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Washington, DC, United States

I’ve been living in the US, in Washington DC, for 28 years – I’m originally from England and I have lived and worked in five countries. I saw Buddy Holly on TV in England in 1958, and my life was changed!Since I’ve been in the States I’ve achieved most of my ambitions – I’ve met Jerry Lee Lewis, Chuck Berry, Sam Phillips, Mike Stoller, DJ Fontana, and Scotty Moore, I’ve been to New Orleans, Memphis, and Nashville, and I met Buddy Holly’s family in Lubbock.I used to work on a radio station on the Virginia/Maryland/West Virginia border, playing a lot of Gene Vincent and Johnny Burnette, and I now have a show on Radio Fairfax in Virginia. I also write about music, and contribute regularly to “Now Dig This”, easily the best magazine for anyone interested in rock’n’roll.ProfmcI can’t see the point of the standard “Oldies” format, that simply plays one track after another (“Rock Around the Clock” followed by “Get a Job”), with no information about the singer, the songwriter or the musicians, and no attempt at putting the recordings into their musical (and social) context.I think it’s fascinating, for example, that James Burton played guitar not only with Elvis, Ricky Nelson and Jerry Lee Lewis, but also with Bob Luman and Dale Hawkins. And I think it’s also significant that the records produced out of the Sun studios in Memphis in the mid 50s were all made by the sons of sharecroppers, who had recently moved into the cities. In fact I recently gave a series of lectures on the musical/social/economics origins of rock’n’roll at Notre Dame University in Indiana.ProfprofileOn my two-hour weekly show I play lesser-known songs by well-known singers like Buddy Holly and Carl Perkins, and also some great tracks by not-so-well-known singers such as Bobby Charles and Roscoe Gordon. And I talk about some of the musicians I’ve met including Clarence ‘Frogman’ Henry and Billy Lee Riley.I’ll tell you who played on each track, who wrote the song, where it was recorded, and what the singer did later in his/her career. It’s fun, you hear the best music, and you get to appreciate one of the 20th century’s great art-forms – the 2-minute recordThe most recent show, along with various archived shows, can be heard on demand at http://www.theprofessorrocks.com  (which is linked to live365.com) and also live at Radio Fairfax, Fairfax Virginia (http://tunein.com/radio/Radio-Fairfax-s24818/), Thursday 4- 6 p.m. US Eastern Time.MY CURRENT TEN FAVORITE TRACKS:1.  I’m Conna Tell – George Fleming

2.  That’s the Way I Feel – Jimmy Pritchett

3.All’s Your Love – The Nighthawks

4.  You’re the One That Done It – Thomas Wayne

5.  The Night is so Lonely – Gene Vincent

6.  Maybe Baby – Esquerita

  1. Tore Up – Sleepy LeBeef

8.  So Long – Fats Domino

9.  Fools Like Me – Jerry Lee Lewis

10.  Down the Line – Buddy Holly

Newmarket on Fergus, Ireland
+353 (0)87 2349089+353 (0)87 2349089

John is a DJ based in the west of Ireland. He grew up in England where he lived in Hanworth in Middlesex in his teens before moving to Southend-On-Sea where he DJed in the pubs and clubs etc. He moved to Ireland 25 years ago. He is one of the resident DJ’s on RockabillyROAR radio.RRRadio He shared this top ten with Catty Town:1. Eddie Daniels – Hurry Baby

2. Pat James – Southbound Linehttp://www20.zippyshare.com/v/60578332/file.html3. Bert Convy – The Gorillahttp://www20.zippyshare.com/v/55548736/file.html4. Nervous Norvous – Bullfrog Hop

5. Allen & Allen – Tiddlewinks

6. Big Joe Turner – Morning Noon & Night

7. Big Joe Turner – The Chicken & The Hawk

8. Buzz Clifford – Pididdle

9. Chester Smith – Rock Go Round

10. Texas Steve & The Git Gone Trio – Rock Tonighthttp://www20.zippyshare.com/v/89843665/file.html

Dynamite Dave1.jpg
Northampton, United Kingdom
+44 (0)7919263875+44 (0)7919263875
+44 (0)1278685607+44 (0)1278685607

