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MAUREEN & THE MERCURY 5 blend raging Rockabilly, sultry Blues, and toe-tappin’ Swing into a sound for fans of IMELDA MAY, BRIAN SETZER, AMY WINEHOUSE and even THE YEAH YEAH YEAHS.

M&M5 have appeared in Paris with NICO DUPORTAL and SANSEVERINO; in Los Angeles with DICK DALE, DEKE DICKERSON and BIG SANDY; and at the infamous Whisky A Go Go in Hollywood with members of Quiet Riot, Cheap Trick & Kiss. And despite Maureen’s bad girl image, (captured in cartoon by Artist Adam Huntley) she is still a favorite at Disneyland, performing to 1000’s every month.

M&M5’s songs are also making quite a splash on American television, as heard on LIFETIME CHANNEL and COMEDY CENTRAL as well as network TV.

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The title track GIMME MO! was cowritten with Rock artist JESSE BLAZE SNIDER (son of TWISTED SISTER’S Dee), and the classic I WANT YOU TO BE MY BABY is sung hilariously in English, French, Spanish, Chinese and Japanese, with guest stars NBC TV crooner DOUGLAS ROEGIERS, Japanese Rockabilly sensation EITARO SAKO and retro music royalty JASON EOFF on keys (THE OUTTA SITES). Co-Produced by SCOTTY LUND (BLACK EYED PEAS, RIHANNA, DRAKE) and SYLVAIN CARTON (BEATS ANTIQUES), GIMME MO! brings “Retro Nouveau” to Pop & Rock Radio.

The Mercury 5 are –

Maureen Davis – Lead Vocals
Scott McClean – Lead Guitar/Vocals
Sylvain Carton – Rhythm Guitar/Saxophone
Steve Whalen – Bass/Vocals
T. Alex Budrow – Drums/Vocals

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Mercury 5 History

In July 2015, Maureen became the first female music director in late night talk show history as Maureen & the Mercury 5 were cast as the house band for the new live-to-tape program, “After Dark with Julian Clark at The Second City”, sponsored by Adore FM, Spreaker Radio and Golden Road Brewing. M&M5’s single, “The Keepin’ Kind” (from the album by the same name on Swingtone Records / Universal Music Group) was chosen as the theme song for the show, which producers hope will follow in the footsteps of Second City creations “Saturday Night Live” and “SCTV”.

This is the band with the show host Julian Clark.



2015 also marked several SRO concerts with Surf Guitar Legend Dick Dale, Ameripolitan award-winning international Rockabilly sensations, Big Sandy & His Fly Rite Boys and world-renowned Deke Dickerson.

M&M 5 draws its sound from late 50’s and early 60’s, notably inspired by rockabilly greats like The Stray Cats, Bo Diddley, Chuck Berry, Buddy Holly and inimitable soubrettes Dusty Springfield, Ann Margret, Amy Winehouse and even Chrissie Hynde. .
A smash at Viva Las Vegas (VLV) 2013 – the largest Rockabilly festival in the world — Maureen & the Mercury 5 was named among the top 20 bands of 70 appearing there, with the iconic tune “What’s It Gonna Take” featured on the VLV compilation CD.



Opened for DICK DALE, BIG SANDY, DEKE DICKERSON (with members of The Blasters)

Toured Paris & Lyons – played in concert with Nico Duportal & Thibault Chopin, and Sanseverino at Club Balajo; sang at the wedding of soundtrack label owner JC Chamboredon (Milan Records).

Bear Records says: “Maureen Davis went from Broadway to Carnegie Hall to the big screen to your TV screen. Now she’s conquering radio airwaves with her Rockabilly Jump Swing thing and the new album ‘The Keepin’ Kind’ . A dominant Rockabilly guitar sound touching Country and Blues as well as some Swing sounds and even Mambo. One can hear influences by such female voices as Imelda May, Chrissy Hynde, and Amy Winehouse with a traditional brand of Rockabilly back beat. Vintage meets modern style, great stuff!” 

The first rockabilly band with the first female music director in late night TV history for “After Dark With Julian Clark” at Second City. M&M 5’s single, “THE KEEPIN’ KIND” is the show’s theme song. http://starmagazine.com/2015/12/01/new-cutting-edgecomedy-with-after-dark-with-julian-clark-show/

Regulars at at Ultimate Jam Night @ The Whisky A Go Go in Hollywood, CA as the “country cuzzin’s” of the classic rock & metal kids. (Mentored by Chuck Wright of Quiet Riot)


7-year residency at Downtown Disney’s ESPN Stage, with an average of 400 people seeing each 4-set show. The band also played for one year aboard the historic Queen Mary ship.

Cartoonist, Adam Huntley (Angry Rooster), who designed the bands cover and Maureen’s image, was hired as principle artist on the first fully-animated horror film, starring Morena Baccarat because of the CD. He will be designing collectible comic book covers based on all M&M 5 original songs. Adam also did the artwork for the hit single taken from the album – The Keeping’ Kind

M&M5 cover

Pershing Square (Downtown Los Angeles); Villain’s Pub (Downtown Los Angeles); Downtown Disneyland (Anaheim, CA);
Queen Mary (Long Beach, CA); Club Balajo (Paris, France); Don The Beachcomber (Huntington Beach, CA);
Joe’s Great American Bar & Grill (Burbank, CA); Long Beach BBQ Festival; Ribs, Pigs & Watermelon Festival (Huntington Beach, CA); Arthritis Walk LA (Los Angeles, CA); 24-Hour Lindy Hop for Hope (Orange, CA); Pasadena Ballroom Dance Assoc. (Pasadena, CA);
Rusty’s (Inglewood, CA); Rusty’s Surf Ranch (Santa Monica, CA)


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Vancouver, BC, Canada

“Very Smooth and Swinging, the boys have got some style that’s for sure.”
Del Villarreal, Rockabilly DJ Go Kat Go, Motorbilly Radio.

