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…Keepin’ it simple……has always been the band’s credo: two screamin’ guitars, a slappin’ double bass, a rhytmic snare drum and a soulful voice – what else do you need? NOTHIN’ – at least from the band member’s point of view because this is exactly the cast of THE SLAPBACKS: 4 men – 4 instruments – pure music without compromises. Capturing the very essence of Rockabilly music with this formula it also turned out to be the most uncomplicated way of performing, recording and having fun. It’s just the lowest common denominator to create a cool Rockabilly sound – nothing else can be left out…1824507984slapbacks….So what is Rockabilly?…You may call it the Punk of the 1950’s: rough down-to-earth musical energy with the edgy “I-don’t-give-a-damn”-attitude played with an almost primitive instrumentation (i.e. guitars, double bass, drum). These are the ingredients THE SLAPBACKS pack in their dynamic stage shows and on their recordings…….Wot! No big drum set?…That’s right! Real authentic Rockabilly can be played without a whole drum kit but don’t worry: THE SLAPBACKS will kick your ass! To keep the beat pumpin’ they are using a snare drum with lots of rhythm. This makes the band not only an unique format but also independent of the size of the venue they’re going to rock…….From small pubs to huge ball rooms……each and every volume is possible – there is NO venue THE SLAPBACKS are not able to play! Rockabilly Events, US Car Festivals, Biker Meetings, you name it! Mixing up their set list with not only classic 1950’s Rock ‘n’ Roll but also a very special treatment on self-penned songs they’ve finally created their own distinctive style and sound. Till now, THE SLAPBACKS already drove thousands of miles on European highways and rocked countless cities all over Europe and the USA – Austria, Germany, Netherlands, England, Belgium, Spain, Sweden, Hungary, Croatia, Italy, Irland, Switzerland,… New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Connecticut, Massachusetts….About their recordings……Since 2001 they’ve published 5 CD’s (“Rockabilly Blues”, “Net.Wt. 2.5 Oz.”, “A Shot of The Slapbacks”, “Buckle Up!”, “Racin‘&‘Rockin‘”) as well as a limited edition 7″ Vinyl Single which all represent a certain state of sound depending on the period of time they were recorded in. Nonetheless the style of their latest CD and Vinyl truly captures their real and honest sound with no compromises. Since all tracks are recorded live by themselves in their home-build recording studio near Vienna these recordings are 100% pure Slapbacks-style. So don’t you dare miss it!THE SLAPBACKS, 2014

1) Confirm band members and names (and band name!) – real names?Michael Nehyba, Patrick Preiner, Horst Krenn, Christoph Gamperl (The Slapbacks)Slapbacks_012) Why did you pick your band name?In a very boozed mood in 1995 I read about Sam Phillips and the early Elvis recordings. Suddenly out of the blue it hit me: literally on all Rockabilly records you find this tape delay aka slapback. So I figured that this would be the perfect name for our band.How did you form?We believe in the power of attraction. So it was no accident that we finally found each other. Nevertheless it took some time and a few personal changes to put this final line up together. Broadly speaking we are all friends in the same subculture. Why did you decide to play the genre or genres you do?Rockabilly is simply the best music in the world: it’s cool, sexy, aggressive, powerful, spontaneous, danceable, full of suggestive lyrics – absolutely the soundtrack our lives!3) Do you write out your lyrics?Yes Do you ever change a song’s lyrics in live sets?Very often. Depending on the degree of intoxication.4) Where do you usually gather songwriting inspiration?I think of life as a comic book – fast, colorful, sometimes excessive but mostly with a happy ending. So there you find the best stories. What is your usual songwriting process?First I fool around with a melody or a guitar lick, then I add the lyrics. If the song is not finished within 15 minutes mostly it’s not worth a dime.5) Do you have a band website?  http://www.slapbacks.net Why or why not?Although we also have the obligatory facebook account we are a bit old fashioned and maintain a homepage. Do you have a Facebook or Twitter?http://www.facebook.com/slapbacksDo you use Bandcamp, Spotify  to share your music?No, just MySpace.6) Do you think that online presence is important for fans to find you and critics to find your music to write about?The internet is the place where we recruit 90% of our gigs. So obviously it is the most important factor of our musical survival.7) Anything you would like share, from new merch to upcoming shows/tours or songs/albums?In the beginning of 2015 it is high time for us to publish a new CD album entitled “Rust ‘n’ Dust”. Of course there will also be some touring to promote the record and maybe a vinyl single later in the year.8) What was the funniest story that happened on the road ?Years ago we unintentionally crushed the finger of our former drummer in the sliding door of our van – it had a bit of a slapstick moment!9) What happened the first time you met each other, or the first time they picked up the instrument they play (or sang).When we first met each other we realized very quickly that we are on the same level from a musical and human point of view. That makes it very easy to have some fun and create music together. We’re just four of a kind.10) What was your favorite live-music performance, and why ?Playing the Hot Rod Hayride 2011 was one of the most impressing venues we ever played. The place, the cars ‘n’ bikes and first and foremost the rockin’ crowd there are fantastic and make this event a unique experience for a Rockabilly band.

