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Oklahoma, United States
The Vintage Doll is a mother, internationally published pinup model, youtube blogger and style teacher, and pinup culture specialist. She resides in good Ol’ Oklahoma where she raises her two little boys and embraces the life style of days long past. (photos below by Vivid EyeCandy Photography)
You can find The Doll spending her days at the park with her kids, enjoying a good car show, and sharing her love for the pinup culture that she loves and embraces. She lives everyday exuding the morals and essence of what people stood for back in the 50’s. She uses her modeling work and brand to help teach women to embrace who they are and that everyone is strong and beautiful. She likes to show how the pinup life style is a positive way for women to gain confidence in their own skin and take on anything. (pictures below and featured image by Carlie Denton)
Though The Doll has only graced the pinup industry for a few years she more than has her foot in the door. Being apart of the culture for almost a decade, she knows what pinup is and she also knows how to use it. Her knowledge in the life style of pinup, rockabilly, and kustom kulture more than fuels her passion and love for the industry, but helps her succeed in turning out pinup work embodying the classic quality of the greats!

“I didn’t start out this way of course, being a pinup is a path I chose but a life that seemed to choose me.”
After being introduced to the pinup and rockabilly scene at the age of 16 she felt like she had discovered something that was always meant to be who she was. She grew up with a very strong influence and connection from her Grandma who was born in 1941. Growing up on old movies, music and stories of her days as a youth in the 50’s, the vintage life style seemed to be a perfect fit for The Doll. “I fell so in love with the life style, and the beautiful pinup girls but like most women second guessed my ability to carry such a confident look and attitude.” Instead She quietly studied pinup and the rockabilly life style for five years dreaming of how much She wanted to be apart of it. Finally after becoming a mother to her first son She decided to get brave and just go for it. “I set my camera up on self timer, propped it up on my sons walker, ran for the couch and posed.” She then started her Facebook page and set out to find some local photographers to shoot with. After starting her portfolio with professional photos she began networking with every pinup page and company she could think of. She did not stop until her work was well on its way to circulating through all of the most followed pinup pages and websites out their all over the world.. “It was very exciting and I felt so brave and proud of myself for doing something I had loved for so long.”
The Doll struggled with ridicule, mockery and doubt from those around her but that in no way stopped her in pushing forward in her own dreams. “I put a lot of hard work into my photos, and meeting others in the industry that I could learn and grow from. I wanted to be strong in my craft, and truly know and appreciate everything, not just pose as a visual prop.”
Over the past few years, The Doll has been published in several of the top pinup magazines around, been the face for many pinup and rockabilly styled brands, is a youtube blogger and teacher of the pinup culture and style, started a self love and body image campaign and uses the pinup style to show women what true beauty and confidence is, and has been featured on and written for countless websites and pages talking about her love of the lifestyle she lives and how it makes her the strong confident woman she is today.
“I don’t really consider myself to be a “model” but more so just a pinup momma that loves sharing something that is so important to her with others who enjoy it too. I think everyone can learn something from this culture and life style. I have learned more about myself and gained more confidence and strength in myself then I ever thought I could, and its thanks to the life style I live.” (pictures below by Jeph Rants)
She wants to continue in her pinup journey living everyday in pinup class and confidence and show the world what true pinup really is and what it stands for. “Pinup is so much more than a style or pictures of pretty girls, its strength and confidence and true beauty. Every woman has those qualities and deserves to see them.” The Vintage Doll will share her knowledge in this culture and show people that no matter who you are, what you look like, what size your body is that you are beautiful and can be whoever you want to be no matter what anyone else thinks about it. No one has the right to say what road your life should take or what life style makes you happy.”We are all born with a purpose and path and until we find the right one we cant fully embrace it. I know that being a pinup is what I was born for and is who I am. Its not just an image to me its a confidence and strength I carry and share with others everyday and I want all women to know they can have it too. I don’t want to just be pretty pictures…. I want to be remembered for what I stood for and what I shared with the world, just like Bettie Page, and I will continue to bust my back seams until I get to where I want to be. I AM PINUP HEAR ME ROAR!”
All pictures below by Vintage Doll herself;
Pinup Doll Alice Oxley Half Body Shot.jpg
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Kent, United Kingdom

Pinup Doll Alice Oxley, an English rose pinup doll from Kent, England, UK. 30″-25″-31″, 123lbs, 5’4″

“I eat, sleep, live and breathe creativeness. It fuels my motivation for absolutely everything. I live for not knowing what is around the corner and have found that going with the flow of life has so far proved a success. However cheesy it sounds, I aim to be happy in every moment for the rest of my life.” – Alice Oxley Nice to meet you! I am Alice, I’m 19 years old and I am an English rose, ivory skinned, fiery red headed pin up doll currently living in the south east of England (Kent), UK!

Pinup Doll Alice Oxley Full Shot

Here’s a little explanation about pinup and I. After seeing the beautiful images of many inspirational pinup ladies, I woke up one day and decided that I wanted to give it a go. Simple as that. For many women at this stage, finding the confidence and planning time to book a shoot is quite daunting. Luckily enough for me, I have Daniel Fletcher Photography and Big Jam Studios / NEC Music quite literally on my doorstep.

Alice pinup 6

Building a relationship with a photographer to trust that they understand what you want to achieve is what we already have, and because Big Jam Studios is my workplace I already knew that I would be comfortable and confident enough in that space for my first studio shoot. I am learning about Pinup every day and unless I take the time to study and learn about pinup and the history behind it, I will just be playing dress up. There is a difference between “being pinup” and “modelling pinup shoots” – I will continue to research the ways of pinup to fully appreciate and earn my pinup status & rockabilly lifestyle. I love embracing the styles of beautiful pinups that draw you in and adapting them for my own look.

Alice pinup 1

My life is entirely made up of the creative arts through and through. My thoughts are constantly planning towards my next big project, whether it is my next photo shoot, composing a new song, choreographing a new dance routine or any of my other hobbies. At the age of 13 was the breaking point for taking charge of my creative interests; when choosing additional subjects for my GCSE’s, after long discussions with my parents about choosing History and Geography, I was absolutely certain that I wanted to choose Music and Art and that’s exactly what I did. I didn’t even know how to play the guitar, yet I knew that it was what I must do. GCSE’s passed and I continued my love for music and playing the electric guitar into my sixth form years.

Alice pinup 2

A very strange quality that I’ve noticed about myself is that I worry so much, yet I always go with the flow; in my last year of sixth form I was unsure of what I were going to do with myself a week or two before I left. With everyone set on a new job or going to university, life presented itself to me with an apprenticeship at a local recording studio that I didn’t even apply for. I still work at Big Jam Studios today and wouldn’t change it for the world! Being a part of a music & photography studios has lead me to my love for pinup modelling!

Alice pinup 3

Please support me through my Facebook page: click on Facebook icon at top of page to see it!

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