monde entier, en mettant en ligne des flyers d’événements. Partagez les vôtres, je les ajouterai à mes albums mensuelsRCposterYou can also book these three fantastic bands through Rockin’ Central, click on their picture to see their full band page:Chris Almoada – Authentic Rockabilly from France (4 musicians)CAprofileJack Face – Primitive Rockabilly & Rustic Hillbilly from France (3 Musicians)JF1Shorty Tom & The Longshots – Real Hillbilly and Roots Rockabilly from France (3 musicians)ST1

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Enniscorthy, Wexford, Ireland

We Dig Roots is a new online information resource and booking agency based in Ireland. As our name suggests our focus is on real roots music in all its forms. As people we love real music played by real and talented people and as a business we hope to help those talented people reach the audience they deserve. Our main partners in this venture (The artists and bands) are a mixture of Irish and International performers who all have one thing in common, they have a passion for the style of roots music they play and have dedicated their lives to achieving excellence.At We Dig Roots this passion is a pre-requisite for us, we want to work with people who love what they do because we believe that this is the only true approach to music. If you tick that box and are interested in talking to us about getting involved give us a ring or drop us an e-mail.We are also working with real authentic events and venues to advertise gigs and festivals and ensure this fantastic music is seen by as many people as possible. If you are a venue, event organiser or promoter interested in booking some of our artists please get in touch to discuss the huge range of acts we are working with. We will also be delighted to create a new page on our website for your venue and/or event and feature news of your upcoming gigs.All phone enquiries should be made to Eamonn on 087 2982618 or drop us an e-mail to bookings@wedigroots.comWe Dig Roots Business Card Back

21 Grove Terrace, Penarth Road, Cardiff, United Kingdom



Paul Franklyn “Legs” Barrett (born 1940 in Blackwood, Monmouthshire is the UK’s best known agent and manager of 1950s style Rock and Roll artistes, an author and previously a singer, songwriter and film actor. Barrett is the discoverer, mentor and first manager of the singer now known as Shakin’ Stevens during the 1960s and 1970s, but has also represented and promoted many more of the genre’s greats during a long and varied career.


 Barrett pictured with Bill Haley’s Original Comets during 1980 UK filming of “Blue Suede Shoes”Manager and agent

Ever since first managing Shakin’ Stevens in 1969, Barrett has continued to be a professional agent, manager and promoter of 1950s style rock and roll artists including Wee Willie Harris, Bill Haley’s Original Comets, The Jets, Matchbox, Crazy Cavan & The Rhythm Rockers and Linda Gail Lewis (sister of all time rock great Jerry Lee Lewis). He has promoted and organised weekend long rock and roll themed events and major concerts all over the UK and on mainland Europe. Paul Barrett Rock and Roll Enterprises is now recognised as the principal agency for the genre.


Barrett’s spoken and bass vocals were featured on several early Shakin’ Stevens and the Sunsets albums, on tracks such as “Oh Baby” and “At the Hop”, he also spoke the commentary on the track “Superstar”. The album “I’m no J.D.” was re-released as “Shakin’ Stevens and the Sunsets” in the 1980s and was awarded a Gold Record. Barrett also sang live on stage with the band, adding his vocals to the Sunset’s mix.


Since the 1970s Barrett has regularly appeared as an extra in several feature films, the most notable being his major featured appearance as the “Table Monster” in the kitsch horror film ‘Bloody New Year’ (aka Horror Hotel (UK), aka Time Warp Terror (US)) directed by cult film-maker Norman J.Warren. Barrett was also featured in the rock ‘n’ roll movie Blue Suede Shoes and appeared in the 1987 TV drama mini-series Sins that starred Joan Collins.


During the 1980s Barrett collaborated with Hilary Heywood in writing the book “Shakin’ Stevens and the Sunsets” published by Star Books and W.H. Allen (London). Barrett originally wanted to call the book “Rocky Road Blues – The Story of a Rock ‘n’ Roll Band”. However the book was subsequently renamed and heavily promoted as a pop biography, becoming a short-lived best seller. Barrett’s book was more a humorous ‘warts and all’ tale of many behind-the-spotlights events during the band’s history and quite different to the several other official biographies.

Book all these Rockin’ bands here:

1950’s US Stars

Charlie Gracie, Wanda Jackson, more to be added

1980’s Rockin’ Stars

The Jets, Matchbox, Crazy Cavan & The Rhythm Rockers, Sandy Ford & The Flying Saucers, more to be added

PAUL BARRETS PLAYLIST – These are the ten (or is it 11) tracks that get Paul Rockin’, Click on the links to see/hear track on youtube.

Eddie Fontaine – Nothin’ Shakin, Chuck Berry You Can’t Catch Me, Little Richard Good Golly Miss Molly, Carl Perkins Dance Album, Gene Vincent Bluejean Bop Album, Elvis Presley Rock n Roll Album, Jerry Lee Lewis Loving Up A Storm, Johnny Otis Bye Bye Baby, Fats Domino Sick & Tired, Bill Haley and His Comets Razzle Dazzle, The Hi-Liters Dance Me To Death

Favourite all time artist is Jerry Lee Lewis


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