OTHER PRESS:Review von BlackCat Rockabilly Europe (http://www.rockabilly.nl) über Net.Wt. 2.5 Oz., 2003„The Slapbacks are a rockabilly quartett from Vienna, Austria. The band started out in 1995, and they played several gigs in and around Vienna in the following years. The idea for the bandname came from Sam Phillips. He prided himself on his engineering skills and he worked assiduously to create a distinctive and individual sound for each recording, combining clarity, presence, and a kind of adjustable reverb that he dubbed “slapback”.After a few changes in the line-up they found what they were looking for, their own style. Since then they played a lot more gigs, and with big success. All bandmembers had previous experiences in different combos, and this mixture of four individuals is now creating the unique sound of “The Slapbacks”. They were quickly established in the Austrian rockabilly scene, especially in Vienna. Approximately once a week the crowd is getting wild when our boys are doing their stuff in clubs and at parties. Early 2002 they released their debut album “Rockabilly Blues”, 14 mixed-up tracks of covers and self penned rockabilly tunes, including the popular “Stranger Girl”.And now we write the year of our Lord 2003, and the Slapbacks have just released a brand new album on Part Records, Germany, titled “NET. WT. 2.5 OZ.”, a very catching title, since the beautiful folded cardbox cover has all the looks of a 1950s detergent advertising. Including, of course, the ingredients of this improved formula, and a warning that reads: “Too much use could make you addicted to it. While playing, keep away flammable things, sparks could fly!”As for the music, this is all rockabilly, the way we like it best. Yes… sparks WILL fly! Hitting off with the self-penned “Sick’n’Tired Of Singin’ The Blues”, fast, loud, and just the way we like it. “Sitting On The Rooftop” is next, it slows down the pace to a groovy bluesy beat, but it does weigh a full 0.18oz. “Long Way To Memphis” picks up speed again, followed by the countrified Johnny Cash style “706”. I’m going a bit fast here, beacuse there’s no less than 16 tracks on this album, most of ’em originals. “Crazy Love”, “Make Hay While The Sun Shines”, “I’m Loaded”, “Long Lonely Highway”. The latter being a cool rockabilly rendition of Elvis’ 60s song with the same title. “I Wanna Make Love To You” will rock your socks off, and Ricky Nelson’s “Poor Little Fool” (written by Sharon Sheeley) has been re-arranged and it must be one of the rockingest cover versions I ever heard.Even more superb self-penned rockabilly tracks are to follow, “Even Lonesome Cowboys Cry For Love”, “Tell Me What’s Wrong With Me”, “Heartbreaking For Beginners”, “What’s The Matter” and “The Girl From Mexico”. The last track on the album is an acoustic version of “Long Lonely Highway”. And what an album, I’ve enjoyed listening to it immensely, lots of variety, without wandering off the rockabilly path. Very well done guys, keep up the good work!“SBpress1Review von Robert Noy/OX-Fanzine (http://www.ox-fanzine.de ) über Net.Wt. 2.5 Oz., 2005„Sehnsucht muss der Hauptantrieb der SLAPBACKS sein. Sehnsucht nach den Staaten, langen, einsamen Highways, Liebe ohne Enttäuschung und Elvis. THE SLAPBACKS kommen aber aus Wien und daher wirkt ihre selbst gewählte Rolle als Rockabillys beliebig.Die Besetzung mit Gitarre, Akustikgitarre, Bass und Schlagzeug ist standardmäßig. Musikalisch ist das Quartett top, keine Frage. Auch die Aufnahmequalität ist schon bemerkenswert hochwertig.Dass die Texte selbstverfasst sind ist eigentlich nicht nennenswert, da einfach nur das Klischee einer x-beliebigen amerikanischen Rockabilly-Band übernommen wird. Mit dieser Masche sind sie nicht die Ersten und werden auch nicht die Letzten sein.Besser macht es die Platte nicht. Klar ist es ein “Long way to Memphis” von Wien aus und “Even lonesome cowboys cry for love”, aber was dies mit einer mitteleuropäischen Band aus einem Alpenstaat zu tun hat, wird mir immer schleierhaft bleiben.Dass der Sänger zusätzlich bei jedem Elvis-Gesangscontests einen der vorderen Plätze belegen würde, bringt auch musikalisch die Kopiererposition in den Vordergrund. Zusammenfassend: Technisch gutes, klassisches Rockabilly-Quartett ohne erkennbare Eigenheiten.“Review von BlackCat Rockabilly Europe (http://www.rockabilly.nl) über A Shot of The Slapbacks, 2005„The Slapbacks are a rockabilly trio from Vienna, Austria. The band started out in 1995, and the idea for the bandname came from Sam Phillips. He prided himself on his engineering skills and he worked assiduously to create a distinctive and individual sound for each recording, combining clarity, presence, and a kind of adjustable reverb that he dubbed “slapback”.”A Shot Of The Slapbacks” is the band’s 3rd CD. Remember our review of “NET. WT. 2.5 OZ.” in 2003? Well, the album landed 5 stars for their second album then and ended up on our recommendations list. So you can understand that I was quite curious about this new release, and I can tell you already, I was not disappointed. Actually this is a Mini-CD, because it has “only” 7 tracks, it was recorded for the Slapbacks US Tour in July 2005.Four of the songs were written and arranged by the band’s lead vocalist and guitarist Michael “Scotty” Nehyba, starting off with the Johnny Cash styled “Misery”. The second song “Man’s Ruin” speeds up the tempo, it has that distinctive Slapback’s distortion on the vocals. Other Slapback original’s are “Weekend Love Affair” and “It’s Up To Me”. Their rendition of Charlie Feathers’ immortal classic “Bottle To The Baby” is real cool, with some hot guitar licks.A previously unreleased track of The Slapbacks titled “Will I Love Again” can be found on the new “Rockin’ Around The EEC” compilation album on Empire Records“SP2Review von A.Widder/Rockin‘ Rollin‘ Products auf amazon.de (http://www.amazon.de) über A Shot of The Slapbacks, 2008„Hier ist sie nun: nach “Rockabilly Blues” und “Net. Wt. 2.5 OZ.” (published by PART RECORDS) folgt nun die dritte CD Veröffentlichung des Rockabilly-Trios aus Wien / Österreich, den Slapbacks. Sieben brandheiße Songs mit purem und kraftvollem Rockabilly-Sound. Eben 100 % Slapbacks-Style.Keepin’ It Simple…war schon immer das Band-Motto der Slapbacks. Zwei schreiende Gitarren, ein slappender Kontrabass und eine Stimme voller Soul – was braucht man noch? NICHTS – zumindest nach der Meinung der Band-Mitglieder, denn das ist genau die Besetzung der Slapbacks: drei Jungs – drei Instrumente – einfach pure Musik ohne Kompromisse. Nachdem Michael (Vocals, Giutar), Pat (Giutar) und Watson (Double Bass) mit dieser Formel jahrelang gearbeitet hatten, stellte es sich letztendlich als unkompliziertester Weg heraus, aufzutreten, Platten aufzunehmen und Spaß zu haben. Es ist der kleinste gemeinsame Nenner, um einen coolen Rockabilly Sound zu kreieren.Schon bald nach der ihrer Gründung 1995, fingen THE SLAPBACKS an, in und um Wien aufzutreten. Nach ein paar Änderungen in der Band-Formation haben sie jetzt endlich ihre ideale Zusammensetzung gefunden. Die Jungs haben in den letzten Jahren Konzerte in ganz Europa (Deutschland, Belgien, Holland, Schweiz,…) gespielt. Ab Mitte Juli starten The Slapbacks ihre erste US Tour.Die Aufnahmen:Mittlerweile haben THE SLAPBACKS seit 2001 drei CD aufgenommen und bei PART RECORDS veröffentlicht. Die aktuelle Scheibe ist eine Mini-CD mit vier Eigenkompositionen und drei Cover-Songs. Die Nummern wurden in ihrem selbsteingerichteten Aufnahmestudio “DeeLay Reords” in Wien eingespielt und spiegeln den ehrlichen und erdigen Sound der Band wieder. Ihrem Motto treu bleibend, haben die Burschen sogar nur eine einfache Holzbox als kompletten Schlagzeugersatz verwendet. Alle Lieder wurden live aufgenommen, nur ein paar Overdubs waren notwendig, um sie zu komplettieren – somit ist diese CD 100% Slapbacks-Style.“Review von Raucous Records (http://www.raucousrecords.com) über Roasted & Toasted, 2009„CD reissue of two longtime unavailable Slapbacks albums.Here are all the tracks from their debut release Rockabilly Blues (2002) along with the follow-up album Net Wt. 2.5oz (2003).These are the releases that helped to establish The Slapbacks among the favourite bands on the Rockabilly scene.As well as two full albums, this CD also contains two previously unreleased bonus recordings making 27 sizzling cuts in total.“Review von kitti/Rockabilly Bash (http://www.rockabillybash.com) über Buckle Up!, 2009

