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Vancouver, BC, Canada

“Very Smooth and Swinging, the boys have got some style that’s for sure.”
Del Villarreal, Rockabilly DJ Go Kat Go, Motorbilly Radio.

“From the beginning, this CD just plan sounds good: all the instruments, and the vocals, are well recorded, and in the right place in the mix. There’s an overall clarity and warmth to the sound, which really showcases the band’s sense of dynamics; it’s obvious some real thought has gone into the arrangements of the songs.”
Dave Schroeder, CD reviewer for “Western Swing Music Society”

“Your album is brilliant, one of the best of the year, will be at the top of our radio.”
Chema Valbuena, DJ Rockin’ Therapy Radio.

“With their debut record, Out Of The Past, The Palomars prove that a new generation of Canadians are just as capable of understanding these roots genres and delivering their own brand of it with authentic sincerity.”
Buster Fayte, Rockabilly Blogger (www.rockabillyromp.com)


THE BAND –The band was formed in 2011 by lead singer/steel guitarist Tom Hammel and upright bassist Ken Wilson to follow their love of ’40s and ’50s musical and cultural styles. This just seemed natural for Ken who also runs a business selling ’50s rockabilly wear and for Tom, who’s love of the steel guitar led him to explore musical styles from that era. Tom notes, “I was surprised how the band’s initial rockabilly focus led so easily to other styles that were influenced by jazz and western swing, but without losing their edge”. Part of the bands signature sound is the twin harmony lines played on steel guitar and electric guitar.

The band has been playing locally in Vancouver and has connected with local swing dance groups which was a natural connection for the band. After a recent gig with the Atomic Radio Productions Swing group, DJ J.F.Sebastian commented, “You guys knocked it out of the park and had the dance floor hopping and honky-tonkin’ all night long”. That’s in large part due to the bands swinging rhythm section with drummer Sandy McNair and bassist Ken Wilson who have been playing together in various bands for over 20 years.Spurred by the interest in the debut CD, the Palomars have released 3 singles and are working on more new material with the goal of another album soon.

“What it comes down to for us,” remarks Tom, “Is that we really dig what we’re doing, and we’ve brought a lot of people along with us on a historical musical journey. We know rockabilly isn’t a mainstream form of music, but that’s fine because it was always intended as a form of rebellion.

“The Palomars are:Tom Hammel – Lead vocals and steel guitar, Ken Wilson – Upright bass,Sandy McNair – Drums.




Video above by Tony Bruce!So many great rockabilly bands have sprouted up over the globe since the style first took root in the ’50s. Hank’s Jalopy Demons are proud to be a part of such a tornado of musical wildness and take their inspiration from the countless masters of this genre over the past 60 years. In fact, what may make Hank’s Jalopy Demons a hip band is their total immersion in this music, as well as their energetic enthusiasm for playing rockabilly the best they can – trying to emulate the best, while creating their own unique authentic interpretation.Jalopy_Demons-01On this exciting musical journey, Hank’s Jalopy Demons started out by doing the hard yards of the musicians’ ordeal – playing in rough dingy bars on the wrong side of the tracks (in fact, they still do). From there, the small, increasingly loyal, audience grew. From those early hard days, they added inspired new original numbers to their repertoire and formed a tight musical outfit. By 2000, they were having people really rockin’ at the Shifters hot rod show at Viva Las Vegas with their frighteningly authentic and wild renditions of rockabilly.Back in Australia since, in addition to releasing their first CD “Going straight (to the electric chair)” on Preston Records in 2007, they’ve played all the major rockin’ festivals, such as GreazeFest (Brisbane) and Camperdown Cruise (Victoria), alongside a plethora of international acts to packed audiences. Most recently, they had their European debut at the 2014 Rockabilly Rave, where they made the audience go flipsville, as evidenced by the great interest (sales) of their latest long-play recording, entitled “Music on the up beat”.