“From the beginning, this CD just plan sounds good: all the instruments, and the vocals, are well recorded, and in the right place in the mix. There’s an overall clarity and warmth to the sound, which really showcases the band’s sense of dynamics; it’s obvious some real thought has gone into the arrangements of the songs.”
Dave Schroeder, CD reviewer for “Western Swing Music Society”

“Your album is brilliant, one of the best of the year, will be at the top of our radio.”
Chema Valbuena, DJ Rockin’ Therapy Radio.

“With their debut record, Out Of The Past, The Palomars prove that a new generation of Canadians are just as capable of understanding these roots genres and delivering their own brand of it with authentic sincerity.”
Buster Fayte, Rockabilly Blogger (www.rockabillyromp.com)


THE BAND –The band was formed in 2011 by lead singer/steel guitarist Tom Hammel and upright bassist Ken Wilson to follow their love of ’40s and ’50s musical and cultural styles. This just seemed natural for Ken who also runs a business selling ’50s rockabilly wear and for Tom, who’s love of the steel guitar led him to explore musical styles from that era. Tom notes, “I was surprised how the band’s initial rockabilly focus led so easily to other styles that were influenced by jazz and western swing, but without losing their edge”. Part of the bands signature sound is the twin harmony lines played on steel guitar and electric guitar.

The band has been playing locally in Vancouver and has connected with local swing dance groups which was a natural connection for the band. After a recent gig with the Atomic Radio Productions Swing group, DJ J.F.Sebastian commented, “You guys knocked it out of the park and had the dance floor hopping and honky-tonkin’ all night long”. That’s in large part due to the bands swinging rhythm section with drummer Sandy McNair and bassist Ken Wilson who have been playing together in various bands for over 20 years.Spurred by the interest in the debut CD, the Palomars have released 3 singles and are working on more new material with the goal of another album soon.

“What it comes down to for us,” remarks Tom, “Is that we really dig what we’re doing, and we’ve brought a lot of people along with us on a historical musical journey. We know rockabilly isn’t a mainstream form of music, but that’s fine because it was always intended as a form of rebellion.

“The Palomars are:Tom Hammel – Lead vocals and steel guitar, Ken Wilson – Upright bass,Sandy McNair – Drums.



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Rob Ryan Roadshow are a High Energy Honky Tonk Music, Rocking Country Style Band

Since 2008, The Rob Ryan Roadshow has been on the road all over Europe and has opened up on tours for The Boss Hoss and Imelda May to name a few.They have played more than 350 concerts throughout Europe, including on such events as The Hemsby Rock n Roll Weekender in the UK, Summer Jamboree in Italy and Polish Picnic Country.

Their style is a mix of Americana,Rockabilly and Roadhouse Rock played and sung with such power and passion that it wins over audiences almost immediately where ever the band goes.The Rob Ryan Roadshow bands members : Rob Ryan – Lead vocals, Acoustic guitar and Harmonica.Ralf Sommer – Double Bass , Jaco Bertacco – Electric lead guitar , Boris Israel – Drums & PercussionSigned with the London based Rhythm Bomb Records the guys have just released their 4th Album to date,called GOIN’ OLD SCHOOL. Click here for more info on their new album.  


The Rob Ryan Roadshow play their music with such a large dose of passion and power that the audience is not able to resist their sounds and will not relent in the pursuit of bringing every audience member to the dance floor.

Check out their website for upcoming gigs



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Melbourne, Australia

The BandRobyn and the Rancheros -“Rockin’ the Roost” CDCD1FRONT




Video above by Tony Bruce!So many great rockabilly bands have sprouted up over the globe since the style first took root in the ’50s. Hank’s Jalopy Demons are proud to be a part of such a tornado of musical wildness and take their inspiration from the countless masters of this genre over the past 60 years. In fact, what may make Hank’s Jalopy Demons a hip band is their total immersion in this music, as well as their energetic enthusiasm for playing rockabilly the best they can – trying to emulate the best, while creating their own unique authentic interpretation.Jalopy_Demons-01On this exciting musical journey, Hank’s Jalopy Demons started out by doing the hard yards of the musicians’ ordeal – playing in rough dingy bars on the wrong side of the tracks (in fact, they still do). From there, the small, increasingly loyal, audience grew. From those early hard days, they added inspired new original numbers to their repertoire and formed a tight musical outfit. By 2000, they were having people really rockin’ at the Shifters hot rod show at Viva Las Vegas with their frighteningly authentic and wild renditions of rockabilly.Back in Australia since, in addition to releasing their first CD “Going straight (to the electric chair)” on Preston Records in 2007, they’ve played all the major rockin’ festivals, such as GreazeFest (Brisbane) and Camperdown Cruise (Victoria), alongside a plethora of international acts to packed audiences. Most recently, they had their European debut at the 2014 Rockabilly Rave, where they made the audience go flipsville, as evidenced by the great interest (sales) of their latest long-play recording, entitled “Music on the up beat”.

