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Rīga, Rīgas pilsēta, Latvia

“Pete Anderson & The Swamp Shakers” was formed back in 2009 in Riga, Latvia, which definitely is not the most typical place for springing up the Rockabilly bands.Pete Anderson & The Swamp Shakers musicians are:Pete Anderson – lead vocals, rhythm guitar (real name Pits Andersons)Hurricane Annie – upright bass, back vocals (real name Anna Andersone)Magic Marc – lead guitar, back vocals (real name Mārcis Liepiņš)Mr. Splash – drums, back vocals (real name Kārlis Paukšte)CLICK HERE TO LISTEN TO OUR MUSIC ON REVERB NATIONThese cats are heavily inspired by the sounds of early Rockabilly & Rock’n’roll of the Fifties. They have a bunch of original songs, they are really busy with more than 180 gigs per year, giving 100% plus in their performances, spiced with action and passion, and always driving the audiences wild!The success of the band’s sound lies in powerful professional vocals of Pete Anderson, crazy slap bass and charming vocals of attractive and sexy Hurricane Annie, wild virtuoso guitar licks of devoted rockabilly aficionado – 18-years old child prodigy Magic Marc, solid pumpin’ beat and strong back vocals of highly professional charismatic Mr. Splash on drums.PA1The life story of Pete Anderson, a true Rockabilly Rebel, is full of adventures and it even gave an inspiration to famous Hollywood film director Paul Haggis’ to shoot a movie called “Red Hot” with Balthazar Getty acting as a main character.Pete’s solo CD “Brass-A-Billy” is acknowledged as “The Winner of Just Plain Folks Music Awards 2009 for the Best Rockabilly Album 2009″ (Nashville, TN) – http://www.jpfolks.com.The band has just recorded their debut album „Enjoy The Ride” with 14 original songs at the famous Lightning Recorders studio in Berlin (released on Rhythm Bomb in 2014, RBR CD 5767). It has got the raving reviews from the leading genre’s reviewers from all over the globe!PAalbumIn March 2010, just one year after its formation, the band already headlined „The Rock’n’roll Party # 20” in Nokia. In June 2011, “Pete Anderson & The Swamp Shakers” performed at one of the most prestigious Rockabilly festivals in Europe – the famous „ROCKABILLY RAVE”!In August 2011 the band appeared at the 25th anniversary of the Norway’s prestigious “SILDAJAZZ” festival (Norway).During the year 2012, The Swamp Shakers got a new even more powerful line-up and have now a new twist with Magic Marc and Mr. Splash!In June 2012, the new line-up was introduced to the audiences at the 1st Old Iron Weekender in Estonia and since then the band has performed both at the big stages and at clubs in Lithuania, Russia, Norway, Denmark, UK, Turkey (!), Finland, Sweden, Belgium, Poland and Netherlands.The biggest Rockabilly events among others were:Rockabilly Rave (2009) – UKThe Rock’n’roll Party (2010) – FinlandRockin’ Around Turnhout (2014) – BelgiumUddeholm Ladan Rockabilly Festival (2014) – SwedenAmerican Beauty Car Show (2014) – EstoniaTerschelling Rock’n’roll Street Festival (2014) – NetherlandsMany Biker’s meetingsAs a soloist Pete has also performed at Summer Jamboree in Italy backed by 22-piece big band.

