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The band started up in the summer of 2006, when three of the guys, Jimmy, Tank and Ace met at a local bar for drinks. A few days before , Tank had gotten a phone call from a friend working for a television station looking for an authentic rock’ n roll band. Few hours later and quite a handful of drinks drunk, they had worked out a name and some songs for the gig and called up saying, “We’re ready”.  They scribbled down “The Lucky Bullets” and scooped a few songs down on a napkin and The lucky Bullets was a reality.


That following summer after rehearsing and doing multiple gigs around town, they sat with their own original tunes and headed for the studio. “Big fat dolly”, “Cross the line” ended up on a 7 inch vinyl in 2007  named ” Big Fat Dolly”. After a couple years touring Europe as a three piece, they saw a new light with their new lead guitarist ”Butch Comet” who with his good style and sound set the tone. Now The Lucky Bullets started putting more original songs together and sat with a King of songs. In 2010 they flew to Berlin for a three days recording at Lightning Recorders Studio. There they came out with 7 songs which are found on the album” Gold Digger”. 

The Lucky Bullets have since then toured most of Europe, and gotten much recognition for their high paced tunes and wild stage shows, giving them a gig at the prestigious Rockabilly Rave 2012 in England and booked straight after the show to the main stage for 2013.

Little T- Chief of Vocals
Butch Comet- Chief of Lead Guitar
Ace Dynamite- Chief of Doghouse Bass
Jimmy Dapper- Chief of Rumble Drums


In Norway the band achived a high status as the no.1 rockabilly band in Norway after entering the Norwegian Eurovision contest 2011, winning 3rd place in the final in front of over a million tv viewers.  The band has since then done TV appearances including VM ski 2011 in Norway broadcasted world wide.


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