Of course, a band is more than just the sum of its members – the quality of a band in a non-linear equation. This dynamic output is the result of the input of the following vigorous personalities.First, there’s Andrew Lindsay on drums. He has extensive experience in the hippest of hipness. Many will be familiar with Benny and the Fly-by-niters in which he provided the rhythm, as well as the respected western-swing/hillbilly-bop outfit the Starliners. Secondly, there’s Dave Cantrell on the lead guitar and vocals, who’s been playing and recording rockabilly since a school-boy, still wet behind the ears. He played in such renowned Melbourne bands as the Roadsters and Stringbusters, plus the Starliners too. Next, there’s Til Vex on bull fiddle. He’s been honing his skills for many moons in Melbourne rockabilly bands, such as the Straight 8s and the Roadsters. You may be familiar with all of the of bands mentioned above from the infamous and acclaimed Preston Records label. In addition, Andrew, Dave and Til backed both Scotty Baker and Kieron McDonald, among others, on their excellent recordings. Lastly, Hank Ferguson, lead vocalist, rhythm guitarist and composer, is known for his singing with the Starliners, as well as other Preston Records releases dating back over two decades. He’s been playing this music since he was knee high to a grasshopper.And that, amigos, is Hank’s Jalopy Demons – dig it!HJDlogo2Review quotes:I have to admit I do absolutely love this band… The Rave lot went wild when they rocked the main stage and lots of CD’s were sold after the show.Like I said, the sound of the recordings are period perfect and after the Rave this was one of the CD’s I played over and over again… Most of the tracks on this killer album are self written and you’ll have to check out the lyrics, which often are creepy and amazing!Check out “Damn Their Hides”, “Warm And Close”, “The Jackal”, “She Demon” or their boppin’ verison of “You Bring Out The Wolf In Me”!  Like their first album “Going Straight (To The Electric Chair)”, this is an absolute killer album by one of my favorite bands from Australia.  If you dig bands like the Crawdads or the Tex Speed Combo, you simply can’t afford not to buy this album, I love it!(From URL: http://www.eastcoastrockabillycentral.com/record-reviews-august-2014.html, DJWildgoner, accessed 29/11/2014)HJDalbumAn interview with Hank’s Jalopy Demons1) Confirm band members and names (and band name!)?We are Hank’s Jalopy Demons. On vocals and rhythm guitar is Hank Ferguson, with David Cantrell on lead guitar and vocals, Til Vex on double bass and Andrew Lindsay on Drums. 2) Why did you pick your band name? How did you form? Why did you decide to play the genre or genres you do?We think that Jalopies are the hippest form of internal combustion engine powered transportation, especially when rodded. So Andrew came up with the name spontaneously when we formed ’cause it runs through his veins.We formed when Andrew was called for a gig in 1996. He ’phoned around to see who could do it and Hank’s Jalopy Demons have been doing it since.We’d already been playing rockabilly music successfully for some time, so it was like ducks on water. It’s what we do, listen to and flip for. 3) Do you write out your lyrics? Do you ever change a song’s lyrics in live sets?[Hank:] I only write out the lyrics when I compose them. Hopefully, I can remember them after that. I may alter them when we first rehearse (or record) them if it improves the tune, such as phrasing to go with the musical interpretation of the band. If they’re ever changed in live sets, it’s probably because I’ve had a big night.4) Where do you usually gather song writing inspiration? What is your usual song writing process?Lately, I have been using the Jack Kerouac method – because I’m beat. That means getting on the metaphorical typewriter and letting the juices flow. Then, on another day, I can try to fashion them into a musical structure, based on the original raw impromptu verse. This works well with coming up with the best feel for these lyrics – should it be up tempo, should it be in a major or minor key, what kind of groove should it have to suit the meaning? Dig?Otherwise, Hank and Andrew might be having a beer and watching a corny hot rod movie. This inspired Beat up ’40 Ford. Or Hank was on a flight to a gig with Kieron McDonald and we just started writing lyrics to pass the time. And although I [Hank] still enjoy songs that just say, “Bop, bop, bop! Rock, rock, rock!”, it’s satisfying to write about what moves you personally, like Damn their hides is a protest against being ripped off, Mess you up is about how prisons are pathological and The Jackal describes the behaviour of certain types of unscrupulous guys who objectify women in late night bars.

5) Do you have a band website? Why or why not? Do you have a Facebook or Twitter? Do you use Bandcamp, Spotify  to share your music?What’s a website? [Insert loud ironic laughter here!] Yes, we have a website at the URL http://www.hanksjalopydemons.com.au and a Facebook band page too. As for the others, we haven’t gotten around to that yet.6) Do you think that online presence is important for fans to find you and critics to find your music to write about? It is good that people can contact us through the internet, but the web’s a scam these days you know. It’s mainly about commercial sites, like Facebook, collecting information about you and your behaviour to part you more easily from your money with targeted products. But Hank’s Jalopy Demons are on it anyway ’cause we belong to the same flock as all the other sheep. 7) Anything you would like share, from new merch to upcoming shows/tours or songs/albums?We’re playing around Australia, in different capital cities, all the time, as well as in our home town of Melbourne. In the process we are always working on our act to improve our performances and tunes. Also, there’s a rumour that we may be touring in Europe in the future, but we’d like to have had another album recorded before then.We have CDs to sell, plus the vinyl single (put out by Rhythm Bomb Records) and t-shirts with our jalopy races inspired ‘logo’. 8) What was the funniest story that happened on the road?Well, for me, Hank, it was when I was throwing rocks at the first floor window outside the pub where we were staying on tour in Sydney, standing in the middle of the road, as dawn was rising. You see, the door was locked and I had been painting the town red, but the Jalopy Demons had gone back earlier. Well, of course, when a cop car came around the corner, I had to do some quick talking which is pretty hard to do when you’ve been drinking all night.Anyway, I got out of that scrape, without being cuffed, but when I got inside and looked in the mirror, I had a big ‘love bite’ on my neck. “Damn it!”, thought I, “I’ll be in worse than the dog house when I get back to Melbourne”. Anyway, Andrew did me the favour of scraping my neck hard with Velcro to cover the evidence. It hurt – and I think he actually enjoyed it too! Sicko!There’s really probably a funnier story, but I lost that brain cell somewhere.Jalopy_Demons-02 9) What happened the first time you met each other, or the first time they picked up the instrument they play (or sang).We ignored each other because each thought that the others were asses. Well, in fact, we couldn’t’ve been more wrong. Most times!10) What was your favourite live-music performance, and why?Playing at the Continental Club, in Austin in 2000, was wigsville. Like, the vibe was electric, it was packed to the gunnels with cats who dug, were hip to and could play the music as it’s meant to be played. And the line up was outstanding, including the irrepressible Ray Condo and his Ricochets and the fabulously talented High Noon. What a blast!