Of course, a band is more than just the sum of its members – the quality of a band in a non-linear equation. This dynamic output is the result of the input of the following vigorous personalities.First, there’s Andrew Lindsay on drums. He has extensive experience in the hippest of hipness. Many will be familiar with Benny and the Fly-by-niters in which he provided the rhythm, as well as the respected western-swing/hillbilly-bop outfit the Starliners. Secondly, there’s Dave Cantrell on the lead guitar and vocals, who’s been playing and recording rockabilly since a school-boy, still wet behind the ears. He played in such renowned Melbourne bands as the Roadsters and Stringbusters, plus the Starliners too. Next, there’s Til Vex on bull fiddle. He’s been honing his skills for many moons in Melbourne rockabilly bands, such as the Straight 8s and the Roadsters. You may be familiar with all of the of bands mentioned above from the infamous and acclaimed Preston Records label. In addition, Andrew, Dave and Til backed both Scotty Baker and Kieron McDonald, among others, on their excellent recordings. Lastly, Hank Ferguson, lead vocalist, rhythm guitarist and composer, is known for his singing with the Starliners, as well as other Preston Records releases dating back over two decades. He’s been playing this music since he was knee high to a grasshopper.And that, amigos, is Hank’s Jalopy Demons – dig it!HJDlogo2Review quotes:I have to admit I do absolutely love this band… The Rave lot went wild when they rocked the main stage and lots of CD’s were sold after the show.Like I said, the sound of the recordings are period perfect and after the Rave this was one of the CD’s I played over and over again… Most of the tracks on this killer album are self written and you’ll have to check out the lyrics, which often are creepy and amazing!Check out “Damn Their Hides”, “Warm And Close”, “The Jackal”, “She Demon” or their boppin’ verison of “You Bring Out The Wolf In Me”!  Like their first album “Going Straight (To The Electric Chair)”, this is an absolute killer album by one of my favorite bands from Australia.  If you dig bands like the Crawdads or the Tex Speed Combo, you simply can’t afford not to buy this album, I love it!(From URL: http://www.eastcoastrockabillycentral.com/record-reviews-august-2014.html, DJWildgoner, accessed 29/11/2014)HJDalbumAn interview with Hank’s Jalopy Demons1) Confirm band members and names (and band name!)?We are Hank’s Jalopy Demons. On vocals and rhythm guitar is Hank Ferguson, with David Cantrell on lead guitar and vocals, Til Vex on double bass and Andrew Lindsay on Drums. 2) Why did you pick your band name? How did you form? Why did you decide to play the genre or genres you do?We think that Jalopies are the hippest form of internal combustion engine powered transportation, especially when rodded. So Andrew came up with the name spontaneously when we formed ’cause it runs through his veins.We formed when Andrew was called for a gig in 1996. He ’phoned around to see who could do it and Hank’s Jalopy Demons have been doing it since.We’d already been playing rockabilly music successfully for some time, so it was like ducks on water. It’s what we do, listen to and flip for. 3) Do you write out your lyrics? Do you ever change a song’s lyrics in live sets?[Hank:] I only write out the lyrics when I compose them. Hopefully, I can remember them after that. I may alter them when we first rehearse (or record) them if it improves the tune, such as phrasing to go with the musical interpretation of the band. If they’re ever changed in live sets, it’s probably because I’ve had a big night.4) Where do you usually gather song writing inspiration? What is your usual song writing process?Lately, I have been using the Jack Kerouac method – because I’m beat. That means getting on the metaphorical typewriter and letting the juices flow. Then, on another day, I can try to fashion them into a musical structure, based on the original raw impromptu verse. This works well with coming up with the best feel for these lyrics – should it be up tempo, should it be in a major or minor key, what kind of groove should it have to suit the meaning? Dig?Otherwise, Hank and Andrew might be having a beer and watching a corny hot rod movie. This inspired Beat up ’40 Ford. Or Hank was on a flight to a gig with Kieron McDonald and we just started writing lyrics to pass the time. And although I [Hank] still enjoy songs that just say, “Bop, bop, bop! Rock, rock, rock!”, it’s satisfying to write about what moves you personally, like Damn their hides is a protest against being ripped off, Mess you up is about how prisons are pathological and The Jackal describes the behaviour of certain types of unscrupulous guys who objectify women in late night bars.

