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This is a summary of the latest issue –


Page 4 -Faye Adams


Page 42 – Richard Weize Archives


Page 44 – Rhythm Riot 2016


Page 48 – Instrumentals Forever Part 7.


Page 50 – Sophisticated Ladies and/or Touch Cookies


Page 52 – Uncle Have and Mida Records


Page 63 – Usual Reviews etc.


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432 45 Varberg, Sweden

This is a summary of the latest issue –


Jimmy Williams – Page 4


Instrumentals Forever Part 6 – Page 10


Baton Rouge Blues – Page 14


US Country Shows in Sweden – Page 29?


Betsy Dawn Williams (L’il Bee Dee) – Page 38


Elvis 1954 – Page 42


Happy Harold Thaxton – Page 44?


Hemsby 57 – Page 49


Reviews – Page 54


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The latest issue of American Music is out NOW!img_0484INDEXimg_0485Elvis at the Hayrideimg_0486The Roddy Jackson storyimg_0487Instrumentals Foreverimg_0488Hemsby 56img_0489Usual Comprehensive Reviewsimg_0490Click on the image below for more info on how to order etc.AmerMusic

AM Mag APR FC.jpeg
Varberg, Sweden

The latest issue of American Music Magazine is out now, see below.AM Mag APR FCIndex –IMG_0259There ia an amazingly detailed article about Dave Rich –[gallery ids="8174,8175,8176"]Rhythm Riot 2015IMG_0264Instrumentals Forever – Part 4IMG_0265Ponderosa Stomp 2015IMG_0266Cash Box FlashbackIMG_0268For more information on how to order click on the image below –AmerMusic

Wood Street Indoor Market, 98-100 Wood Street, Walthamstow, London E17 3HX

Jen Jackson’s passion for most things retro stems mainly from a deep love of early glamour. A childhood of watching the old films on television and working her way through her parent’s vast record collection, this planted the seed. Then hitting the London clubs to jive none stop and get dressed up in forties and fifties attire, eventually collecting and shopping for clothes and accessories in Kensington, Camden and Portobello markets way back when provided the love and inspiration that led to Dream Retro.Jen the retro diva has traded at Portobello Road and Camden Markets, as well as promoting events, djing and running club nights in London.At Dream Retro you will find a stunning selection of books, vinyl records, kitsch barware, glassware, beautiful hand bags, jewellery, men’s & women’s accessories, posters and more. Mainly from the 1940’s & 50’s, many items have never been used, and all items are in excellent condition.[gallery ids="8145,8146,8147,8148,8149"]The best thing about coming to Dream Retro is that you can see before you buy & take the items home with you straight away, no need to wait for it to be delivered and, no need to shop on-line .Dream Retro is a great way to shop and a must for fans of all things retro.Open Weekly Tuesday – Saturday 10.30 am -5.30 pm

London, United Kingdom

 ‘The Tattoo Lifestyle Shop’ is The Largest Online Tattoo Studio Directory (thetattoolifestyleshop.co.uk) and Alternative Shopping Centre (nicheorunique.co.uk) in the UK. The Tattoo Lifestyle Shop also includes ‘Strangemporium Oddity Shop – The Land That Taste Forgot’ (strangemporium.co.uk) which is the department store of The Tattoo Lifestyle Shop.The founding principle of the site is that the tattoo studio listings in the Studio Search and the main alternative business listings in Niche or Unique must be free to both users and business owners – the site may generate income in other ways, but these two main listings must always be free.The Tattoo Lifestyle Shop Facebook and Twitter pages publish a combination of between 5-10 daily offers, new products and competitions from the Niche or Unique Alternative Businesses.Tattoo BrandJohn  Taylor who runs this online directory has played live and sang for many years and played guitar but mainly saxophone.Below is john’s  favourite back tattoo:Phoenix  Here is a playlist of some of the songs John sang himself:

Muswell Hill, United Kingdom

20th Century Cloth design and print our own exclusive range of mid-century inspired fabrics, and for those who don’t sew we have recently launched a brand new collection of makeup and wash bags using our fabulous prints.bluemerang_3d_helenA little bit of background…..I grew up in the wilds of Norfolk, under the influence of 50’s and 60’s Rock n roll music with a generous sprinkling of country thrown in.After leaving school I went on to art college, during which time I began to develop more of an interest in the design of the 1950s – the fashions, the cars, the architecture and interiors and of course the music.I went on to work in the fashion/textiles industry for many years but gave up my career when my children came along. When the time came for me to get back into work I really wanted to pursue something I could really enjoy.delano_3d_helenHaving a genuine passion for mid-century style, and a background designing printed textiles for leading UK high street brands, it seemed a natural progression to launch my own business creating exclusive vintage inspired fabrics.I am equally passionate about British made products as I am about mid-century style and have made the firm decision to support UK manufacturing. My fabrics and products are all designed in London and printed and manufactured in the UK.Helen Snell,20th Century ClothCheck out our Gallery below, and visit our website and social media pages at the links above![gallery ids="5887,5888,5889,5890,5891,5892,5893,5894" orderby="rand"] This is Helen’s current top ten tunes:Up Jumped The Devil – Ronnie Dawson

Fujiyama Mama – Wanda Jackson

Little Sister – Elvis

Boogie Woogie Country Girl – Big Joe Turner

Dance Franny Dance – Floyd Dakil Combo

Long Time No Love – Ronnie Smith

Mama He Treats Your Daughter Mean – Ruth Brown

Rockabilly Blues (Texas 1955) – Johnny Cash

Breakup – Ray Smith

One Hand Loose – Charlie Feathers

Long Beach, CA, United States

RETRO T-SHIRTS FOR THE VINTAGE LIFESTYLE!We are an online only business. We offer retail and wholesale retro T-Shirts that inlcude hot rod racing, motorcycle racing, record label, vintage reproduction T-shirts, burlesque, Tiki, tattoo and more creative designed T-shirts. We also print for hire. Some of our custom printing customers include the Viva Las Vegas Rockabilly Weekender, Big Sandy and his Fly-Rite Boys, Deke Dickerson, Kin Lenz and many more!We aslo specialise in Bandanas!AScover Some of our band and music T-Shirts:[gallery ids="5614,5615,5616,5617,5618,5619,5622,5621" orderby="rand"]ASbandCars and Hot Rods:[gallery ids="5620,5623,5624"]Our Vintage State T-Shirts:[gallery ids="5626,5627,5628"]AScover2  Misc T-Shirts:[gallery ids="5663,5664,5665,5666,5667"]AS05 To see our full range of T-shirts and Bandanas please visit our website, click on the image below to come over to our place:AScover

Brentwood, United Kingdom

We specialise in top quality authentic Ladies & Gents Vintage Clothing & Footwear, along with a massive range of accessories including, Ties, Scarfs, Hosiery, Handbags and Handmade Hair Accessories, all in period vintage, ranging from 1920’s right up to 1980’s.


You can find us at the UK’s largest Vintage Music Festivals and Weekenders every year including….

Hep Cats Holiday

Rhythm Riot

The Rockabilly Rave


Twinwood Festival

Plus many other 1940’s & 1950’s Events.

Keep track of where you can find us on our Facebook Page and we’ll see you there!!!.


Due to demand we have created our website http://www.shazamvintage.com for our Hair Flower range.

Our Hand Made Vintage Rockabilly inspired Hair Flowers have become so popular that many people have tried to replicate our Hair Flowers at the expense of poor quality products and colour selection.

You can be guaranteed you will be getting the best, that are worn by the best…. includingSingers, Celebrities and TV Personalities.



Vintage 1940’s & 1950’s Pin Up

Glamour Burlesque Hawaiian

Rockabilly Hair Flowers

The Shazam Gallery: Click on any image to make it larger!

[gallery ids="5568,5569,5570,5571,5572,5573,5574,5575,5576" orderby="rand"]
83 Commercial Street, Newport NP20 1LR, United Kingdom
+44 1633 960257+44 1633 960257

Opening Times: Mon-Sat 11am to 7pm

Here are some of the designs we have already done, contact us on Facebook to see more.

[gallery ids="2650,2651,2652,2653,2654,2655,2656,2657,2658,2659,2660,2661,2662,2663"]

The Studio is run by Johnny Cochran, here are some pictures of Johnny at work and play!

[gallery ids="2664,2665,2666,2667,2668,2669,2670,2671,2672,2673,2674,2675,2676" orderby="rand"]

Here are some images of the studio layout.

[gallery ids="2677,2678,2679,2680,2681" orderby="rand"]

And finally for your pleasure here’s Johnny live on stage!