Twisted RodIs a 3 piece rockin‘ combo based in Prague. They play highly energetic, red hot 50s inspired music. They are considered as one of the most authentic rockabilly band in the Czech Republic. After five years of playing around the Czech Republic and forming their style, they finally released their debut album on Rhythm Bomb Records called “Bring it on Home!”.Classmates Phil (guitar), Andy (drums) and Peter „Speedy“ (bass) got together in 2008 playing mostly psychobilly music. After seeing bands like Cherry Casino and the Gamblers, Carl and the Rhythm Allstars, Jack Rabbit Slim, etc. and realising that there is a rockin scene out there, they quickly started to love and pursue this sound and style. They have been playing mostly in CZ and recently are starting to get gigs outside the country.TR1Quotes and reviews:Famous Last Words:“Weaving their way through the streets of Praha with every intention of bringing their authentic 50s rockin’ beats home to roost is Czech Republic outfit Twisted Rod. By issuing a clear warning that the contents of the band’s latest album comes with added oomph that may be too hot to handle for some listeners, Twisted Rod certainly live up to their cautionary notice by delivering a searing set of rockabilly numbers. Consisting of 15 tracks, ‘Bring It On Home!’ blazes a hot trail from its start-up song ‘Twisted Rod’, through to its concluding number ‘When I Watch You’ that reveals a tale full of obsession and wonderfully portrayed by some edgy vocals and a frantic rhythm. Bustling forward in a confident manner is ‘I Love You My Way’ that applies distortion on the vocals and works wonders, especially when vocalist Phil stutters his lines, “B-b-b-b-baby I love you my way” as if to reinforce his intentions. ‘Down The Line’ is of similar ilk to its predecessor, only this time reflecting on a derailed relationship that’s expertly conveyed by an enflamed vocal and tight rhythm section that keeps a respectful distance so that this ball of raw emotions is allowed to truly express itself. Two covers are given the Twisted Rod treatment with an exhilarating performance of Charlie Feathers’ ‘Stutterin’ Cindy’ and a vocally deep rendition of Benny Joy’s ‘Wild Wild Lover’ that’s as wild as its title suggests. Despite the majority of ‘Bring It On Home!’ being performed at a rapid pace, Twisted Rod shuffle their rhythm slightly to allow for a reduced tempo that reveals not only one of the album’s highlights, but another side to their armoury by way of ‘Tijuana 45′. It’s a song with nothing but revenge on its mind as the dark narrative takes notes from Nick Cave before setting out on its journey to the accompaniment of a shimmery guitar that sparks into life once our assailant reaches their destination.  If that wasn’t enough to suggest ideas for future directions, then the bluesy ‘Ridin Down The Highway’ answers any such concerns with an animated harmonica and throaty yell that definitely brings it on home for this Czech three-piece. By the time Twisted Rod arrive at their terminus, you will be clamouring for a repeat performance of this exhilarating ride because ‘Bring It On Home!’ is really that good.“

Bear Family:“(Rhythm Bomb) 15 tracks,  Rockabilly outfit from the Czech Republic! Fantastic debut album which reminds a little to bands like the Paladins and the Star Mountain Dreamers! 13 of the 15 tracks are there own material and this album rocks from the beginning to the end! I’m sure we will hear more from them in the future! Highly recommended!“Raucous Records:„Excellent authentic Rockabilly music from Twisted Rod – a raw rockin’ trio that successfully captures the style and energy of the 1950s rockabilly sound.“[gallery ids="5598,5599,5600"]You can find information and music at these sites as well:http://bandzone.cz/twistedrodhttps://myspace.com/twistedrod/Rhythm Bomb Interview:1) Confirm band members and names (and band name!) – real names?We are called Twisted Rod, consisting of Filip „Phil“ Nesvadba playing the guitar and singing, drummer Ondřej „Andy“ Vrátný and the upright bass player Petr „Speedy“ Novák.2) Why did you pick your band name? How did you form? Why did you decide to play the genre or genres you do?We picked our name quite a long time ago. It was when we started just playing for fun in 2008. Twisted Rod is supposed to mean a twisted piston rod from a hot rod car wreck. And it kinda stuck with us ever since. We play the music just from the pure passion that we have for it. And so far it’s working out for us.3) Do you write out your lyrics? Do you ever change a song’s lyrics in live sets?Yes, we write our own lyrics. Sometimes I change them unintentionally when I mess them up! (too much beer?)4) Where do you usually gather songwriting inspiration? What is your usual songwriting process?The inspiration is quite random but we do have a lot of songs about women, love and alcohol. So I guess that we sing about the stuff we like the most!Sometimes it comes both – cool riff and some lyrics idea. Sometimes it happens very spontaneously for example when we are doing a soundcheck before a show.

5) Do you have a band website? Why or why not? Do you have a Facebook or Twitter? Do you use Bandcamp, Spotify  to share your music?We used to have our website but during the time we realised, that it might not be that important to have one, when we can have all our stuff at facebook/reverbnation and sites like that. And we have a czech version of Bandcamp called Bandzone.6) Do you think that online presence is important for fans to find you and critics to find your music to write about?Absolutely. I think in these times it’s almost impossible not to have any online presence. And really thanks to this there are people from around the world who can hear our music and that’s a big advantage of being online. 7) Anything you would like share, from new merch to upcoming shows/tours or songs/albums?We have released our debut album called „Bring it on Home!“ in may 2014 and now we are working on new songs and maybe recording a new album in summer 2015!CLICK on the image below for more info and a review of the album.TRalbumWe also play at some great festivals like Tear it up in Croatia and Firebirds festival in germany.Some new t-shirts are being made for 2015 so stay tuned!8) What was the funniest story that happened on the road ?We don’t know! Most of the memories are blurred from the amounts of alcoholic bevearages! 9) What happened the first time you met each other, or the first time they picked up the instrument they play (or sang).Phil and Andy met each other when they were 9 years old and were going to school together ever since. Then we met Speedy in our school’s toilettes where we practically told him to get a bass and play with us as we had first gig scheduled and no bass player!10) What was your favorite live-music performance, and why ?It was probably at a big czech festival called Mighty Sounds. We played in the evening in a tent which was packed with about 700 people. Great atmosphere and people even knew lyrics to our songs and sang along![gallery ids="5601,5602,5603"]RBlogo2 