„There are some funny facts about that band: they are quite often (probably by mistake or just that venues want to attract more visitors) are named on posters as a band from Australia… and the second – they quite often are invited for Teddy Boy Festivals. Both facts are quite strange, because this band certainly doesn’t need extra advertising to atract more people and they are not a Teddy Boy band (at least in my opinion). So who are they?The Slapbacks don’t need any introduction, I suppose. They have been quite often appearing all over Europe and bringing with them not only musical instruments, but some energy and fun. The cover of their brand new cd “Buckle Up!” looks quite boring in contrary to the music on it.17 songs (9 of them self-penned) are pure powerful rock’n’roll. The additional promo letter is advicing you “to spin the cd in your Hi-Fi-System at 100% Volume”, which I would not recommend… only if you are alone and in the wild forest. The songs sound already “loud” even on low volume. It is good and bad at the same time. I would like to hear more clear recordings, because the band can play and also can show it. But I know there are a lot of people, who would enjoy this cd like it is now, because it gives you an idea of live performance and not just a “dry” studio sound.So Buckle Up and start the motor. “Gear Up” is the first track and a good introduction for the whole cd. But so far nothing special is going on. Only the next composition “Mean Devil Woman” starts to give your some accelaration. “One Broken Heart For Sale”, one of my favourite songs of Elvis, seems not really in the style of The Slapbacks, but sounds very nicely (keeping its original softness, but also not letting the band loose their rockin’ style), and then slowly motor getting its speed again…I won’t concenrate on every song, but this how it goes: up and downs, speeding and slowing down again, and it certainly keeps you excited all the way. I like that cd has its story (with a start and a finish) and a title that sums it up.And how about the music? Well, steady and solid rhythm – this is what is popping up in my head, when I am trying to describe the music. When I am thinking about the style, I would say rough and mean. The rest is is left for your own judgement!So what else I can add? Just prepare yourself and have a fun ride with the Slapbacks!“Slapbacks_02Review von http://www.events.at über Racin‘ & Rockin‘, 2011„Das Rockabilly Trio aus der Hauptstadt präsentiert ihren eben auf dem bekannten Londoner Label RHYTHM BOMB RECORDS erschienenen Tonträger – „RACIN’ & ROCKIN’“. Die EP-CD mit 5 Songs zeigt den unverwechselbaren Stil dieses Trios, neben packenden Rock-A-Billy Beats und mystischen Cash-Style gibt es auch eine Portion Blues-A-Billy Bop.“Review von Raucous Records (http://www.raucousrecords.com) über Roasted & Toasted, 2011„CD mini-album with 5 fantastic Rockabilly tracks from The Slapbacks.Four raw ‘n’ rockin’ lively originals, rounded off with a blues-a-billy bop version of Big Joe Turner’s Honey Hush. A cool release which maintains the high standard of output from one of Europe’s best Rockabilly trios.“Review von Raucous Records (http://www.raucousrecords.com) über Single Is This Love/Man Eating Woman, 2012„A great rockin’ 45 from The Slapbacks featuring Man Eating Woman on the B-Side.“Slapbacks_03Auszug aus einem Interview mit Dynamite, 2010 (http://www.rockandroad.de):„Dynamite: Ich habe mir heute eure neue Homepage angesehen. Bei den News wird über den Tod und die Wiederauferstehung eures Bassisten Mr. Watson berichtet – was hat es damit auf sich?PAT: Das war ein kleiner Seitenhieb auf all die Gerüchte, die uns zu Ohren gekommen sind nach dem Unfall (die Slapbacks hatten vor einem halben Jahr einen schweren Busunfall).Da war von „einem kleinen Kratzer“ bis hin zum „Tod“ alles dabei.MICHAEL: Nach dem Unfall hat es wilde Spekulationen über unseren Gesundheitszustand und die Zukunft der Band gegeben. Wir haben zwar versucht, unsere Fans übers Internet auf dem Laufenden zu halten, aber es dürfte nicht zu allen vorgedrungen sein. Also ist diese Meldung mit einem gewissen Augenzwinkern zu verstehen.HORSTL: Wir wollten damit sagen, dass wir uns von solchen Kleinigkeiten nicht unterkriegen lassen und mit Sicherheit weiterhin unterwegs sein werden.DYNAMITE!: Ihr habt ein halbes Jahr keinen Gig in Wien gespielt.MICHAEL: Wenn wir in Wien spielen, spielen wir gerne in Wien. Es hat sich aber herausgestellt, dass es nicht gut ist, wenn man die Szene mit Auftritten überfrequentiert. Jeder Auftritt sollte etwas Besonderes sein, insofern war die Zwangspause wegen dem Unfall willkommen.PAT: Im Wesentlichen war schon der Unfall schuld.DYNAMITE!: Wenn man nach Infos über eure Band sucht, findet man kaum Angaben – steckt da eine Absicht dahinter? Ihr kommt doch alle aus Wien, oder?MICHAEL: Ich denke, es ist absolut nebensächlich, woher der Typ kommt, der auf der Bühne steht. Hauptsache, er kann das Publikum begeistern und eine gute Show abliefern.DYNAMITE!: Wie habt ihr zueinander gefunden?HORSTL: Das war wirklich spektakulär: Eines Abends ging ich zum Telefon und ein Typ sagte „Hey, wüst bei uns Bass spün?“ „Jo, sicha. Waun und wo?“ Das war’s eigentlich.PAT: Ich hatte Glück, ich wollte immer schon „professioneller“ und „intensiver“ musizieren; und dann habe ich eines Tages über einen Freund erfahren, dass die Slapbacks einen Rhythmus-Gitarristen suchen. Der Kontakt wurde hergestellt und ein Besuch bei einer Probe folgte. Ich habe die Jungs zu diesem Zeitpunkt alle nicht gekannt, aber wir haben uns gut verstanden und viele weitere Proben und erste Gigs folgten…“From Rockabilly Deluxe Magazin (2Slapbacks_Logo_v2_black_low