5) Do you have a band website? Why or why not? Do you have a Facebook or Twitter? Do you use Bandcamp, Spotify  to share your music?What’s a website? [Insert loud ironic laughter here!] Yes, we have a website at the URL http://www.hanksjalopydemons.com.au and a Facebook band page too. As for the others, we haven’t gotten around to that yet.6) Do you think that online presence is important for fans to find you and critics to find your music to write about? It is good that people can contact us through the internet, but the web’s a scam these days you know. It’s mainly about commercial sites, like Facebook, collecting information about you and your behaviour to part you more easily from your money with targeted products. But Hank’s Jalopy Demons are on it anyway ’cause we belong to the same flock as all the other sheep. 7) Anything you would like share, from new merch to upcoming shows/tours or songs/albums?We’re playing around Australia, in different capital cities, all the time, as well as in our home town of Melbourne. In the process we are always working on our act to improve our performances and tunes. Also, there’s a rumour that we may be touring in Europe in the future, but we’d like to have had another album recorded before then.We have CDs to sell, plus the vinyl single (put out by Rhythm Bomb Records) and t-shirts with our jalopy races inspired ‘logo’. 8) What was the funniest story that happened on the road?Well, for me, Hank, it was when I was throwing rocks at the first floor window outside the pub where we were staying on tour in Sydney, standing in the middle of the road, as dawn was rising. You see, the door was locked and I had been painting the town red, but the Jalopy Demons had gone back earlier. Well, of course, when a cop car came around the corner, I had to do some quick talking which is pretty hard to do when you’ve been drinking all night.Anyway, I got out of that scrape, without being cuffed, but when I got inside and looked in the mirror, I had a big ‘love bite’ on my neck. “Damn it!”, thought I, “I’ll be in worse than the dog house when I get back to Melbourne”. Anyway, Andrew did me the favour of scraping my neck hard with Velcro to cover the evidence. It hurt – and I think he actually enjoyed it too! Sicko!There’s really probably a funnier story, but I lost that brain cell somewhere.Jalopy_Demons-02 9) What happened the first time you met each other, or the first time they picked up the instrument they play (or sang).We ignored each other because each thought that the others were asses. Well, in fact, we couldn’t’ve been more wrong. Most times!10) What was your favourite live-music performance, and why?Playing at the Continental Club, in Austin in 2000, was wigsville. Like, the vibe was electric, it was packed to the gunnels with cats who dug, were hip to and could play the music as it’s meant to be played. And the line up was outstanding, including the irrepressible Ray Condo and his Ricochets and the fabulously talented High Noon. What a blast!