The story of Mississippi Queen began in the fall of 1989, in Zagreb,  capitol of Croatia. The band was formed by Jurica Štelma (upright bass),  Karlo Starcevic (rhythm guitar, vocal), Renato Zgrablic-Pit (second rhythm, guitar, harp, vocals) and Vedran Žanko (lead guitar, vocals). They played  together for over a year, and recorded a few sessions from which tree songs were published on the compilation tape “Rock this town”. These were  first official recordings of Mississippi Queen. 1990 was a very successful  year for Mississippi Queen, because no other band ever had that line-up  with a slapping bass in Croatia. They had hundreds of concerts and several  appearances on national TV! By the end of 1990 Vedran left the band, and   from that period on, Pit took  the lead guitar.MQThe next couple of years, the band performs as a trio, but just one session was recorded in that  period. Those three songs came out as bonus tracks on the first album, “Golden years” in 1993. At that time, two new musicians joined the band:  Gorana Cehic (fiddle, vocal), and Igor Balent (drums). This album features the first self-penned song of Mississippi Queen, but no record company  showed any interest in it at that moment, so the boys produced it on their  own. After a year, the drummer left the band, so they decided to proceed as a trio again. The next album, “Ten Years After” was recorded in 1999, with all cover  songs, similar to what they usually played on concerts.But after a few  years, the band got fed up with doing covers. They wanted to perform their own songs, and find an audience that would appreciate them. So the band  started to write and the album “Did You Say Love” is now a fact. The CD  was entirely recorded at the Lightning Recording Studio in Berlin, 2004.for Rhythm Bomb Records,with Ivan Semes-Sammy on the lead guitar.The  things started to steam up for the band ’cause the critics were great,and the band took part of the festivals,and clubs around Europe.2008.Sammy left the band,and Axel Praefcke took on the lead guitar. With him, M Queen recorded new album, “Rock-a-Billy Heaven Bound” (Rhythm Bomb Records). Few years later Axel left the band and Gvozden Sopp took a place on lead guitar and Kruno Krapec on drums.

Till now they took appearance on many festivals all over Europe such as: Rumburk Rumble – 2005(Czech), Tear it Up! – 2008, 2012(Croatia), Rockin Around Turnhout – 2006, 2014(Belgium), Good Rockin’ Tonight – 2008(France), Cruiser Spring Bounce – 2013(Austria), Brandenburger Rockabilly Meeting – 2013(Germany), Rockabilly Bomb – 2013(Germany), Christmas Riot – 2013(Austria), Rock’n’Roll Weekender Walldorf – 2014(Germany), The Rockabilly Rave – 2014(UK).MQcoverWhat others said about us:– “Now, this is good. Really good! Rockabilly stripped right down – so much so that if this trio didn’t play so well, they wouldn’t pull it off. But they do – and then some! 16 raw rockin’ cuts of real rootsy Rockabilly, Blues and Country Bop. The guitar is hot and twangy, and the upright bass provides the percussion. Not only that, but the bass notes ring out clear as a bell. These guys can play – and the singer has a great voice too, totally suited to this style. 75% of this album is self-written, and these songs are top class – authentic but original, with each band member allowed to show of his talent to it’s best. The 4 cover songs are played well, with Mississippi Queen’s own style stamped firmly upon them. The artists covered are Sleepy LaBeef and Johnnies Horton, Cash & Burnette. Recommended!” – “Raucous Records” about “Did You Say Love” album.– “Pure and true vintage style stripped down Rockabilly. Great strong vocals lead the way, with red hot guitar licks, and the slapped double bass providing the percussion. Lots of brand new original songs too! If you like your Rockabilly music raw, stripped down, well performed with a boppin’ beat, then this’ll be for you!” – “Raucous Records” about “Rockabilly Heaven Bound” album.– “Rock-a-Billy Heaven Bound album by Croatian rockabilly trio Mississippi Queen is already a few years old, but that hardly matters. It hardly matters that this record is a couple years old already because it is so amazingly authentic sounding that you’d be hard pressed to believe it wasn’t 60 years old if I hadn’t have just told you. Mississippi Queen has certainly done their rockabilly and hillbilly boogie homework. This record is full of mostly original material that sounds for all the world like it was written in 1954. And the band—Jurica Stelma on upright bass, Axel Praefcke on lead guitar, and Karlo Starcevic on acoustic guitar and vocals—delivers this material with 100% pure southern American rockabilly energy. Starcevic has a rough, deep country voice that’s perfectly suited for this material. In it you hear echoes of Elvis, of course, but he’s not trying to imitate Elvis. He just sings with a rough honesty that makes his delivery completely convincing.” – “Buster Fayte” owner of Rockabilly Romp web blog.– This CD almost slipped through! Now that would’ve been a real shame, ’cause it’s a mighty fine record that pleased my ears from the very first time I gave it a spin. Mississippi Queen delivered an excellent album, and every song has been taken care of with lots of passion, enthusiasm, and rock & roll by the band. All this commitment and plain hard labor results into this sparkling CD that I really like a lot. It’s one of those platters that you throw in the player, puff a smoke, drink a beer and enjoy the ride. The selfpenned tracks have been well-matured and they grab you straight away. – “Rockabilly.nl” about “Did you say Love” album.– Mississippi Queen are the oldest rockabilly bend in Croatia. There start to rockin’ in late 1989′, and their first album are “Golden Years”. On “Golden Years” Mississippi Queen were Gorana Cehic(fiddle, vocal), Igor Balent(drums), Jurica Štelma(double bass), Renato Zgrablic-Pit(lead guitar) and frontman Karlo Starcevic(rhythm guitar, vocal). First track on album “Golden Years” are one of most popular Johnny Cash song Cry Cry Cry. Song start with cool slap-bass lick and solo on guitar is really cool. Karlo have very strong vocal which make that cover exellent. Whole album are fill with cover’s and just one author’s song “Walkin’ Thorough My Mind” writen by Karlo Starčević. But “Golden Years” were their first album so i could tell that guys from Mississippi Queen play very good. Every cover had some now stuff which sit’s very well in my ears. Songs of Burnette trio ‘Oh Baby Baby’ are one of the best ever hear and if you listen “Who’s That Knockin'” you make your day automatically happier. I dont know how some of Crotian label not recognize that talent and do production of album. – “Rockabilly Bash” about “Golden Years” album.MQpromoONLINE INTERVIEWShttp://www.pinupsandkustoms.com/blog/mississippi-queen-down-to-earth-and-damn-good-rockabilly-from-croatia/http://www.eastcoastrockabillycentral.com/mississippi-queen.htmlhttp://www.rockabilly-online.com/?p=10168