PO box 400, Savage, Maryland, USA

Established in 2007; Get Go Retro is your source for pinup, retro and vintage inspired clothing.

We love the 50’s feminine and old Hollywood glam styles; so it seemed a natural fit to sell retro clothing. 

All items are selected with the express purpose of offering clothes that ultimately make a woman feel feminine and good about herself. We carry women’s fashions from such well known designers as Stop Staring, Lolita, Bettie Page and Ujena, (to name a few. ) We also carry some of the less well known designers by embracing many designers from the cottage industry in an effort to offer unique styles that other sites are not offering. This concept has proved to be a “win-win” situation for us and the smaller designers by allowing us more variety, and the designers a platform to sell their items .


Originally founded with the idea of paying for college, Get Go Retro has been growing by leaps and bounds in the few short years we have been in business. Our clientele are fans of the timeless and classic dresses of the 40’s and 50’. Think silver screen glamour icons such as Audrey Hepburn, Lauren Bacall and Rita Hayworth; or perhaps Burlesque Queen Bettie Page; to the girl next door, Debbie Reynolds.

Retro and rockabilly clothing accentuate the figure and cater to a woman’s independent fashion style with timeless and classic femininity. Retro fashion is worn by all ages, shapes and sizes. We carry all sizes; from petite to plus size. The retro styles are especially flattering on curvy women, so no need to be shy. Our clothes are classy, timeless, and most times, attention grabbing. One of the many characteristics of our dresses is that they can make the transition from being a perfect work dress and/or fabulous dinner dress.


We strive to offer our customers excellent service. If our customer’s are looking for something specific and we don’t sell it; let us know, we will try to find it for you. Our hope is to encompass a wide array of resources to help you create your own style and look. The company has a lot of fabulous plans for the coming year that you definitely won’t want to miss.

Any suggestions on how we can improve, or things you would like to see in the shop . . . feel free to contact us!

We stock the following types of clothes, click on the image below each category to go direct to that part of our website.






 To be added






 To be added

Bike Helmets;



Ever wish you could just go back in time?  A retro apron helps.  Trust us!  We are proud to offer Retro Aprons designed and produced exclusively by Carolyn West of Carolyn’s Aprons and Cupcake Provocateur   Retro aprons  are fun, sexy and all about feeling glamorous. They can take you back to a time where you feel nostalgic … Whimsical and fun they enhance the merriment of playing  dress-up combined with the indulgent delights of naughty pin-ups. Featured in numerous media outlets, these aprons  are also sweet treats for yourself and fun gifts for mothers, sisters, daughters, and brides. And, heck … they may even help you cook better!

Retro aprons take us back in time to the 40’s and 50’s and gives us the feeling of nostalgia.  Retro aprons take us back in time to the 40’s and 50’s and gives us the feeling of nostalgia.





Get ready to wear some Halloween Themed Clothing.  It’s perfect.  Wear it dining, dancing and entertaining on the Day of the Dead for a frighteningly good time; and wear it again another day.  So versatile!

“If human beings had genuine courage, they’d wear their costumes every day of the year, not just on Halloween!”  ~ Douglas Coupland






5.00 (1 review)

The Cutthroat Club Barber Services is a newly formed company, our aim is to help supply barber shops with products,scissors,and various Services i.e. – Training, product promotions, support etc etc..


 The Cutthroat Club is owned and operated by Noel McHugh, the handsome cat below!


 SKIN&BONE …….Soon in stock our own brand of handmade denim barber aprons, in sizes S, M, L, for pre-orders e-mail me for details.

CT aprons


We also stock a range of Pomades –

The Pomp & Co. family pic. Whatever your usage needs we got ya covered. Pomade & HairCream both available in travel size 1oz, regular size 4oz & XL barbershop size 16oz.

CT pom1


NOW IN STOCK …The full range of Layrite Pomades is now in stock at The Cutthroat Club in wexford. I had the pleasure of meeting the founder and man behind layrite, Mr Donnie Hawley at Barber Connect this year. What a legend.
Come and get a can of Layrite Before its gone, its going fast!

CT lay


CT lay2

New cutthroat/shavettes coming online soon. E-mail me for info on orders.

CT razors

 We also stock scissors;

CT sc


We are based in Wexford Town in Ireland’s Sunny South East, get in touch to arrange a cut or enquire about our products.

Please like our Facebook page by clicking here!