The Cyclones CD Cover.jpg
Penarth, United Kingdom

The Cyclones…Kicking up a StormLewis Clayton and The Cyclones, unveiled their new name at the beginning of 2013. The Cyclones, fronted by 24 year old guitar sensation Lewis Clayton, have been kicking up a storm in 2014. And with gigs booked in the UK and Australia, and a new CD to promote, the future is looking great. They have now expanded their repertoire to include not only a comprehensive catalogue of mainstream 50s and early 60s Rock n Roll, but also a wide range of rockabilly numbers, as well as a hint of country!Lewis Clayton and The Cyclones2The Cyclones revisit those crazy, shakin’, rockin’, boppin’ days of the 50s, recreating the sounds that changed popular music forever. The four piece line up packs a punch, delivering an exciting mix of rock n roll music which ranges from Elvis, through to Buddy Holly, Chuck Berry, Jerry Lee Lewis, Carl Perkins, Johnny Burnette, Fats Domino and Eddie Cochran. There is most definitely something for everyone here!

All the classics are there, along with fresh material including originals penned by The Cyclones. It’s the full 1950s rock ‘n’ roll experience – rockabilly, jump jive, that great Bill Haley dance beat…big hits and top bops, performed as only The Cyclones can.Cyclones  posterHere are more images and videos of the band:

Gretsch G Brand

Lewis Clayton and The Cyclones O NEXT GIGS:  [gallery ids="5436,5437"]


The Alleycats are a 50’s style rock’n’roll band based in SE London. They were formed in 1998, but have had quite a few changes since then. Only surviving member of the original four piece line-up, Drew Spikes, seems to have accumulated a motley collection of old mates from previous bands to make up the current six piece line-up.americana02trimmedJohnny, Drew & Butch all used to be in Yakety Yak together back through the 70\’sDrew & Mick used to be in Sonny King & the Sons Of Swing in the early 80\’s,Newest member is Paul Kent, who took over recently on drums from Jerry (Gerard Barte). Sometimes, however, if Paul is unavailable, we still borrow Richie Taylor from the Sundowners or ex-member Eddie Gentry.We haven\’t had a permanent piano player since Rusty first went to join the Kingcats, but have had several great players take it in turns to give us that extra dimension.

Current band is:Johnny Valentino (vocals/guitar)Drew Spikes (vocals/bass)Mick \’Guitar\’ Murphy (vocals/lead guitar)Butch Evarts (tenor sax/vocals)Paul Kent (drums)and a guest pianist who might be one of:-Claire Hamlin (ex Slammers Maximum Jive Band)Jamie Rowan (lately part of The Stargazers)Dan Edwards (ex Extraordinaires, now Big Boy Bloater)alleycats2013The Alleycats finally have a new CD released, a dozen rockin’ tracks, half classic covers and half brand new rock’n’roll songs. for more information about the CD click on the image below.uptoscratchforcdbaby The Alleycats have covered a very broad spectrum of 50’s rock’n’roll, from rockabilly to doo-wop, so have a wide range of influences.Top Ten (in no particular order) narrowed down to:Big Joe Turner – Boogie Woogie Country Girl

Dion Di Mucci – Love Came To Me

Bill Haley – Real Rock Drive

Elvis Presley – I Forgot To Remember To Forget

Five Satins – In The Still Of The Night

Eddie Cochran – Teenage Heaven

Chuck Berry – (C’Est La Vie) You Never Can Tell

Johnny Burnette – Please Don’t Leave Me

Johnny Horton – Honky Tonk Man

Danny & the Juniors – At The Hop

not forgetting the great slew of various artists records featuring Grady Martin on guitar


Profile photo: Alexander Thompson/Ponyboy Magazine

Jittery Jack brings his East Coast bang to the world of Rockabilly and 50’s inspired Rock ‘n’ Roll. He has headlined at the Viva Las Vegas weekender, The New England Shake Up, England’s Rockabilly Rave and Australia’s Camperdown Cruise as well as club gigs all across the USA, Canada and Europe.in 2012 Wild Records from Hollywood, CA released his debut full length, “Plum Gone Crazy”. In 2014 a 2nd full length, “Gonna Have a Time With” was released on Rhythm Bomb Records along with a 45rpm 7″ record to match the music video “Something Wicked This Way Comes”.JJ2Photo: Beck RusticJittery Jack is usually joined by Rockabilly’s premier female guitar picker, Miss Amy Griffin who appears on both of his full length releases.MAmy Photo: Alexander Thompson/Ponyboy Magazine

JJ3Photo: Nicole Tammaro  Check out some more great Jittery jack live performances below!

 Jittery Jack’s Inspirations/InfluencesBenny Joy-Miss Bobby Sox

Ray Harris-Come On Little Mama

Gene Maltais-Raging Sea

Ronnie Self-Bopalena

Ricky Coyne-Rollin’ Pin Mim

The Sparkletones-Let’s Go Rock and Roll

Mel McGonnigle-Rattle Shakin’ Mama

Cliff Richard and the Shadows-Dynamite

Hayden Thompson- Oh Mama (Mama Mama Mama)

Joe Poovey-Move Around

Belfast, United Kingdom

This band is a five piece playin Smokin Hot Rockabilly, Noir and Americana. 
Come on Cats and Kittens get down to the Crazy Beat.


 With a passion for Vintage and Rockin Music partners and musos Cat Kallen and Jimmy Wilson formed the band Cat Kallen and the Doggone Rockin. The band is a five piece playing Smokin Hot Rockabilly, Noir and Americana. This is music with attitude and a little heartache on the side.