The Backseat Boogie was born in the Milan area in 2007 as a rockabilly band from the meeting of the two founders, Miko Cantù (guitar, vocals and banjo) and Pedro Bredeon (doublebass). After a couple of line-up changes the band settled with Nick Rizzi (harmonica and saxophone) and Martino Faedi (drums).Defining THE BACKSEAT BOOGIE music ”neo-rockabilly” would be incorrect or at least reductive. Their modern sound is an original blend of country, rockin’ blues, boogie and rockabilly integrating a solid rhythm section, a wild twangy guitar, honky tonk saxophone and vocal harmonies. But the band also love to mess around with some fast banjo tunes supported by a sexy bluesy harmonica.BB1The repertoire is made up of self-penned songs, talking about everyday life with smart and ironic lyrics, played in energetic, punchy and never-the-same live shows.After recording one EP in 2008 (“Backseat Boogie trio”, selfproduced) and two LPs, “Till The Day I Die” (2010, BB records) and “Original Spirit” (2012, Rocketman Records), in 2013 they signed for the London based record label Rhythm Bomb Records. They re-released Original Spirit for the European and US mrket and recorded a new LP at Black Shack Recordings Studio in Germany, “Cut out to rock” (2014, RBR).BBalbumThey played more than 400 gigs all over Italy, Switzerland, Austria, Germany, Holland, Belgium, Spain in clubs, venues, squats, prisons and festivals like High Rockabilly, Summer Jamboree, Get Rhythm and many more..

QUOTES/REVIEWS:“If you haven’t managed to take a ride with The Backseat Boogie yet, then now is the time to jump on board as this is one band not to be missed.”(FAMOUS LAST WORDS MAGAZINE)“Fantastic Rock & Roll with Rhythm & Blues and classical Neo-Rockabilly elements, the band comes from Italy and plays real Party Rock & Roll, highly recommended.”(BEAR FAMILY RECORDS)”Rock’n’roll will never die, as long as there would be bands that understand its essence and how important it is to diffuse it. Without any doubt, the Backseat Boogie is one of those bands that, consciously or not, has this merit” (MAURIZIO “DR. FEELGOOD” FAULISI, VIRGIN RADIO ITALY)”Backseat Boogie are a super-fun rockin’ band from Milan that are sure to get your party started !! All My Friends Are Losers has been a top pick for theirs for quite a while. A band to keep your eye on in the future for sure!” (LEVI DEXTER)BACKSEATBOOGIEscrittaRBlogo2 


…Keepin’ it simple……has always been the band’s credo: two screamin’ guitars, a slappin’ double bass, a rhytmic snare drum and a soulful voice – what else do you need? NOTHIN’ – at least from the band member’s point of view because this is exactly the cast of THE SLAPBACKS: 4 men – 4 instruments – pure music without compromises. Capturing the very essence of Rockabilly music with this formula it also turned out to be the most uncomplicated way of performing, recording and having fun. It’s just the lowest common denominator to create a cool Rockabilly sound – nothing else can be left out…1824507984slapbacks….So what is Rockabilly?…You may call it the Punk of the 1950’s: rough down-to-earth musical energy with the edgy “I-don’t-give-a-damn”-attitude played with an almost primitive instrumentation (i.e. guitars, double bass, drum). These are the ingredients THE SLAPBACKS pack in their dynamic stage shows and on their recordings…….Wot! No big drum set?…That’s right! Real authentic Rockabilly can be played without a whole drum kit but don’t worry: THE SLAPBACKS will kick your ass! To keep the beat pumpin’ they are using a snare drum with lots of rhythm. This makes the band not only an unique format but also independent of the size of the venue they’re going to rock…….From small pubs to huge ball rooms……each and every volume is possible – there is NO venue THE SLAPBACKS are not able to play! Rockabilly Events, US Car Festivals, Biker Meetings, you name it! Mixing up their set list with not only classic 1950’s Rock ‘n’ Roll but also a very special treatment on self-penned songs they’ve finally created their own distinctive style and sound. Till now, THE SLAPBACKS already drove thousands of miles on European highways and rocked countless cities all over Europe and the USA – Austria, Germany, Netherlands, England, Belgium, Spain, Sweden, Hungary, Croatia, Italy, Irland, Switzerland,… New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Connecticut, Massachusetts….About their recordings……Since 2001 they’ve published 5 CD’s (“Rockabilly Blues”, “Net.Wt. 2.5 Oz.”, “A Shot of The Slapbacks”, “Buckle Up!”, “Racin‘&‘Rockin‘”) as well as a limited edition 7″ Vinyl Single which all represent a certain state of sound depending on the period of time they were recorded in. Nonetheless the style of their latest CD and Vinyl truly captures their real and honest sound with no compromises. Since all tracks are recorded live by themselves in their home-build recording studio near Vienna these recordings are 100% pure Slapbacks-style. So don’t you dare miss it!THE SLAPBACKS, 2014

