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The story of Mississippi Queen began in the fall of 1989, in Zagreb,  capitol of Croatia. The band was formed by Jurica Štelma (upright bass),  Karlo Starcevic (rhythm guitar, vocal), Renato Zgrablic-Pit (second rhythm, guitar, harp, vocals) and Vedran Žanko (lead guitar, vocals). They played  together for over a year, and recorded a few sessions from which tree songs were published on the compilation tape “Rock this town”. These were  first official recordings of Mississippi Queen. 1990 was a very successful  year for Mississippi Queen, because no other band ever had that line-up  with a slapping bass in Croatia. They had hundreds of concerts and several  appearances on national TV! By the end of 1990 Vedran left the band, and   from that period on, Pit took  the lead guitar.MQThe next couple of years, the band performs as a trio, but just one session was recorded in that  period. Those three songs came out as bonus tracks on the first album, “Golden years” in 1993. At that time, two new musicians joined the band:  Gorana Cehic (fiddle, vocal), and Igor Balent (drums). This album features the first self-penned song of Mississippi Queen, but no record company  showed any interest in it at that moment, so the boys produced it on their  own. After a year, the drummer left the band, so they decided to proceed as a trio again. The next album, “Ten Years After” was recorded in 1999, with all cover  songs, similar to what they usually played on concerts.But after a few  years, the band got fed up with doing covers. They wanted to perform their own songs, and find an audience that would appreciate them. So the band  started to write and the album “Did You Say Love” is now a fact. The CD  was entirely recorded at the Lightning Recording Studio in Berlin, 2004.for Rhythm Bomb Records,with Ivan Semes-Sammy on the lead guitar.The  things started to steam up for the band ’cause the critics were great,and the band took part of the festivals,and clubs around Europe.2008.Sammy left the band,and Axel Praefcke took on the lead guitar. With him, M Queen recorded new album, “Rock-a-Billy Heaven Bound” (Rhythm Bomb Records). Few years later Axel left the band and Gvozden Sopp took a place on lead guitar and Kruno Krapec on drums.

Till now they took appearance on many festivals all over Europe such as: Rumburk Rumble – 2005(Czech), Tear it Up! – 2008, 2012(Croatia), Rockin Around Turnhout – 2006, 2014(Belgium), Good Rockin’ Tonight – 2008(France), Cruiser Spring Bounce – 2013(Austria), Brandenburger Rockabilly Meeting – 2013(Germany), Rockabilly Bomb – 2013(Germany), Christmas Riot – 2013(Austria), Rock’n’Roll Weekender Walldorf – 2014(Germany), The Rockabilly Rave – 2014(UK).MQcoverWhat others said about us:– “Now, this is good. Really good! Rockabilly stripped right down – so much so that if this trio didn’t play so well, they wouldn’t pull it off. But they do – and then some! 16 raw rockin’ cuts of real rootsy Rockabilly, Blues and Country Bop. The guitar is hot and twangy, and the upright bass provides the percussion. Not only that, but the bass notes ring out clear as a bell. These guys can play – and the singer has a great voice too, totally suited to this style. 75% of this album is self-written, and these songs are top class – authentic but original, with each band member allowed to show of his talent to it’s best. The 4 cover songs are played well, with Mississippi Queen’s own style stamped firmly upon them. The artists covered are Sleepy LaBeef and Johnnies Horton, Cash & Burnette. Recommended!” – “Raucous Records” about “Did You Say Love” album.– “Pure and true vintage style stripped down Rockabilly. Great strong vocals lead the way, with red hot guitar licks, and the slapped double bass providing the percussion. Lots of brand new original songs too! If you like your Rockabilly music raw, stripped down, well performed with a boppin’ beat, then this’ll be for you!” – “Raucous Records” about “Rockabilly Heaven Bound” album.– “Rock-a-Billy Heaven Bound album by Croatian rockabilly trio Mississippi Queen is already a few years old, but that hardly matters. It hardly matters that this record is a couple years old already because it is so amazingly authentic sounding that you’d be hard pressed to believe it wasn’t 60 years old if I hadn’t have just told you. Mississippi Queen has certainly done their rockabilly and hillbilly boogie homework. This record is full of mostly original material that sounds for all the world like it was written in 1954. And the band—Jurica Stelma on upright bass, Axel Praefcke on lead guitar, and Karlo Starcevic on acoustic guitar and vocals—delivers this material with 100% pure southern American rockabilly energy. Starcevic has a rough, deep country voice that’s perfectly suited for this material. In it you hear echoes of Elvis, of course, but he’s not trying to imitate Elvis. He just sings with a rough honesty that makes his delivery completely convincing.” – “Buster Fayte” owner of Rockabilly Romp web blog.– This CD almost slipped through! Now that would’ve been a real shame, ’cause it’s a mighty fine record that pleased my ears from the very first time I gave it a spin. Mississippi Queen delivered an excellent album, and every song has been taken care of with lots of passion, enthusiasm, and rock & roll by the band. All this commitment and plain hard labor results into this sparkling CD that I really like a lot. It’s one of those platters that you throw in the player, puff a smoke, drink a beer and enjoy the ride. The selfpenned tracks have been well-matured and they grab you straight away. – “Rockabilly.nl” about “Did you say Love” album.– Mississippi Queen are the oldest rockabilly bend in Croatia. There start to rockin’ in late 1989′, and their first album are “Golden Years”. On “Golden Years” Mississippi Queen were Gorana Cehic(fiddle, vocal), Igor Balent(drums), Jurica Štelma(double bass), Renato Zgrablic-Pit(lead guitar) and frontman Karlo Starcevic(rhythm guitar, vocal). First track on album “Golden Years” are one of most popular Johnny Cash song Cry Cry Cry. Song start with cool slap-bass lick and solo on guitar is really cool. Karlo have very strong vocal which make that cover exellent. Whole album are fill with cover’s and just one author’s song “Walkin’ Thorough My Mind” writen by Karlo Starčević. But “Golden Years” were their first album so i could tell that guys from Mississippi Queen play very good. Every cover had some now stuff which sit’s very well in my ears. Songs of Burnette trio ‘Oh Baby Baby’ are one of the best ever hear and if you listen “Who’s That Knockin'” you make your day automatically happier. I dont know how some of Crotian label not recognize that talent and do production of album. – “Rockabilly Bash” about “Golden Years” album.MQpromoONLINE INTERVIEWShttp://www.pinupsandkustoms.com/blog/mississippi-queen-down-to-earth-and-damn-good-rockabilly-from-croatia/http://www.eastcoastrockabillycentral.com/mississippi-queen.htmlhttp://www.rockabilly-online.com/?p=10168

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