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Here are some more videos of Cat and the guys in action:






BH Logo.png
Natal, Rio Grande do Norte, Brazil

The Bop Hounds is a wild rockabilly/rock & roll band based a lot on hillbilly, rhythm & blues and country rock.
The group started playing in a sort of jamming, but, back in 2013, it became a solid band with permanent members performing gigs around the city of Natal/RN in the northeast of Brazil.
BH Photo_02
The band has a purpose on rescuing the good old-fashioned sound that went out in the USA and made the teenage years turned into an ample and great wildness abroad that country, ending on the whole rock & roll spirit.
Influenced by legends from that time like Elvis Presley, Jerry Lee Lewis, Carl Perkins, Charlie Feathers, the band made its own songs and released a self-titled EP with seven tracks on August 2014.
Vocals: Dastaev Gomes
Guitar: Thiago Silva
Acoustic Guitar: Thiago Albuquerque
Upright Bass: Augusto Moreira
Drums: Andola Costa
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Wexford, Ireland

Wexford’s own–The JiveTones. Playing authentic 50’s Rock and Roll, Rockabilly and Jive, The boys fill the dancefloor!

Slapper—Vocals and Double Bass
Picker-Lead Guitar and Vocals
Sticks- Drums, Percussion and Vocals


To book the JiveTones for your Venue, Party, Wedding or corporate event contact Billy on 087-979 2411 or Jonathon on 087-758-3773:-

Here’s a little gallery of the boys in action:

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And finally another video:

Austin, TX, United States
Ruby Dee and the Snakehandlers are a high octane Americana roots and rockabilly four piece combo that plays twang the way it was meant to be heard- with attitude! Their music encompasses Texas honky-tonk, Bakersfield twang, Memphis rockabilly, Western swing and good old-fashioned rock ’n’ roll.After nearly constant touring for the past fourteen years, including thousands of dates across America, Europe, and Australia, songs from the band’s fourth album, MILES FROM HOME (Dionysus Records, June 2008; produced by Conrad Uno), are still earning steady airplay, including “Cold Pines and Red Dirt,” which earned band front woman- lead vocalist and songwriter Ruby Dee- runner-up honors in Songwriter magazine’s 2007 competition. The album charted in at #86 on the AMA Top 100 for more than four weeks and #26 on the Texas Third Coast Music FAR Top 40. The “Round and Round” video, release in May 2009, has earned great acclaim with its cameos of Seattle rockabilly musicians and famous musical neighborhoods.RDSH Pointing 300dpi 8x10 RGB
“Blending snarling rockabilly with honky-tonk heartache, Ruby Dee and The Snakehandlers have crafted their best recorded set thus far,” said Blue Suede News of the album. “The heart of the 13-song set emanates from Dee’s original material which combines poetic expressionism and hillbilly sass. Aided by Jorge Harada’s top-flight guitar work — which alternates ballroom tenderness with rowdy roadhouse rock — she sounds like a Texas dance hall chanteuse visiting us from another era.”RD&S2The band’s last release: LIVE FROM AUSTIN TEXAS came out mid May 2011 on both CD and vinyl, showcasing a few new songs and fans old favorites cranked up with that live jumpin’ sound for which the Snakehandlers are so well known. Songs from the CD charted for three months on both the AMA and Texas Third Coast Music charts, and the CD earned the band a 54th Grammy consideration for Best Americana Album.Their latest release: ROCKABILLY PLAYGROUND came out May 2013 on both CD and vinyl, and is a roots and rockabilly album for the whole family. With all mature instrumentation (no kazoos or funny voices) and lyrics for the kids: songs about homework, naptime, why we have to follow all the rules, super best friends, and more. Ruby wrote the record when she saw how many of their fans have children and when they can bring them to shows, how many of those kids LOVE this style of music! So rather than sing achy breaky ‘he’s gonna get it’ type songs to them, she wrote new ones with the kiddos in mind. Songs from the album charted on both AMA and FAR charts, and earned the band a 56th Grammy consideration for Best Children’s Album.11x17 Poster with RegistrationThe band has just finished recording their most recent work LITTLE BLACK HEART at the Ameripolitan Studios in Austin, TX with special guests Earl Poole Ball on piano (Johnny Cash), Dave Biller on pedal steel (LeRoy Brothers) and more. These are the first songs Ruby has been able to write since her near-death auto accident 8 years ago that left her with a TBI. She has worked her ass off to come back from that, and these are some of the best songs she’s ever written! This album will be released on a new label, Catty Town Records! Click on the artwork below to see more about the album and CLICK HERE to buy it. lbh background wrkng“Risky—and perhaps just a bit risqué—Ruby Dee and The Snakehandlers conjure forth all sorts of visions of another time,”said Metro Santa Cruz after a California show. “Rooted firmly in the classic country and rockabilly tradition, the band is an authentic backdrop for lead singer Ruby Dee’s blend of Wanda Jackson sass and Patsy Cline pathos. The band holds it down with the insistence of a chugging train while Dee, a pinup heartbreaker of yesteryear with thoroughly modern attitude, commands the stage.”
If you need to contact our record label, publicist, radio promotions rep, or send us some snail mail, use the list below.New Record LabelCatty Town Records,Enniscorthy Enterprise Centre,Milehouse Road,Enniscorthy,County Wexford,Republic Of Ireland.email – eamonn@cattytown.comPhone – +353 872982618 (Mobile/cell number) Old Record LabelDionysus RecordsAtt: Lee JosephPO BOX 1975Burbank, CA 91507(818) 848-2698web: http://www.dionysusrecords.comemail: dionysus@dionsysusrecords.comRadio PromotionBill Wence PromotionsP.O. Box 39Nolensville, TN 37135(615) 776-2060web: http://www.billwencepromotions.comemail: info@billwencepromotions.comPublicity and MediaWestern Publicity,Heather West,2344 West Addison Street, Apt 2E,Chicago, IL 60618cell 773/301-5767westernpublicity@gmail.com Snail MailRuby Dee and The SnakehandlersPO Box 151408Austin TX 78715United Statesweb: http://www.rubydeemusic.comRuby shared some of her greatest influences with us, what a line up!Sister Rosetta TharpeBuck Owens Johnny Cash Patsy Cline Elvis Presley X Neil Young The Clash David Bowie Ella Fitzgerald Chuck Berry Bob Wills
Lonesome Flamingo Music, Rowan Cottage, 1 Stirling Place, Hove BN3 3YU

The Catfish Kings have “Fifties Music” written through them like a stick of Brighton Rock. Take some New Orleans R&B in the manner of Little Richard and Fats Domino, mix with the boogie beat of Big Joe Turner & Moon Mullican and then blend in the jumping jive of Louis Jordan and Lavern Baker. You have the perfect cocktail for an evening of smash hit dance music. Featuring Big Al on piano, Terry Green on Tenor Sax and dual vocalists Harry Lang (doubling on guitar) and Sarah Cotton (also baritone sax), all urged on their way by the driving force of Stewart Green, drums and Pete Sinden bass.