I have been rockin’ since I was 13. Born in St. Albans I spent my teens/early adult years in the Crystal Palace/Horn Of Plenty and made many trips to London, Luton and Watford. I spent time listening to DJ’s like Tom Ingram and Mouse and started to give it a go in the late 80’s although not strictly 100% rockin’.In 2000 I decided to hit the scene starting at the home of D.O.N.s in Northampton, from there i have performed at clubs from Nottingham to Bude including The Pit Stop, Chicken Shack, Hardy Spicer, Barnstaple Rock n Roll, The Rolls Royce Club and the Pink & Black Club to name a few.DDave2I am able to Jive as well and people do get me mixed up with Dancing Dave – the cheek, I have hair (LOL). I have worked on several weekenders and ran three clubs myself, Northampton Rocks On A Sunday, Blue Swinging Mama and Taunton Rock n Roll. I am willing to travel around, my roots are old school however I play to the crowd (but I admit I do try to stay away from the you know what tracks, LOL). I have also managed a couple of DJ Holiday Rock Trips to Spain which were fun.I eased back for a year due to family reasons but I am now looking to get back to all the clubs etc again. Why do I do it? Thats easy I love to entertain. I pride myself in that I am different, the floor still moves and people are always very friendly and kind with their comments.DDave3Dynamite Daves Top 10 Playlist of key inspirations:1. Wee Baby Blues – Big Joe Turner

2. Cry Cry Cry – The Earls

3. Cry Cry Cry – Ritchie Valens

4. Silly Dillie Millie – Ray Sharpe

5. Litte Ole You – Wayne Walker

6. Stockings & Shoes – Eddie Cochran

7. As Long As I’m Moving – Ruth Brown

8. Little Old Wine Drinker – Johnny Fox

9. Happy Baby – Bill Haley

10. Feel So Fine – Johnny Preston

Simon Flint.jpg
Wales, United Kingdom

Simon Flint from the Caves of Wales, has been Djing Since around 1988. Played a lot of local clubs over in Aberdare, Newport, Swindon, Swansea, plus Nealy. Also all the great Weekenders such as Rockabilly Rave, Rhythm Riot, Las Vegas Rockabilly, Hemsby, Shakedown, also Porthcawl Rockabilly Festival. SFlint3

Really going strong at the moment is the Newport Legion in South Wales, been going about 10 Years and also a pub gig which started July 2013 its at the Bell Vue Inn, Tredegar South Wales with a great Attendance. We have had there Gene Gambler, Livestock Davies & the Lowdown Snakes, Rhythm Slicks, The Cheaterslicks, Josie and the Outlaw, and theres loads more to follow.


Simons playlist

1 Put Me down….Jessie lee Turner


2. All Messed Up And Down….Dollar Bill,

3 Charlie Rich….She Loved Every body but me….

No video exists at moment

4 Jerry Lee Lewis….I’m On Fire

5 Carol….Tommy Roe

6 Chart Busters….She’s The One

7 Elvis….Spinout

8 Bobby Day….Gotta New Girl

9 Mad about you Baby….Richard Berry

10 Cat Squirrel….Doctor Ross

Lewis Boogie.jpg
3 Esmonde Road, Enniscorthy, Co. Wexford, Ireland

Lewis Boogie is a Rockin’ DJ based in Ireland who has played hundreds of gigs in Ireland and at International events in the UK and Finland. I play the complete range of 1950’s music and can tailor my set to any event. I am the resident DJ at the South East Rock n Roll Club based here in Wexford. We organise one of Ireland’s biggest Rockin’ events “THE RIVERSIDE JUMP”. I have DJed with dozens of top international bands and at the Rockabilly Rave in the UK.

I have organised gigs, tours and DJed with;

Big Sandy, The Jets, Matchbox, Wildfire Willie, The Barnshakers, Bill Fadden, John Lewis, The Rimshots, Furious,  Phil Haley, Jesse & The Orbits, The Slapbacks, Cherry Casino, Round Up Boys, Mike Bell & The Belltones, Ike & The Capers, The Stargazers, Mars Attacks, The FretTones, Earl Jackson, Rudy La Crioux, Memphis Riders, The Spuny Boys, Killer Dillers, The Houserockers, Livestock Davies, The Hicksville Bombers, The Rhythm Slicks, Charlie Hightone & The Rockets alongside the cream of the Irish Rockin’ Scene.


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