Johann-Flitsch-Straße 12, 83075, Bad Feilnbach, Germany

Ann Sheppard pays homage to all the forgotten heroines of the early 20th century – women for whom independence, self-assurance and freedom were important. They were not rebels or renegades, they just loved what they were doing.


Amelia Earhart, Gertrude Ederle and Jacqueline Cochran are some of these heroines, not forgetting all the countless female industrial workers who through building planes and ships amongst other things formed the backbone of the technological progress of the 1930s and especially the 1940s.


The fields of women’s activities changed dramatically and the styles of clothing changed with them. Inspired by these times, values and developments Ann Sheppard creates apparel rooted in the 1930s, 1940s and 1950s. This apparel is made to the same quality standards and with the same vintage techniques. Best fabrics, finest accessories and detailed finishing are the basis of all Ann Sheppard’s collections.


















Chepstow NP16 5EP, United Kingdom

 Collegiate Shag Classes & Workshops

Collegiate Class is the result of Dai & Sharon’s ambition to promote Collegiate Shag everywhere they can, and to teach anyone willing to learn this crowd pleasing crazy dance style. Please “Like” our Facebook page to be kept up to date or sign up for our newsletter on the website.


Sharon & Dai Rowland have been dancing Lindy Hop since 2006 and Collegiate Shag since 2008. Dai is passionate about the music of the 30′s, 40,s and 50′s and performed in Rockabilly bands in the 70′s and 80′s. Sharon was introduced to the swingin’ music scene by Dai and has since been bitten by the (jitter) bug.

Why the Collegiate Shag?

Inspired by a 1 hour taster workshop, they learned the smoother, East coast style of Collegiate Shag creating interest and praise within their local dance scene. Since that time, they’ve realised that there are very few instructors doing more than beginners workshops or providing the continuity and practice time that learning their favourite dance style requires.

During a visit to the USA in 2010, they were cajoled into entering their first ever dance competition, and came 3rd in the “North American Collegiate Shag Championships” in San Francisco. This encouraged them to think about passing on, the style, moves, and techniques they have learned from the worldwide Collegiate Shag weekends they continue to attend. 

Since then they have also achieved 2nd place at the Munich Balboa Shag weekend 2013

Widely recognised as International Shag dancers, ”Collegiate Class” is the result of their ambition to promote Collegiate Shag everywhere they can, and to teach anyone willing to learn this great dance style.

Our next series of beginners classes will be starting in September 2014, but check out our workshops page to see if we have anything running near you before then. Our usual lessons run weekly on Tuesdays at 7:30pm until 9:00 in the Beaufort Hotel, Chepstow, watch this space or subscribe to our newsletter here.
Each class is £5 per person.
First Floor, The Real McCoy, McCoy's Arcade, Fore Street, Exeter EX4 3AN

 At Flip Out Retro we love the 1950s! We have stylish clothes for men and women, accessories, gifts, art and much more. We have selected our range carefully, both vintage pieces and reproduction, to reflect the fun, glamour and style of the era.

If you are visiting Exeter, please come and see us, to view our full range which is changing all the time. Please contact us with any queries or if you would like to ask about different styles, sizes etc, and we will do our best to help.

Our opening hours:

Mon – Sat: 10:00 am – 5:30 pm
Sun: 11:00 am – 4:00 pm

Rockin’ Retro Boutique.


Proud stockists of ‘Outerlimitz’, Miss Fortune, Bow and Crossbones, ‘Retro-a-go-go!’ and ‘Pennychoo’. We also have a variety of one-off garments from leading retro designers and our own range of shirts for men. Our range will change all the time so keep an eye on our Facebook page for updates.. 

5.00 (1 review)
London, United Kingdom

Retro style artwork that will add colour and style to your home or business.




Life sized heads with hand sculpted hair and accessories!






Please let us introduce you to American Music Magazine.
We’ve been publishing hot rockin’ articles since 1979. Every issue is jam-packed with the facts on genuine rock ‘n’ roll music – our music – all accompanied by a wealth of photographs. There are in depth features on the rockin’ originators, both known and obscure, and the record labels from the golden era. Just take a look at our back issues section to see the treasure of artists who’ve graced our pages:http://www.americanmusicmagazine.com/rpmam.pdf
Our editor is Bo Berglind who was born in 1945 and lives in Varberg, Sweden. His musical tastes range from country to rhythm and blues. One day primitive rock-a-billy is Bo’s best, the next it’s rhythm & blues, teenbeat or country. His particular interest in record collecting has always been Memphis and Sun Records with Elvis and Little Richard the particular reasons to get into music. Over the year Bo’s helped gather information for releases on Bear Family, Star-Club, Classics, Spin, Hydra, Edsel, Demon, Stomper Time and many other labelsAt the bottom of the page you can see and hear some more of Bo’s key influences that helped inspire him to start his musical journey:

Bo’s contact details are:Bo Berglind; Kungsgatan 5; SE-432 45 Varberg; Sweden. email: See above.