Formed almost five years ago, the band are seasoned pro’s each with at least 25 years experience; Band members have played/recorded in the past with Chuck Berry, Steve Cropper, Ruby Turner, Lou Pride, Roddy Jackson and many US rhythm n blues artists.

The Catfish Kings have appeared at Twinwood Vintage Festival; Broadstairs Folk Week; The Canterbury Festival; Kings Of Rock n Roll; Warners Holiday Weekends; Holiday Rock; many weddings. parties, rock and roll/jive nights throughout the UK; leading London venues including Dover St. Jazz Bar, Rivoli Ballroom and the Swamp Rock Club.


Rather than blather on about ourselves, we thought we’d let some of the many satisfied promoters, punters and party planners – people like yourselves, tell you what they thought of The Catfish Kings:

“The party was a great success, to which The Catfish Kings contributed greatly. You delivered just what we wanted and everyone enjoyed the night – the proof was in the dancing. I don’t think the dancefloor was ever empty.”
David S, New Zealand

CFK Harry Lang, vocalist, guitarist

“We hired The Catfish Kings for our wedding reception in November. The music was terrific and really made the party go with a swing. Everyone enjoyed themselves and there wasn’t one song when the dance floor wasn’t crowded – that says a lot! As for most weddings the age range was from children to a 96 year old and they all loved the music. My great nephews who were aged about 16 – 25 all had a great time and their Mum said that was the first time she’d seen them all up on a dance floor.  Everyone was very sad when it was time for the band to pack up. So in summary the Catfish Kings are superb for a party of all ages.”

“We have had many positive comments on the night and in the days after about you and the band being so good to dance to and being very professional.”

“We are glad you enjoyed yourselves, I can tell you we certainly did ! I hope it was worthwhile travelling all the down here. Every time we mention it to bands etc. we feel that we are officially at the end of the world !” 
Mike Riggs, Rock and roll promoter, S Wales

CFK Sarah Cotton, featured vocalist

“Just wanted to drop you a line and thank you and the Catfish Kings for your performance at our wedding.”

“As we suspected, we didn’t see or enjoy as much of it as we would have liked (very little actually) but the reports we got back were great. ” 
Tim L

“You were all superb a top class high end Saturday band and would grace any of the very best events – the audience loved you.”

CFK Big Al Live

“Your music set was so varied and of the highest quality where have you been throughout my 19 Blackpool years ?”
Brian Amos, promoter of rock and roll at Blackpool Imperial Hotel

“Thank you for brilliant playing on Saturday, fabulous band and commented on by all. And thank you for bearing with the slightly slack time-keeping too which meant you played well beyond midnight (I ditched my watch as it didn’t go with my dress so had no idea of the timing most of the evening!)”
Rachel, Wild Strawberry P.R 
See the band playing at Rachel’s party: 

CFK Terry Black, tenor sax

Song list includes: See You Later Aligator; Little Queenie; Jim Dandy Got Married; Sea Cruise; You Never Can Tell; Say Mama; I’m Ready; Slipping and Sliding; Shake Rattle and Roll; Nadine; Jambalaya; Reeling and Rocking; 20 Flight Rock; Rock and Roll Music; Good Golly Miss Molly; Jenny Jenny; Rocking Robin; North Side Gal; Good Rocking Daddy; One O’Clock Jump; Caldonia; The Walk; Moose on the Loose…

CFK Stewart Green, drummerCFK Pete Sinden, bassist



The hottest rock ‘n’ roll show from here to Texas – bringing an epochal part of music history back to life and remembering the song, that took rock ‘n’ roll around the globe and is still today the most ever sold rock song – Rock Around The Clock!


With us on tour:

Original Comets Joey Ambrose, Dick Richards and Bill Turner
Original Comets’ Steel Guitarist Pete Davenport

This is a real world premiere. For the first time worldwide three generations of Bill Haley’s Comets will perform together in one show – age 40 to 90 (ninety) years!


Being the only true successors to the legendary Bill Haley and his band and featuring original Haley musicians Joey Ambrose, Dick Richards and Bill Turner and Original Comets’ steel-guitarist Pete Davenport, these guys are as close to the real thing as you’re going to get. They will be joined by Bill Haley’s highly talented daughter, singer and guitarist Gina Haley, who will present some of her father’s well-known songs together with this amazing “rock ‘n’ roll league of fame”.

 Performing half a century in Bill Haley’s name means thousands of gigs all over the world, all-time most popular rock songs, double basses flying through the air, drums walking across the stage, saxophones leaping over tables and guitar strings ringing to a rhythm that even after 60 years hasn’t lost its thrill. Music that even today makes fans jump off their chairs and girls faint by the dozens. – This is the true spirit of classic rock ’n’ roll…!





Southend-on-Sea, United Kingdom

Steve has the scars to remember The Heat (punk rock ‘n’ roll 1977), The Shakers (rhythm ‘n’ blues from hell 1982 – 1987),  Boz and The Bozmen (glam rockabilly 1988) and Rumble (raw rockabilly 1994 – 1997).


He also played and recorded with Wilko Johnson (Dr Feelgood and Blockheads), Boz Boorer (Polecats and Morrissey), Captain Drugbuster (Demented Are Go), Levi Dexter (Rockats and Ripchords) and SHiNE EYE (Mocking Bird Gal). Ram Jam Geno Washington, Mr Maybellene, Chuck Berry, Small Faces Steve Marriott,
New York Dolls Johnny Thunders and Red Hot Robert Gordon were happy to share stages with the rockabilly blues and soulman too.

Since 2004, this stripped down stompin’ band has blazed a trail across France, Belgium, Holland, Germany, Finland, Spain and the UK. (Steve also headlined Rough House (Japan) with Boz Boorer in 2003 and toured
the East Coast (USA) with an American line up in 2005).

Steve – Guitar, Bottleneck, Vox

John – Fender Bass

Brian – Drums

Special Guest Alice – Blues Harmonica


They have made their mark at significant venues and festivals including Tattooed Lady (Spain), the London 100 Club with Robert Gordon, Rock ‘n’ Soul (UK),Walldorf Rock ‘n’ Roll Weekender (Germany), Beach Rock (Holland), Festival De la Jeunesse (France), Kustom Kulture Blast Off (UK), Secret Garden (UK), 100 Ans De Rock ‘n’ Roll (France) and headlined Paulettes (France).

“Boptown” CD (2004), Stagger Lee Is Back” CD (2006), Sugar Devil” Vinyl EP (2009), “Before The Rooster Crows” CD (2010) and “Rockabilly Dolls” CD with Levi Dexter all gained airplay and good press. The Promo clip for “Stagger Lee Is back” with Pin Up Bernie Dexter notched up almost 50,000 hits on YouTube!

