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Philadelphia, PA, United States

CLICK HERE TO SEE OUR FULL SCHEDULE OF PROGRAMS ON CATTY TOWN’S RADIO GUIDEWe Are dedicated to those who crave nuthin’ but some of the best in up tempo Blues Rhythm and Roots Group Harmony.We also cater for listeners who like Rock n Roll, Gospel, Jive, Swing, Jump-Blues, up tempo Doo Wop, Western Swing, a little Jazz, a small dose of Soul as well as some Stroll and easy listening sounds from the early part of 40’s throughout the 50’s and into the early 60’s. There will also be encouragement for current Artists and bands to have this genre of music played here.(Please also note there is also One DJ that Plays Country on this Station)CLICK HERE TO LISTEN TO THE OLDIES STREAMCLICK HERE TO LISTEN TO THE R&B STREAMBluesVocalHarmony1It’s all about the listeners who support the roots music of those former decades. Check out some of our special streams & DJ’s that are dedicated to specific genre’s. 


LISTEN LIVE NOWRockabilly Radio was founded By Don Freeman in 2001 to give an internet voice to Independant Rockabilly Artists. We continue that aspiration by playing All 50’s n Rockin’ Tracks.To see our full schedule on the Catty Town Radio Guide – CLICK HEREr3 For more info on individual DJ’s and shows, open the show on the radio schedule or goto the  Rockabilly Radio website at the link above.To make requests – CLICK HEREINFORMATIONThe long awaited Listener Request feature has now returned, this is found at the top right of our front page.As part of our progress and licencing requirements some changes have had to be made to the website and to offer more listening options . A choice of four players now stream our music to you. Two at 96k Stereo, One at 32k Mono and one at 32k stereo, this is also so that you won’t miss out on our station listening pleasure. Our stream provider is Fast-Serv using both Shoutcast and Icecast .So no matter where you browse once you have started the payer it will remain on untill you decide to turn it off. Our past licencing provider has been Loud City who closed at the end of February 2014 . We now have streamliccencing as our new Licence provider who required certain updates to our website so that we are runing legaly.We will also be providing information on what is available from us on mobile phones and what software and apps you can install to listen in. For Android, Smartphones, iPhones, Tablets & iPads you can download the TuneIn Radio app from your Mobile device and search for Rockabilly Radio Then set it as a Favourite. There are even more Mobile Player Options available to hear us including one to view up to 50 recently played tracks..Our DJ’s Live broadcasts are meeting with a posative response, more are now being heard.More New DJ’s Have Joined recently, visit their pages and send them your requests and greetings . See the Schedule to view their show times .Our Twitter account is now enabled as rockabilly247 .For visitor Stats Click “More” on ‘Flag Counter’ at the bottom of the homepage . We also hope to include a listener stats page that will show which countres are listening in some time in the future.Subscribe to our newsletter. – Other updates and improvements to the Website are continuingMerchandise is now available to order including T-Shirts, Mugs, Bumper and window stickers.The Podcast Page facility will allow you to listen to past Station DJ shows. Our DJ’s will provide you with a varied selection of 50’s n rockin’ tracks. Send them Your requests, visit their pages for details and view the Schedule pages.The Links Page is available for reciprocal websites.In the Future a Changable Banner will be placed on the Homepage of our sponsors, main contributors and sister sites.r2

Pearland, TX, United States
Mon – Wed we play the likes of Hank 3, Waylon, Willie, Johnny Cash, The SuperSuckers, Alajandro Escovedo, The Replacements, Cracker, BR-549, The Far West, Ted Z and The Wranglers, Social Distortion, Hayes Carl, Lucinda Williams, Johnny Falstaff and many others. 
Thursdays is Rockabilly Thursdays (All 24hrs) and we play The Reverend Horton Heat, Matt Hole & The Hot Rod Gang, Elvis, Little Richard, The Octanes, The Broadway Twisters, Carl & The Rhythm All Stars, Wanda Jackson, Danny B Harvey, JD McPherson, Ross Kleiner & The Thrill, Sand Box Bullies, Whiskey Kiss, The Paladins, Lee Rocker and many, many more great rockabilly artists. 
Continental Club
Fri. 5pm – Sun 10pm Every weekend we have Hanks Blues Wknd Show. This runs from BB King, SRV & Jimmie Vaughan, Hound Dog Taylor, Freddie King, Albert King, Clapton, Bad Brad & The Fat Cats, Jon Bonamassa, Muddy Waters, and Ritchie Dave Porter plus many, many other great blues artists are played all weekend. We have a huge playlist.  
Bad Brad of Bad Brad & The Fat Cats ….blues band
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Washington, DC, United States

