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Twisted RodIs a 3 piece rockin‘ combo based in Prague. They play highly energetic, red hot 50s inspired music. They are considered as one of the most authentic rockabilly band in the Czech Republic. After five years of playing around the Czech Republic and forming their style, they finally released their debut album on Rhythm Bomb Records called “Bring it on Home!”.Classmates Phil (guitar), Andy (drums) and Peter „Speedy“ (bass) got together in 2008 playing mostly psychobilly music. After seeing bands like Cherry Casino and the Gamblers, Carl and the Rhythm Allstars, Jack Rabbit Slim, etc. and realising that there is a rockin scene out there, they quickly started to love and pursue this sound and style. They have been playing mostly in CZ and recently are starting to get gigs outside the country.TR1Quotes and reviews:Famous Last Words:“Weaving their way through the streets of Praha with every intention of bringing their authentic 50s rockin’ beats home to roost is Czech Republic outfit Twisted Rod. By issuing a clear warning that the contents of the band’s latest album comes with added oomph that may be too hot to handle for some listeners, Twisted Rod certainly live up to their cautionary notice by delivering a searing set of rockabilly numbers. Consisting of 15 tracks, ‘Bring It On Home!’ blazes a hot trail from its start-up song ‘Twisted Rod’, through to its concluding number ‘When I Watch You’ that reveals a tale full of obsession and wonderfully portrayed by some edgy vocals and a frantic rhythm. Bustling forward in a confident manner is ‘I Love You My Way’ that applies distortion on the vocals and works wonders, especially when vocalist Phil stutters his lines, “B-b-b-b-baby I love you my way” as if to reinforce his intentions. ‘Down The Line’ is of similar ilk to its predecessor, only this time reflecting on a derailed relationship that’s expertly conveyed by an enflamed vocal and tight rhythm section that keeps a respectful distance so that this ball of raw emotions is allowed to truly express itself. Two covers are given the Twisted Rod treatment with an exhilarating performance of Charlie Feathers’ ‘Stutterin’ Cindy’ and a vocally deep rendition of Benny Joy’s ‘Wild Wild Lover’ that’s as wild as its title suggests. Despite the majority of ‘Bring It On Home!’ being performed at a rapid pace, Twisted Rod shuffle their rhythm slightly to allow for a reduced tempo that reveals not only one of the album’s highlights, but another side to their armoury by way of ‘Tijuana 45′. It’s a song with nothing but revenge on its mind as the dark narrative takes notes from Nick Cave before setting out on its journey to the accompaniment of a shimmery guitar that sparks into life once our assailant reaches their destination.  If that wasn’t enough to suggest ideas for future directions, then the bluesy ‘Ridin Down The Highway’ answers any such concerns with an animated harmonica and throaty yell that definitely brings it on home for this Czech three-piece. By the time Twisted Rod arrive at their terminus, you will be clamouring for a repeat performance of this exhilarating ride because ‘Bring It On Home!’ is really that good.“

Bear Family:“(Rhythm Bomb) 15 tracks,  Rockabilly outfit from the Czech Republic! Fantastic debut album which reminds a little to bands like the Paladins and the Star Mountain Dreamers! 13 of the 15 tracks are there own material and this album rocks from the beginning to the end! I’m sure we will hear more from them in the future! Highly recommended!“Raucous Records:„Excellent authentic Rockabilly music from Twisted Rod – a raw rockin’ trio that successfully captures the style and energy of the 1950s rockabilly sound.“[gallery ids="5598,5599,5600"]You can find information and music at these sites as well:http://bandzone.cz/twistedrodhttps://myspace.com/twistedrod/Rhythm Bomb Interview:1) Confirm band members and names (and band name!) – real names?We are called Twisted Rod, consisting of Filip „Phil“ Nesvadba playing the guitar and singing, drummer Ondřej „Andy“ Vrátný and the upright bass player Petr „Speedy“ Novák.2) Why did you pick your band name? How did you form? Why did you decide to play the genre or genres you do?We picked our name quite a long time ago. It was when we started just playing for fun in 2008. Twisted Rod is supposed to mean a twisted piston rod from a hot rod car wreck. And it kinda stuck with us ever since. We play the music just from the pure passion that we have for it. And so far it’s working out for us.3) Do you write out your lyrics? Do you ever change a song’s lyrics in live sets?Yes, we write our own lyrics. Sometimes I change them unintentionally when I mess them up! (too much beer?)4) Where do you usually gather songwriting inspiration? What is your usual songwriting process?The inspiration is quite random but we do have a lot of songs about women, love and alcohol. So I guess that we sing about the stuff we like the most!Sometimes it comes both – cool riff and some lyrics idea. Sometimes it happens very spontaneously for example when we are doing a soundcheck before a show.

5) Do you have a band website? Why or why not? Do you have a Facebook or Twitter? Do you use Bandcamp, Spotify  to share your music?We used to have our website but during the time we realised, that it might not be that important to have one, when we can have all our stuff at facebook/reverbnation and sites like that. And we have a czech version of Bandcamp called Bandzone.6) Do you think that online presence is important for fans to find you and critics to find your music to write about?Absolutely. I think in these times it’s almost impossible not to have any online presence. And really thanks to this there are people from around the world who can hear our music and that’s a big advantage of being online. 7) Anything you would like share, from new merch to upcoming shows/tours or songs/albums?We have released our debut album called „Bring it on Home!“ in may 2014 and now we are working on new songs and maybe recording a new album in summer 2015!CLICK on the image below for more info and a review of the album.TRalbumWe also play at some great festivals like Tear it up in Croatia and Firebirds festival in germany.Some new t-shirts are being made for 2015 so stay tuned!8) What was the funniest story that happened on the road ?We don’t know! Most of the memories are blurred from the amounts of alcoholic bevearages! 9) What happened the first time you met each other, or the first time they picked up the instrument they play (or sang).Phil and Andy met each other when they were 9 years old and were going to school together ever since. Then we met Speedy in our school’s toilettes where we practically told him to get a bass and play with us as we had first gig scheduled and no bass player!10) What was your favorite live-music performance, and why ?It was probably at a big czech festival called Mighty Sounds. We played in the evening in a tent which was packed with about 700 people. Great atmosphere and people even knew lyrics to our songs and sang along![gallery ids="5601,5602,5603"]RBlogo2 

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