In 2012 with the new line up, they played at Gaz’ Rockin’ Blues London, Rockabilly Street (Holland) and Southend Pier Festival (UK), then booked into a favorite Essex studio to work on new material. Now 2014 is lookin’ good with tour dates booked into 2015, the new album “Smokin’ Guitar” on CD and Download, a cameo appearance by Steve in the film “Looking For Johnny” and interest from Sweden, Japan, Canada and the USA too.

Photo Axel Bienert


The Hound Dog Rockers is an Italian rockabilly band, active since 2009.The band consists of five harmonius and motivated elements, united by their passion for rock’n’roll and rockabilly culture. Their show is characterized by moods, sounds and rhythms typical of the fabulous 50s, from classic rock n roll to rhythm and blues and country rock’a’billy.HDRpic1Actually the repertoire is extremely varied, to suit every kind of audience.During the show the great classics of Sacred Monsters (Elvis Presley, Chuck Berry, Buddy Holly, Jerry Lee Lewis, Little Richard and many others … ), but also little known tracks, not to mention the pieces produced by the same Hound Dog Rockers, are proposed, even in the form of a medley. The result is a typical vintage unique flavor atmosphere, which will transport the audience into a wild party.The HDR have held numerous shows in the main clubs of the rockabilly world; they  took part and collborate in many rock and roll and rockabilly events, exhibition and biker fair in Italy and abroad.HRRpic2In December 2012 their first single “Gerry”, also present in the compilation “Merry Christmas Italian Cats”, was released and is available on I- Tunes, Amazon and all major digital platforms.In December 2013 was released their first EP ” Sweety Pie”, in which the different styles and colors are a point of agreement in a very personal style that blends past and present in a single explosive mixture.HDRcover

Northampton, United Kingdom

Cllck here to see Johnny Reds website!


Johnny and the Jailbirds were formed at the end of 1973 when I moved from Charlton South East London to Wellingborough, Northamptonshire. I had been introduced to Rock ‘n’ Roll one winters’ day in 1969. The gig was at St. Micks Social Club in Kent and the band was Lee Tracy and the Tributes. I then became a member of the “Hound Dog” club Woodgreen and was found on most Saturday nights there and at the “Tunnel” pub in Greenwich. I saw all the bands at that time, Flying Saucers, Crazy Cavan, Freddy Fingers Lee, The Wild Angels, but the one that did it for me was the incredible Shakin’ Stevens and the Sunsets. He introduced this novice rocker to Johnny Burnette. I don’t remember any other band performing those songs and you knew that was it. I now wanted to sing. So after moving to Wellingborough I placed an advert in the local newspaper to recruit musicians interested in forming a Rock ‘n’ Roll Band. The response was immediate and after a few rehearsals and the firstgig in a local village club Johnny and the Jailbirds were born. 

It wasn’t long before the band had gained a huge following on the Rock ‘n’ Roll circuit in the UK and abroad . Now were back  with a brand new hot rockin’ line up  & ready to hit the road again. THE NEW JOHNNY AND THE JAILBIRDS.

JOHNNY AND THE JAILBIRDS ARE – JOHNNY RED (Vocals/Rhtyhm Guitar/Harmonica) – BILLY SLOANE (Drums) – JAKE ALLEN (Lead Guitar) GARRY TYRRELL LYNCH (Double Bass) KARL KAY (Piano)GTL JailbirdBS Jailbird



Check out the guys in action:

The Jailbirds playlist of influences and inspirations is;

Johnny Burnette – Train Kept A Rollin’

Billy Fury – Don’t Knock Upon My Door Elvis – Blue Moon Of Kentucky Johnny Cash – Rock n Roll Ruby Buddy Holly – Rock Around With Ollie Vee Bill Haley – Rock A Beating Boogie Cliff Richard – High Class Baby Ray Campi – Rockabilly Man Robert Gordon – The Fool Chuck Berry – Maybellene

Mike Bell & The Belltones come from Helsinki, Finland and they play
50’s-style rockabilly & rock’n’roll. The band was officially formed in
late 2008 and they have since gathered a great following with their live
shows all over European festivals: Finland, Sweden, Germany, Norway,
Spain, Netherlands, England, Ireland, Austria, Ukraine, Switzerland and
Russia. Mike Bell also made a solo tour in Japan.
Mike Bell & The Belltones’ debut album “Scream & Holler” was released by
Goofin’ Records in 2010 and it was recorded live in a vintage studio in
Berlin. In 2011 they toured and made a 7” EP “Baby, Make a Move” with an
American 50’s rockabilly legend Huelyn Duvall. The second album
“Payback” was released in 2012. The album got rave reviews all over the
world and was picked by the leading newspaper in Finland, Helsingin
Sanomat, as one of the best records of 2012. In 5 years the band has
also appeared on international compilations and Goofin’ Records has
released a handful of EP’s on the band.
In 2014 the band continues to tour the top rockin’ clubs and festivals
and celebrating their 5-year anniversary as one of the leading bands of
the European rockabilly scene.
Mike Bell: Vocals & Rhythm guitar
Timo Kalijärvi: Solo guitar
Iikku Riepponen: Double bass
Japi Saario: Drum kit

This is a playlist of key influences/inspirations for the Mike & the Belltones;

Ernie Chaffin – Feelin’ Low, Jimmie Piper – Bonfire, Roy Hogsed – Snake Dance Boogie, Buddy Holly – Rock Around With Ollie Vee, Jimmy & Johnny – I Can’t Find The Doorknob, Charlie Feathers – Why Don’t You, Carl Perkins – Pink Pedal Pushers, Pat Cupp – Do Me No Wrong, Jodimars – Bring Along Your Lovin’, Marlon Grisham – Ain’t That A Dilly

Check out The Belltones in action below


The band started up in the summer of 2006, when three of the guys, Jimmy, Tank and Ace met at a local bar for drinks. A few days before , Tank had gotten a phone call from a friend working for a television station looking for an authentic rock’ n roll band. Few hours later and quite a handful of drinks drunk, they had worked out a name and some songs for the gig and called up saying, “We’re ready”.  They scribbled down “The Lucky Bullets” and scooped a few songs down on a napkin and The lucky Bullets was a reality.