Austin, TX, United States
Ruby Dee and the Snakehandlers are a high octane Americana roots and rockabilly four piece combo that plays twang the way it was meant to be heard- with attitude! Their music encompasses Texas honky-tonk, Bakersfield twang, Memphis rockabilly, Western swing and good old-fashioned rock ’n’ roll.After nearly constant touring for the past fourteen years, including thousands of dates across America, Europe, and Australia, songs from the band’s fourth album, MILES FROM HOME (Dionysus Records, June 2008; produced by Conrad Uno), are still earning steady airplay, including “Cold Pines and Red Dirt,” which earned band front woman- lead vocalist and songwriter Ruby Dee- runner-up honors in Songwriter magazine’s 2007 competition. The album charted in at #86 on the AMA Top 100 for more than four weeks and #26 on the Texas Third Coast Music FAR Top 40. The “Round and Round” video, release in May 2009, has earned great acclaim with its cameos of Seattle rockabilly musicians and famous musical neighborhoods.RDSH Pointing 300dpi 8x10 RGB
“Blending snarling rockabilly with honky-tonk heartache, Ruby Dee and The Snakehandlers have crafted their best recorded set thus far,” said Blue Suede News of the album. “The heart of the 13-song set emanates from Dee’s original material which combines poetic expressionism and hillbilly sass. Aided by Jorge Harada’s top-flight guitar work — which alternates ballroom tenderness with rowdy roadhouse rock — she sounds like a Texas dance hall chanteuse visiting us from another era.”RD&S2The band’s last release: LIVE FROM AUSTIN TEXAS came out mid May 2011 on both CD and vinyl, showcasing a few new songs and fans old favorites cranked up with that live jumpin’ sound for which the Snakehandlers are so well known. Songs from the CD charted for three months on both the AMA and Texas Third Coast Music charts, and the CD earned the band a 54th Grammy consideration for Best Americana Album.Their latest release: ROCKABILLY PLAYGROUND came out May 2013 on both CD and vinyl, and is a roots and rockabilly album for the whole family. With all mature instrumentation (no kazoos or funny voices) and lyrics for the kids: songs about homework, naptime, why we have to follow all the rules, super best friends, and more. Ruby wrote the record when she saw how many of their fans have children and when they can bring them to shows, how many of those kids LOVE this style of music! So rather than sing achy breaky ‘he’s gonna get it’ type songs to them, she wrote new ones with the kiddos in mind. Songs from the album charted on both AMA and FAR charts, and earned the band a 56th Grammy consideration for Best Children’s Album.11x17 Poster with RegistrationThe band has just finished recording their most recent work LITTLE BLACK HEART at the Ameripolitan Studios in Austin, TX with special guests Earl Poole Ball on piano (Johnny Cash), Dave Biller on pedal steel (LeRoy Brothers) and more. These are the first songs Ruby has been able to write since her near-death auto accident 8 years ago that left her with a TBI. She has worked her ass off to come back from that, and these are some of the best songs she’s ever written! This album will be released on a new label, Catty Town Records! Click on the artwork below to see more about the album and CLICK HERE to buy it. lbh background wrkng“Risky—and perhaps just a bit risqué—Ruby Dee and The Snakehandlers conjure forth all sorts of visions of another time,”said Metro Santa Cruz after a California show. “Rooted firmly in the classic country and rockabilly tradition, the band is an authentic backdrop for lead singer Ruby Dee’s blend of Wanda Jackson sass and Patsy Cline pathos. The band holds it down with the insistence of a chugging train while Dee, a pinup heartbreaker of yesteryear with thoroughly modern attitude, commands the stage.”
If you need to contact our record label, publicist, radio promotions rep, or send us some snail mail, use the list below.New Record LabelCatty Town Records,Enniscorthy Enterprise Centre,Milehouse Road,Enniscorthy,County Wexford,Republic Of Ireland.email – eamonn@cattytown.comPhone – +353 872982618 (Mobile/cell number) Old Record LabelDionysus RecordsAtt: Lee JosephPO BOX 1975Burbank, CA 91507(818) 848-2698web: http://www.dionysusrecords.comemail: dionysus@dionsysusrecords.comRadio PromotionBill Wence PromotionsP.O. Box 39Nolensville, TN 37135(615) 776-2060web: http://www.billwencepromotions.comemail: info@billwencepromotions.comPublicity and MediaWestern Publicity,Heather West,2344 West Addison Street, Apt 2E,Chicago, IL 60618cell 773/301-5767westernpublicity@gmail.com Snail MailRuby Dee and The SnakehandlersPO Box 151408Austin TX 78715United Statesweb: http://www.rubydeemusic.comRuby shared some of her greatest influences with us, what a line up!Sister Rosetta TharpeBuck Owens Johnny Cash Patsy Cline Elvis Presley X Neil Young The Clash David Bowie Ella Fitzgerald Chuck Berry Bob Wills

Drumless band from Toulouse (Fr), playing real Hillbilly music & roots Rockabilly!

Shorty Tom & The Longshots is a Hillbilly & Roots Rockabilly drumless trio formed in Toulouse (southwest of France) at the end of 2012 by Thomas (The Doodads), Dominique (John, Jack & Jill – The Doodads), and Bruno (King Size – John, Jack & Jill – Hula Trio – Da Gous Ket Ramblers – Carl & The Rhythm All Stars, to name but a few).STcoverTheir musical influences range from Al Ferrier to Hank Williams, Sr., and include the likes of Jack Guthrie, Mack Banks, Maddox Bros. and Bill Carlisle.They cut their teeth in bars and at local festivals of the southwest, acquiring a certain reputation, and, in July 2013, opened the famous Summer Jamboree in Italy, sharing the bill with Mike Sanchez. They spent 2013 on the local concert circuit- a tour strategy that allowed them to fine tune their repertoire, strengthen their stage performance, and gain stature on the European music scene.