1) Confirm band members and names (and band name!) – real names?Michael Nehyba, Patrick Preiner, Horst Krenn, Christoph Gamperl (The Slapbacks)Slapbacks_012) Why did you pick your band name?In a very boozed mood in 1995 I read about Sam Phillips and the early Elvis recordings. Suddenly out of the blue it hit me: literally on all Rockabilly records you find this tape delay aka slapback. So I figured that this would be the perfect name for our band.How did you form?We believe in the power of attraction. So it was no accident that we finally found each other. Nevertheless it took some time and a few personal changes to put this final line up together. Broadly speaking we are all friends in the same subculture. Why did you decide to play the genre or genres you do?Rockabilly is simply the best music in the world: it’s cool, sexy, aggressive, powerful, spontaneous, danceable, full of suggestive lyrics – absolutely the soundtrack our lives!3) Do you write out your lyrics?Yes Do you ever change a song’s lyrics in live sets?Very often. Depending on the degree of intoxication.4) Where do you usually gather songwriting inspiration?I think of life as a comic book – fast, colorful, sometimes excessive but mostly with a happy ending. So there you find the best stories. What is your usual songwriting process?First I fool around with a melody or a guitar lick, then I add the lyrics. If the song is not finished within 15 minutes mostly it’s not worth a dime.5) Do you have a band website?  http://www.slapbacks.net Why or why not?Although we also have the obligatory facebook account we are a bit old fashioned and maintain a homepage. Do you have a Facebook or Twitter?http://www.facebook.com/slapbacksDo you use Bandcamp, Spotify  to share your music?No, just MySpace.6) Do you think that online presence is important for fans to find you and critics to find your music to write about?The internet is the place where we recruit 90% of our gigs. So obviously it is the most important factor of our musical survival.7) Anything you would like share, from new merch to upcoming shows/tours or songs/albums?In the beginning of 2015 it is high time for us to publish a new CD album entitled “Rust ‘n’ Dust”. Of course there will also be some touring to promote the record and maybe a vinyl single later in the year.8) What was the funniest story that happened on the road ?Years ago we unintentionally crushed the finger of our former drummer in the sliding door of our van – it had a bit of a slapstick moment!9) What happened the first time you met each other, or the first time they picked up the instrument they play (or sang).When we first met each other we realized very quickly that we are on the same level from a musical and human point of view. That makes it very easy to have some fun and create music together. We’re just four of a kind.10) What was your favorite live-music performance, and why ?Playing the Hot Rod Hayride 2011 was one of the most impressing venues we ever played. The place, the cars ‘n’ bikes and first and foremost the rockin’ crowd there are fantastic and make this event a unique experience for a Rockabilly band.