I’ve been living in the US, in Washington DC, for 28 years – I’m originally from England and I have lived and worked in five countries. I saw Buddy Holly on TV in England in 1958, and my life was changed!Since I’ve been in the States I’ve achieved most of my ambitions – I’ve met Jerry Lee Lewis, Chuck Berry, Sam Phillips, Mike Stoller, DJ Fontana, and Scotty Moore, I’ve been to New Orleans, Memphis, and Nashville, and I met Buddy Holly’s family in Lubbock.I used to work on a radio station on the Virginia/Maryland/West Virginia border, playing a lot of Gene Vincent and Johnny Burnette, and I now have a show on Radio Fairfax in Virginia. I also write about music, and contribute regularly to “Now Dig This”, easily the best magazine for anyone interested in rock’n’roll.ProfmcI can’t see the point of the standard “Oldies” format, that simply plays one track after another (“Rock Around the Clock” followed by “Get a Job”), with no information about the singer, the songwriter or the musicians, and no attempt at putting the recordings into their musical (and social) context.I think it’s fascinating, for example, that James Burton played guitar not only with Elvis, Ricky Nelson and Jerry Lee Lewis, but also with Bob Luman and Dale Hawkins. And I think it’s also significant that the records produced out of the Sun studios in Memphis in the mid 50s were all made by the sons of sharecroppers, who had recently moved into the cities. In fact I recently gave a series of lectures on the musical/social/economics origins of rock’n’roll at Notre Dame University in Indiana.ProfprofileOn my two-hour weekly show I play lesser-known songs by well-known singers like Buddy Holly and Carl Perkins, and also some great tracks by not-so-well-known singers such as Bobby Charles and Roscoe Gordon. And I talk about some of the musicians I’ve met including Clarence ‘Frogman’ Henry and Billy Lee Riley.I’ll tell you who played on each track, who wrote the song, where it was recorded, and what the singer did later in his/her career. It’s fun, you hear the best music, and you get to appreciate one of the 20th century’s great art-forms – the 2-minute recordThe most recent show, along with various archived shows, can be heard on demand at http://www.theprofessorrocks.com  (which is linked to live365.com) and also live at Radio Fairfax, Fairfax Virginia (http://tunein.com/radio/Radio-Fairfax-s24818/), Thursday 4- 6 p.m. US Eastern Time.MY CURRENT TEN FAVORITE TRACKS:1.  I’m Conna Tell – George Fleming

2.  That’s the Way I Feel – Jimmy Pritchett

3.All’s Your Love – The Nighthawks

4.  You’re the One That Done It – Thomas Wayne

5.  The Night is so Lonely – Gene Vincent

6.  Maybe Baby – Esquerita

  1. Tore Up – Sleepy LeBeef

8.  So Long – Fats Domino

9.  Fools Like Me – Jerry Lee Lewis

10.  Down the Line – Buddy Holly

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4ever Style is an online radio station based in Brazil which plays Rock n Roll, Rockabilly, Neo, Psychobilly, Surf, Swing/Lindy Hop, Doo Wop, Hillbilly, Bluegrass, Blues etc.



[purehtml id=3]CLICK HERE TO CHECK OUT THE LATEST SHOWS ON CATTY TOWN’S RADIO GUIDEWelcome to Rockin’ Devil Radio!Here you can listen to different styles of music like Psychobilly, Rockabilly, Hillbilly, Jivers, Blues Boppers, Roots, Strollers, Doo Wop, Country, Bluegrass, Speedrock, Stonerrock, Ska, Oi, Punk, Surf, Rock’n’Roll and many more……Music is 24/7 and we have live DJ’s each with their own individual personality and taste.Click here to check out the schedulenew banner addkopieRDR4RDRadioA7+3mm RDR1kopie

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CLICK HERE TO CHECK OUT THE FULL RADIOBILLY SCHEDULE ON CATTY TOWNRadiobilly is a radio with the best Deejays worldwide we focus exclusively on music from the 40s and 50s also give coverage to artists and bands in the current scene, we are on all platforms such as Itunes Radio, Windows Media Microsoft, Live 365 and many more. It is a pleasure for us to have the web CattyTown.com superb music and fill our Radio.[purehtml id=1]storeya-radiobillyRadiobillyHollywoodTo set up Radiobilly on your smart phone!Server available especially for mobile:This server is ideal because it has very little low data consumption, work for any Smarthphone. Just add this link on your browser your smarthphone.http://www.shoutcheap.com/mobile/radiobilly32Radiobillymobile


[purehtml id=2]Rock-it Radio has been on the air since 1995 – Broadcasting 50’s and early 60’s Rock and Roll, Rockabilly and Doo Wop. They have over 20 DJ’s from around the world that really know and love to share the music. So, come on and tune in online!Rock-it Radio — 1950s Rock & Roll OnlineRock-it Radio is a free online radio station and it’s mission is simple — To keep the music alive! Most oldies commercial stations today have forgotten their roots and we focus on the music of the 50’s and early 60’s.Do you love the Rock and Roll sound of the 50s and early 60s?? Rock-it Radio has been broadcasting this music online since 1995. We features all genres of this great music including Rockabilly, Pop, Doo Wop, R&B and of course Rock and Roll. Each DJ comes with a special talent and expertise in certain genres. Come join this page and get a notice of when the latest Rock-it Radio Show is online! Check out also our webpage at the link above!Rock-it Radio has usually around 20 top dj’s that know their oldies music! Most of them actually lived it and have come out of retirement just to be and share the music of the first decade of Rock and Roll.As of November 2011 Rock-it Radio has a subscription of over 41,500 listener’s worldwide that are members of the Rock-it Radio listeners club. A free e mail service that offers the playlist of the shows online and features on Rock-it Radio.Rock-it Store – 50’s and 60’s Rock and Roll Radio Broadcasts for sale!

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