Swampshakers Gallery:[gallery ids="5450,5451,5452,5453,5454,5455,5456" orderby="rand"]INTERVIEW:Why did you pick your band name?We have picked our band’s name for two reasons:First– in our opinion the pop music of today in most cases is a mass of uninspiring, unemotional, blurry environment. In other words it reminded us a swamp which we‘d like to shake a bit!Second – we here in Latvia live in a climate and weather that most of the times is rainy, foggy, grey, dark and not too joyful. Another reason for the band to be called The Swamp Shakers.We picked the band’s name meaning that “Swamp” in this case is the whole annoying pop culture for masses, including most of the filthy contemporary ‘music” that sounds now everywhere on the radio. We decided this to be a proper name for our band just because our aim is to shake this swamp, to explode it with really rockin’ Rockabilly sounds. That’s how we became The Swamp Shakers.How did you form? Why did you decide to play the genre or genres you do?We formed back in 2009. It was Pete’s lifetime dream to form the real authentic Rockabilly band. At those times no one really knew in the whole country of Latvia what this word really means. Pete was looking for a long time to get the right, decent young talented musicians who could have the potential and ability to play this particular music. The genres were not a discussion, we all knew Rockabilly, Swing, 50’s rockin’ music is our common passion!3) Do you write out your lyrics?Yes, we do write our own songs, both music and lyrics.Do you ever change a song’s lyrics in live sets?Not too often, but sometimes it’s a good chance to make a joke about certain situation or place where we perform, then according to the audience’s reaction we may change a few lyrics here and there. It depends on mood, on inspiration, crowd’s attitude etc. Sometimes it’s a spontaneous thing that may stay with a band for a long time; sometimes it’s just a one-time occurrence. And of course sometimes it’s just a silly mistake!4) Where do you usually gather songwriting inspiration?We can get it from lots of different things, like any everyday funny situations, funny words combination, a slang expression or just a sparkling musical idea that comes literally from nowhere and hits you right between the eyes.5) What is your usual songwriting process?Most of the time it just happens in the middle of the night when you have to get up from the bed and stumble straight up to your mobile phone’s voice recorder to catch it unless it disappears.5) Do you have a band website?There’s just a Pete Anderson’s website – http://www.pete-anderson.com, for the band we have Facebook page.6) Why or why not?Obviously because it strengthens the connection with your fans, regular page visitors, gives them all possible and actual information about the band’s activities in the past, present and future.7) Do you have a Facebook or Twitter?Yes, we do – https://www.facebook.com/PeteAndersonAndTheSwampShakers8) Do you use Bandcamp, Spotify to share your music?So far just Spotify.Never heard of Bandcamp, but have to give it a try as well!9) Do you think that online presence is important for fans to find you and critics to find your music to write about?Yes, definitely – it’s extremely important, there’s no doubt about it!The fans have to be highly respected and well-informed online about all the latest developments, gigs, recordings and other activities of the band! Same with critics looking for our music. Unfortunately due to a constant lack of time we were not so active lately, but now we’re trying to turn over a new leaf!10) Anything you would like share, from new merch to upcoming shows/tours or songs/albums?So far our merchandise at the live shows consists of just our CD’s and a 7” vinyl single.Now in the future we plan to sell the T-shirts with band’s logo as well.We just got confirmation that we will perform again at Terschelling Rock’n’Roll Street Festival (Holland) in September, 2015. In May we’ll have a small tour over Europe. There will probably be Finland tour in summer as well. Pity, but our biggest problem still is that we here in Latvia are kinda isolated from the rest of Europe Rockabilly scene and movement, very few things are happening here at all. Our goal is to get out of this situation.11) What was the funniest story that happened on the road?One of the first funny things that happened to the band was actually our first gig. That happened during a harsh winter, it was February, the outside temperature was about -18 C and we were booked to play for bobsleigh championship’s participants. Big was our surprise when upon arrival we discovered that the stage is located open-air, right beneath the bob’s track. We had to play two 40 minutes long sets. You can imagine how we felt playing in those freezing conditions! For organizers of this event it didn’t seem anything unusual at all! Two big electric heaters were supposed to make us warm, but something went wrong and instead of blowing out hot air they hit ice cold straight on us! But nevertheless everybody liked the performance of Lil’ Frozen Swamp Shakers and had a crazy party!12) What happened the first time you met each other, or the first time they picked up the instrument they play (or sang).We definitely felt same certain chemistry between us, we felt we may create a team with certain synergy; we had similar tastes in music and common aim and we loved the way the other potential members of the band expressed their musicianship. The rest is historyJ!13) What was your favorite live-music performance, and why?There were too many great moments in our band’s career to name ‘em all! Especially we feel great when the PA is controlled by competent guys who know what the right sound should to be and there’s also a great support from the audience. We often go off the stage directly into the audience. Anna’s making then impressive show doing Marshall Lytle acrobatics with her upright bass right down on the dance floor; Marc’s climbing on the tables playing wild guitar solos, me standing on the bass while Annie is doing her stuff and so on! We also use to change the instruments, for instance the drummer takes lead guitar, guitarist sits behind the drums, Pete’s grabbing bass and Anna sings and strums rhythm guitar. we do it from time to time and people usually go wild! It’s often big fun to play outside or in crowded places like shopping malls, railway stations etc. Then out of nowhere there comes fantastic mutual energetic exchange between us and the crowd. One of our most unusual and impressive shows of such kind happened in luxury resort place – Alanya, Turkey at the town’s main square located on the beautiful scenic ocean shore on the warm Southern evening with almost two thousand people in the audience, both locals and tourists from all over Europe. Everybody was swingin’ and dancin’ to the beat having a great time with us! That was definitely cool feeling! Rockabilly sure is unique in a way it makes people of all ages happy, willing to dance, forgetting their everyday troubles. Its style is so attractive and incomparable to any other style of music! In most cases regular ordinary people have never before heard anything like that, but for many youngsters it’s a knock-out discovery of music they couldn’t even imagine exists!

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