This year, Shorty Tom & The Longshots will perform at the RnR Jamboree (Paris region), where they will share the bill with the Tinstars; the Rave On! Rockabilly Club (Barcelona area), presented by Kike Hayride; the Rock n Roll City Jamboree Donaueschingen (Germany); the Hoorn Rock’n’Roll Sunday (Holland); the Hultsfreed Hayride (Sweden); and the High Rockabilly (Spain). To be sure, the 2014 European tours mark the beginning of a long and successful adventure!The group has already made plans to release a 45 rpm single, and, eventually, full length album.Shorty Tom & The Longshots?ST2Who are they? And what makes them so special? Well, there’s only one way to find out! Come and see-and listen– for yourself!Shorty Tom & The Longshots?Don’t delay-or you’ll miss this opportunity to experience a musical phenomenon that won’t last! After all, Shorty is going to grow up fast. Very soon, he’ll be known simply as Tom!

Shorty Tom & The Longshots. Can there be a more perfect trio? Tom’s signature vocals are backed up by the unique playing style of Tom himself on rhythm guitar, Don on double bass, and Bruno on guitar/ steel guitar.But wait! The trio is going to fetch themselves a fourth rascal (a fiddler?)-and you will have missed the boat! Namely, their own brand of rural Rockabilly and down-to-earth Hillbilly music that aims to hit the town rough and hard!So there you are, folks! A flash of music (songs are all too brief at 1minute, 20 seconds)! And a hot time in the old town tonight! Guaranteed!ST3 To book The Longshots through Rockin’ Central click on image below to visit their page.RockinCcover


Drumless trio (from Poitiers erea, France) playing rustic primitive Rockabilly & Hillbilly.

Born in Normandy in 1973, Jack Face (an alias!) grows up in Toulouse. At age 16, first guitar, first chords & first revelations: Hank Williams, Carl Perkins & Elvis. The first 2 songs he learns are Perkins’ Honky tonk Gal & Elvis’ Baby Let’s Play House. At age 18, he buys a Hank Williams 10 inches (Moanin’ the Blues) & just for fun learns how to play ALL tracks on the record (Weary Blues from Waitin’, Honky Tonk blues and so).JFcoverFirst band as a duet with a female singer (Jack Face on rhythm guitar only). Crappy! He then meets up with Bruno Longo (famous guitar player born & fed in Toulouse) and begins to sing, first with the Lucky Smokey Boys then John, Jack & Jill. He learns his trade on the job and turns intensively in his erea’s bars & cafes. He learns a lot of songs (Al Ferrier, Sun, Starday). Nights of drunkenness, sleepless nights… He then decides to quit his job (delivery driver) & never having a day job, for better or for worse. His band gets some fame and enters the European circuit (bars and big rocking venues). First big show is in Spain, as opening act for Dale Hawkins.

No internet back on those days (1997/98), Jack Face turns into a bookworm (he reads Celine, Bukowski, Boudard, books about music, mainly Jazz & Blues). He meets Western Swing, Hawaiian music. Still pairing with Bruno, they turn to more exotic sounds, at first with The Orientals (a blend of Surf & Arab music), then with the Hula Trio (Hawaiian music, Swing & Country Blues).JF1In 2003, Bruno leaves Toulouse for some times to settle in Cannes and Jack launches Jack Face with fellow musician (Red Leg) Seg. At first, it was only for fun. Seg had bought some recording stuff & they fool around in his 12 square meter garage. They sent some demos to El Toro and wham!, Carlos wants to release an album that is recorded in 15 days, with any songs going through Jack’s mind! No rehearsals, 2 to 3 takes most of the times (they record Mama Mama totally drunk in one take! They never played this song before!!).The album (Crying Blues) is a big seller and Jack Face plays the European rockabilly festivals circuit (High Rockabilly, Rockabilly Rave, Rockin’ Race Jamboree to name but a few) and will highlight his carrer with an invitation to play at Viva Las Vegas.But Jack’s musicians are tired to be permanently on the road and decide to call it quit. Jack Face himself decides to make a break. But music’s virus is the strongest and in may 2013, Jack decides to relaunch his career, with new musicians and a new combo’s name, but the spirit is the same!

Do you remember Jack Face & The Volcanoes?