That following summer after rehearsing and doing multiple gigs around town, they sat with their own original tunes and headed for the studio. “Big fat dolly”, “Cross the line” ended up on a 7 inch vinyl in 2007  named ” Big Fat Dolly”. After a couple years touring Europe as a three piece, they saw a new light with their new lead guitarist ”Butch Comet” who with his good style and sound set the tone. Now The Lucky Bullets started putting more original songs together and sat with a King of songs. In 2010 they flew to Berlin for a three days recording at Lightning Recorders Studio. There they came out with 7 songs which are found on the album” Gold Digger”. 

The Lucky Bullets have since then toured most of Europe, and gotten much recognition for their high paced tunes and wild stage shows, giving them a gig at the prestigious Rockabilly Rave 2012 in England and booked straight after the show to the main stage for 2013.

Little T- Chief of Vocals
Butch Comet- Chief of Lead Guitar
Ace Dynamite- Chief of Doghouse Bass
Jimmy Dapper- Chief of Rumble Drums


In Norway the band achived a high status as the no.1 rockabilly band in Norway after entering the Norwegian Eurovision contest 2011, winning 3rd place in the final in front of over a million tv viewers.  The band has since then done TV appearances including VM ski 2011 in Norway broadcasted world wide.


JRS logo 2.jpg


In the last 10 years Jack Rabbit Slim have managed to bridge many scenes & cultures with their own brand of Trashy, Sleazy Rock n Roll. From Rockabilly-Psychobilly-Car Kulture-Tattoo & even Mainstream Festivals, JRS have shaken audiences all over the world.

rrr 4


From Viva Las Vegas to the UK’s Glastonbury Festival, Rockabilly Rave to The Bedlam Breakout, The London Tattoo Convention to the Isle Of Wight Festival ….. the list goes on! Constant mainstays of Alan Wilsons (The Sharks) Western Star Label, JRS have released their 6th album to critical acclaim – Won’t Stay Down! Their live show is one not to be missed!

For even more information about the band clink on links to their official website and Facebook pages at the top of this page.

Music video for the UK’s kings of sleaze, JACK RABBIT SLIM, featuring new track ‘THE DEVIL’S BONE’, from the album ‘Won’t Stay Down’ (2013), out now on Western Star Records (UK)! Filmed October, 2013 (UK), starring Bob Butfoy (vocals), Darren Richards (double bass), Paul Mojoking Scoulding (lead guitar) & Tony Hillebrandt (drums).

More JRS in action

Check out our JRS playlist of major influences/inspirations below!

The King – Big Hunk Of Love, The Sonics – Psycho, The Cramps – Goo Goo Muck, Morrissey – First Of The Gang To Die, Hot Boogie Chillun’ – Talkin’ Bout You, Gene Vincent – Bluejean Bop, Restless – Fools Gold, Johnny Burnette – Train Kept A Rollin’, The Clash – White Riot


The Jets Cover.jpg

Bob Ray and Tony Cotton better known as THE JETS have had 9 chart hit records and have become the top 50’s style R’n’roll band around!

 To book “The Jets” click here to contact their agent Paul Barrett



First formed in 1974 as four piece Rock’n’Roll band , specialising in the ’50s era, then using the name BRAD. After various line up changes and learning the trade the band settled on a three piece line up and a name change in 1978.

THE JETS were now a family concern. Eldest brother Bob on lead vocals and double bass. Ray the middle brother on lead guitar and vocals, last but certainly not least youngest brother Tony on drums and yes, you’ve guessed it vocals. A three piece band playing with as much energy and full sound as a six piece outfit.
A recording career soon came around and the three brothers were snapped up by record company giants EMI, achieving Top Twenty hit records and albums (9 hit records listed in the Guinness book of hit records). Pop videos and of course TV shows, Top of the pops etc, gave The Jets valuable experience and chance to travel the world doing what they do best. 
The Eleventh and latest Album, “Bolt of Lightning” is out now.

The Jets cover 2

Touring has been in THE JETS blood since ’78, Scandinavia, Europe, Japan, USA have all been visited, headlining their own tours and as part of the bill on numerous festivals with such artists as Sting, Boy George, Robert Plant, Right Said Fred, Cliff Richard, Shakin’ Stevens, as well as Original ’50’s artists, Carl Perkins, Jack Scott, Elvis’ drummer D.J.Fontana (who actually played drums with the Jets), Charlie Gracie, The Crickets, The Teenagers and British rockers Marty Wilde, Wee Willie Harris, Billy Fury…etc. 
If there is a multi-cultural festival happening and a LIVE Rock’n’Roll band with real live Guitar, Drums(not tapes, loops, sequencers or computers) and a Double Bass pounding away and being used as some sort of climbing frame, then THE JETS will be somewhere on the bill.


Not only will you find THE JETS playing to dance audiences but you will also just as easily find them appearing across the length and breadth of the country at various Theatres. 
The Motorcycle Show at the N.E.C. played host to the Cotton brothers for three years in succession. Over 180,000 people attended the shows and The Jets are certainly not strangers to a lot of them, some would have definitely seen the lads Headline at the famous Isle of Man TT races street party , if not at two of the previous Bike shows. The lads regularly play various balls, parties, corporate functions, car shows, ski resorts….etc.

The Jets Legends

Plans for THE JETS include further tours of the Theatres and of course numerous club dates around Gt.Britain. Another trip to Japan, with dates in the pipeline for shows in the USA and Australia plus all the regular trips to Europe. With the release of the eleventh album “Bolt of Lightning”, the Jets will be promoting their unique brand of R’n’R world-wide….(to be continued)  




Rockabilly Baby / James Dean. Soho      SH3
Sleep R’n’R / Hey Baby Soho SH6
Who’s that knocking / I seen ya!    EMI            5134      
Let’s get it on / Hit it on. EMI    5167
Sugar Doll / Love Bug. EMI 5211
Yes tonite Josephine / Hideaway EMI 5247
Love makes the world go round / I’m just a score. EMI 5262
Somebody to love / Mandy EMI    5342
The Honeydripper / Tonite Tonite EMI 5289
Blue skies / Tonite will be allright EMI 5405
Rockin’ around the Xmas tree / Hold on Honey PRT   7P297
Heatwave / Ring and Ring PRT JETS 1
Party Doll / Best Looking girl in town PRT   JETS 2

7″ EP’s

Rockabilly Baby / James Dean /Sleep R’n’Roll / Hey Baby LIGHTNING LREP 1
Alligator come across / Wallflower /Ring and Ring / My Girlfriend. JETSET EP001
Treat your man / Stare,Stare,Stare / Kiss Me / Cheap Shots KRYPTON KRYPEP005


100% COTTON EMI    TCEMC3399


JETS EMI      EMC3356


THE SINGLES Rocktone RT111



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