Editorial Committee
An editorial committee which includes Kent Heineman, Claes-Hakan Olofsson and Erik Petersson ably supports Bo Berglind in the production of the magazine. They share Bo’s tastes in music although Erik has a predilection for ‘raw rockabilly’ music epitomized by the likes of Jack Earls and Link Wray. AMM also collaborates with the Tales From The Woods collective in the U.K. http://www.tftw.org.uk.
Kent Heineman
AMM publishes three issues a year (April – September – December), each with 56 pages or more in A4 size with full colour front and back covers. Although most of the reviews of the latest record releases are in Swedish, the majority of the main articles and features are invariably in English and are written by respected authorities such as Martin Hawkins and Ian Wallis, and include the best possible illustrations.
To Subscribe
Erik Petersson handles subscriptions and requests for sample copies. Please contact Erik at erik@americanmusicmagazine.com and he will advise you of the current subscription rates and the cost of a sample copy. We give prices in Swedish Krona, €, $ and £.
Erik Petersson
 UK Contact
Alternatively, if you are in the U.K. you can contact our representative there – Richard ‘Dickie’ Tapp and he will advise you of the current £ prices. You can contact Dickie at dickietapp@googlemail.com.
Back Issues:
Claes-Hakan Olofsson
Claes-Hakan Olofsson handles our vast array of back issues. Please contact Claes at claeshakanolofsson@hotmail.se and he will be pleased to help you.Claes-Hakan OlofssonWe accept Paypal payment at erik@americanmusicmagazine.comAdvertising rates can be obtained from our editor, Bo Berglind, by contacting him at the email address shown above.If you have the urge to write and/or have a fund of information concerning the music we cover, again please contact our editor, Bo Berglind.We look forward to hearing from you.
As promised here are some of Bo’s main musical influences.
Little Richard: Good Golly Miss Molly Elvis Presley: Good Rockin’ Tonight Larry Williams: High School Dance Jerry Lee Lewis: Whole Lotta Shakin’ Goin’ On Johnny Burnette: The Train Kept A Rollin’ Cliff Richard: Move It Gene Vincent: Be Bop Boogie Boy Brenda Lee: Sweet Nothin’s Hank Williams: Never Again Fats Domino: Blueberry Hill And here are ten youtube videos that Bo always enjoys watching – although he remarks that these can change from day to day, just like the weather! Howlin’ Wolf: Smoke Stack Lightning: Rock ’n’ Roll Trio: Hound Dog: Janis Martin: My Boy Elvis: Marty Robbins: Blue Spanish Eyes: Little Richard: Good Golly Miss Molly: Jerry Lee Lewis: Sweet Little Sixteen: Carl Perkins: Blue Suede Shoes: Jimmy& Johnny: Sweet Love On My Mind: Ronnie Hawkins: Who Do You Love: George Jones: Choices:
222/370 Baiyoke 2 (3rd Floor), Ratchaprarop Rd, Phayathai, Ratchathewi, Bangkok, 10400 Thailand

Punkabilly Clothing is a Pin Up and Rockabilly Clothing Shop.
We opened our store back in 2009 and it is located in Bangkok, Thailand. At first it was a small online shop with just a few items, but it was slowly growing, as we were expanding our collections.

Today Punkabilly Clothing offers a lot of different kinds of clothes and accessories, from punk rock items to retro vintage style clothing. We work directly with manufacturers to design and produce the clothes exactly as we want them to be. The key ingredient in every of our models is love for the rockabilly and pin up style. We also carry in our shop some of the other Thailand major rockabilly brands like Six Bunnies, Liquor Brand and Eight Ball.


Explore the variety of our site’s offer and we are sure you will fall in love with this style. We ship all over the globe to both retail and wholesale customers.


Rockabilly Clothing, Pin Up Clothing, Punk Accessories, Retro & Vintage Style Clothing







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