Well, Sylvain (vocal, rhythm guitar) relaunches his combo with a different name (Jack Face & The Rustic Echoes) and different musicians. JP Cardot (Roy Thompson & Chris Almoada’s piano player) on doublebass and Bastien (Blackberry & Mr. Boo-Hoo & Roy Thompson) on lead guitar. The musical influences remain the same: primitive Rockabilly.JF2 To book the Rustic Echoes through Rockin’ Central click on image below to visit their page.RockinCcover

0.00 (1 review)

The Three Farmers Boys are a tight trio of experienced musicians, who are creating waves within the rockabilly/hillbilly country/western swing and rhythm and blues scene’s.3FB4This year(2014) the album “Jamboree baby” was released! Order it now by contacting them on Facebook or e-mail Ronnie at the e-mail address above.3FB3Farmers boy Roel Huizinga  (he was playing also in Highway 54, Haystack Silvertones) is pickin’ his Doghouse bass with complete heart and soul. He has been influenced by bass players like Bill Black, Tielman Franks, Kevin Smith and Willie Dixon. He’s the engine driving the trio.

Originating from the Lucky Daltons and also Lost Hound, guitar player Farmer Boy Sierk Andela, excites many people with his original yet authentic sound. He was inspired by guitarists such as Scotty Moore, Grady Martin and also jazz driven Charlie Christian.Farmers boys vocalist and rhythm guitarist Ronnie Pietersma is well known within the rock and roll world. For example with the glorious UBANGI 4 and Ronnie, Rolf and Ray. His inspirations are numerous, yet while absorbing all kinds of influences, he has created his own sound.3FB5Thees Three Farmer Boys stands for absolute 50’s rockabilly, hillbilly, country and rhythm and blues.So put on your wooden boppin shoes an overalls, start jumpin’ on the boogie and dance a two step with The Three Farmers Boys.inlay bioFacts:  The Three Farmers Boys did some great shows with artists like Dale Watson, The Keytones, Chuck Berry, Bill Wyman and his Rhythm kings, Lawen Stark, The Neanderthals, The Barnstompers, The Saddle Tramps, The Buckshots, James Intveld, Candye Kane, and Joe Buck and also The Seatsniffers.They have played at festivals like : Rock Around Turnhout (Belguim), Rock an’ Roll Sunday( Hoorn,nl), Billy At Bottendaal Festival ( Nijmegen,nl), Rock and Roll street weekender (midsland,terschelling,nl), Peursenrebs Friendship Party’s (Germany), Hometown Rockers Festival (Lummen,Belguim), Rock and Roll day Festival( Affligem,Belguim), Cruise inn (Amsterdam,nl), Copperville (Turnhout,Belgiuim)etc etc.Heres more of the the band in action:


In America they called it “soul”, In Wales we call it “hwyl”, singing with heart felt emotion. commitment and passion. Penarth’s very own Retro-esque Indie musician /singer/songwriter John Lewis has it in spades. John is one of the organisers and founder of the near legendary Penarth Pilot Sunday night jam session. His former band the Rimshots made a huge splash across Europe. John has recorded for labels in Holland, Japan, Australia, London (the oh so cool Vinyl Japan), and Germany – a made in Wales Hank Williams Tribute that won a prestigious British Music Award as album of the year. As well as backing and recording with many of his heroes, rock and cult legends on weekend festivals all over the globe. John also headlined many London gigs where stars came to watch the messianic eyed charismatic lead singer and chief songwriter in action.

Under his alter ego name of Johnny Bach, he has four CDs available, recorded along with Gretsch Twangmeister Darrel Higham, last seen touring with the Amazing Imelda May, which John has supported many a time solo


Haven’t seen him, where can I catch this local treasure before St Fagan’s grabs him? Weeeeeeeeell John Lewis tours Solo or with his Trio all over. He also can be seen doing the odd Johnny Bach and The Moonshine Boozers gig and Rimshots re-union. As well as  session work and playing guitar with Pontchartrain, So no excuses

Just keep up to date with Dates on his live page.

Press and Reviews for John Lewis

“Its Rock’n’Roll Jim but not as we know it”

Q magazine

Described by the Meltdown as “International rockabilly legend as frontman for the Rimshots, and solo an electrifying performer combining dazzling guitar with a glorious life-soaked voice which brings heart and depth to both classics and his own impressive songs. Be mesmerised by the missing link between Johnny B Goode and Johnny Cash

Paul Clark Meltdown

“ As well as being a superb versatile performer John Lewis is all ways a joy to work with

and always a true professional

Dan Nichols Cardiff Event Development

“It’s a well know fact that the Welsh Valley are home to of the finest…  Tom Jones, Shirley Bassey and of course John Lewis!

When I first heard John’s unique vocal delivery I thought it was incredible. I’ve heard it for Many years since an it really is exceptional. Judge for yourself”

Jerry Chatabox Rockabilly Rave USA Las Vegas


”John Lewis a living legend in the Rocking scene is an icon in song writing and playing old and new Classic to bop, waltz, Jive and stomp too!”

Rocking Around Turnhout festival Belgium

“It’s almost unbelievable but true; one of the most successful and legendary Rockabilly band of all times will hit the stage at this years hangar rockin’ 2010! We fly these gentlemen’s asses to Switzerland where they will perform for the first time in more than 10 Years! We know you love the John Lewis Trio and Johnny Bach but the Rimshots are a goddamn musical hand grenade and this is exactly what you’ll get. and nothing less!”

 Paul Burkhalter Crazy Eventik Switzerland

“The Welshman with the invading voice has been quiet for awhile. Don’t worry – he’s back! As front man for the Rimshots and Johnny Bach he’s still all over the place and here we get another fine band from Mr Lewis – John Lewis Trio.

The new album is in the pipeline and music wise is drifting between the Rimshots and Johnny Bach. These 8 preview songs are pure rocking at its best and John shows again that he has managed it perfect to pack his musical talent, brilliant sense of humour and song writing in every song on this album. It doesn’t matter if its Hillbilly, Rockabilly, Country or Folk –  he mix’s everything and creates tunes that are real ” ear catchers” and make you move around. Anyway I got this 8 track preview CD – I can say – I can’t wait for the whole album – just to “Waltz around the Kitchen” which is my favourite song on this preview”

More clips of John in action below;

This is John with his first legendary band The Rimshots!


The band started up in the summer of 2006, when three of the guys, Jimmy, Tank and Ace met at a local bar for drinks. A few days before , Tank had gotten a phone call from a friend working for a television station looking for an authentic rock’ n roll band. Few hours later and quite a handful of drinks drunk, they had worked out a name and some songs for the gig and called up saying, “We’re ready”.  They scribbled down “The Lucky Bullets” and scooped a few songs down on a napkin and The lucky Bullets was a reality.


That following summer after rehearsing and doing multiple gigs around town, they sat with their own original tunes and headed for the studio. “Big fat dolly”, “Cross the line” ended up on a 7 inch vinyl in 2007  named ” Big Fat Dolly”. After a couple years touring Europe as a three piece, they saw a new light with their new lead guitarist ”Butch Comet” who with his good style and sound set the tone. Now The Lucky Bullets started putting more original songs together and sat with a King of songs. In 2010 they flew to Berlin for a three days recording at Lightning Recorders Studio. There they came out with 7 songs which are found on the album” Gold Digger”. 

The Lucky Bullets have since then toured most of Europe, and gotten much recognition for their high paced tunes and wild stage shows, giving them a gig at the prestigious Rockabilly Rave 2012 in England and booked straight after the show to the main stage for 2013.

Little T- Chief of Vocals
Butch Comet- Chief of Lead Guitar
Ace Dynamite- Chief of Doghouse Bass
Jimmy Dapper- Chief of Rumble Drums


In Norway the band achived a high status as the no.1 rockabilly band in Norway after entering the Norwegian Eurovision contest 2011, winning 3rd place in the final in front of over a million tv viewers.  The band has since then done TV appearances including VM ski 2011 in Norway broadcasted world wide.


Basingstoke, United Kingdom
Hi all!! We’re a 4 piece rockabilly/hillbilly band from Hants, England… Harmony Vocals, Guitar, Drums, Bass and Rhythm, come along and see us!
We’re all from different bands, western aces,radio ramblers,westernaires etc… the three brothers(tommy,gordon&david) decided to get together again with twin guitars and vocals and just have a good time..hope you do too!!

Band Interests

Our interest is in playing good music either live or on cd/vinyl ect putting on a show is what were about.

Artists We Also Like and Influences

Any one who likes us!! Seriously though..Carlos & bandidos,Lucky Stars,Dave&Deke,Hank3..Hank Wiliams, Rusty&Doug,Farmer Boys,Real good singing harmony stuff,Rockabilly thats so dodgy it makes it actually quite good!! well played music with a cool beat…

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