OTHER PRESS:Review von BlackCat Rockabilly Europe (http://www.rockabilly.nl) über Net.Wt. 2.5 Oz., 2003„The Slapbacks are a rockabilly quartett from Vienna, Austria. The band started out in 1995, and they played several gigs in and around Vienna in the following years. The idea for the bandname came from Sam Phillips. He prided himself on his engineering skills and he worked assiduously to create a distinctive and individual sound for each recording, combining clarity, presence, and a kind of adjustable reverb that he dubbed “slapback”.After a few changes in the line-up they found what they were looking for, their own style. Since then they played a lot more gigs, and with big success. All bandmembers had previous experiences in different combos, and this mixture of four individuals is now creating the unique sound of “The Slapbacks”. They were quickly established in the Austrian rockabilly scene, especially in Vienna. Approximately once a week the crowd is getting wild when our boys are doing their stuff in clubs and at parties. Early 2002 they released their debut album “Rockabilly Blues”, 14 mixed-up tracks of covers and self penned rockabilly tunes, including the popular “Stranger Girl”.And now we write the year of our Lord 2003, and the Slapbacks have just released a brand new album on Part Records, Germany, titled “NET. WT. 2.5 OZ.”, a very catching title, since the beautiful folded cardbox cover has all the looks of a 1950s detergent advertising. Including, of course, the ingredients of this improved formula, and a warning that reads: “Too much use could make you addicted to it. While playing, keep away flammable things, sparks could fly!”As for the music, this is all rockabilly, the way we like it best. Yes… sparks WILL fly! Hitting off with the self-penned “Sick’n’Tired Of Singin’ The Blues”, fast, loud, and just the way we like it. “Sitting On The Rooftop” is next, it slows down the pace to a groovy bluesy beat, but it does weigh a full 0.18oz. “Long Way To Memphis” picks up speed again, followed by the countrified Johnny Cash style “706”. I’m going a bit fast here, beacuse there’s no less than 16 tracks on this album, most of ’em originals. “Crazy Love”, “Make Hay While The Sun Shines”, “I’m Loaded”, “Long Lonely Highway”. The latter being a cool rockabilly rendition of Elvis’ 60s song with the same title. “I Wanna Make Love To You” will rock your socks off, and Ricky Nelson’s “Poor Little Fool” (written by Sharon Sheeley) has been re-arranged and it must be one of the rockingest cover versions I ever heard.Even more superb self-penned rockabilly tracks are to follow, “Even Lonesome Cowboys Cry For Love”, “Tell Me What’s Wrong With Me”, “Heartbreaking For Beginners”, “What’s The Matter” and “The Girl From Mexico”. The last track on the album is an acoustic version of “Long Lonely Highway”. And what an album, I’ve enjoyed listening to it immensely, lots of variety, without wandering off the rockabilly path. Very well done guys, keep up the good work!“SBpress1Review von Robert Noy/OX-Fanzine (http://www.ox-fanzine.de ) über Net.Wt. 2.5 Oz., 2005„Sehnsucht muss der Hauptantrieb der SLAPBACKS sein. Sehnsucht nach den Staaten, langen, einsamen Highways, Liebe ohne Enttäuschung und Elvis. THE SLAPBACKS kommen aber aus Wien und daher wirkt ihre selbst gewählte Rolle als Rockabillys beliebig.Die Besetzung mit Gitarre, Akustikgitarre, Bass und Schlagzeug ist standardmäßig. Musikalisch ist das Quartett top, keine Frage. Auch die Aufnahmequalität ist schon bemerkenswert hochwertig.Dass die Texte selbstverfasst sind ist eigentlich nicht nennenswert, da einfach nur das Klischee einer x-beliebigen amerikanischen Rockabilly-Band übernommen wird. Mit dieser Masche sind sie nicht die Ersten und werden auch nicht die Letzten sein.Besser macht es die Platte nicht. Klar ist es ein “Long way to Memphis” von Wien aus und “Even lonesome cowboys cry for love”, aber was dies mit einer mitteleuropäischen Band aus einem Alpenstaat zu tun hat, wird mir immer schleierhaft bleiben.Dass der Sänger zusätzlich bei jedem Elvis-Gesangscontests einen der vorderen Plätze belegen würde, bringt auch musikalisch die Kopiererposition in den Vordergrund. Zusammenfassend: Technisch gutes, klassisches Rockabilly-Quartett ohne erkennbare Eigenheiten.“Review von BlackCat Rockabilly Europe (http://www.rockabilly.nl) über A Shot of The Slapbacks, 2005„The Slapbacks are a rockabilly trio from Vienna, Austria. The band started out in 1995, and the idea for the bandname came from Sam Phillips. He prided himself on his engineering skills and he worked assiduously to create a distinctive and individual sound for each recording, combining clarity, presence, and a kind of adjustable reverb that he dubbed “slapback”.”A Shot Of The Slapbacks” is the band’s 3rd CD. Remember our review of “NET. WT. 2.5 OZ.” in 2003? Well, the album landed 5 stars for their second album then and ended up on our recommendations list. So you can understand that I was quite curious about this new release, and I can tell you already, I was not disappointed. Actually this is a Mini-CD, because it has “only” 7 tracks, it was recorded for the Slapbacks US Tour in July 2005.Four of the songs were written and arranged by the band’s lead vocalist and guitarist Michael “Scotty” Nehyba, starting off with the Johnny Cash styled “Misery”. The second song “Man’s Ruin” speeds up the tempo, it has that distinctive Slapback’s distortion on the vocals. Other Slapback original’s are “Weekend Love Affair” and “It’s Up To Me”. Their rendition of Charlie Feathers’ immortal classic “Bottle To The Baby” is real cool, with some hot guitar licks.A previously unreleased track of The Slapbacks titled “Will I Love Again” can be found on the new “Rockin’ Around The EEC” compilation album on Empire Records“SP2Review von A.Widder/Rockin‘ Rollin‘ Products auf amazon.de (http://www.amazon.de) über A Shot of The Slapbacks, 2008„Hier ist sie nun: nach “Rockabilly Blues” und “Net. Wt. 2.5 OZ.” (published by PART RECORDS) folgt nun die dritte CD Veröffentlichung des Rockabilly-Trios aus Wien / Österreich, den Slapbacks. Sieben brandheiße Songs mit purem und kraftvollem Rockabilly-Sound. Eben 100 % Slapbacks-Style.Keepin’ It Simple…war schon immer das Band-Motto der Slapbacks. Zwei schreiende Gitarren, ein slappender Kontrabass und eine Stimme voller Soul – was braucht man noch? NICHTS – zumindest nach der Meinung der Band-Mitglieder, denn das ist genau die Besetzung der Slapbacks: drei Jungs – drei Instrumente – einfach pure Musik ohne Kompromisse. Nachdem Michael (Vocals, Giutar), Pat (Giutar) und Watson (Double Bass) mit dieser Formel jahrelang gearbeitet hatten, stellte es sich letztendlich als unkompliziertester Weg heraus, aufzutreten, Platten aufzunehmen und Spaß zu haben. Es ist der kleinste gemeinsame Nenner, um einen coolen Rockabilly Sound zu kreieren.Schon bald nach der ihrer Gründung 1995, fingen THE SLAPBACKS an, in und um Wien aufzutreten. Nach ein paar Änderungen in der Band-Formation haben sie jetzt endlich ihre ideale Zusammensetzung gefunden. Die Jungs haben in den letzten Jahren Konzerte in ganz Europa (Deutschland, Belgien, Holland, Schweiz,…) gespielt. Ab Mitte Juli starten The Slapbacks ihre erste US Tour.Die Aufnahmen:Mittlerweile haben THE SLAPBACKS seit 2001 drei CD aufgenommen und bei PART RECORDS veröffentlicht. Die aktuelle Scheibe ist eine Mini-CD mit vier Eigenkompositionen und drei Cover-Songs. Die Nummern wurden in ihrem selbsteingerichteten Aufnahmestudio “DeeLay Reords” in Wien eingespielt und spiegeln den ehrlichen und erdigen Sound der Band wieder. Ihrem Motto treu bleibend, haben die Burschen sogar nur eine einfache Holzbox als kompletten Schlagzeugersatz verwendet. Alle Lieder wurden live aufgenommen, nur ein paar Overdubs waren notwendig, um sie zu komplettieren – somit ist diese CD 100% Slapbacks-Style.“Review von Raucous Records (http://www.raucousrecords.com) über Roasted & Toasted, 2009„CD reissue of two longtime unavailable Slapbacks albums.Here are all the tracks from their debut release Rockabilly Blues (2002) along with the follow-up album Net Wt. 2.5oz (2003).These are the releases that helped to establish The Slapbacks among the favourite bands on the Rockabilly scene.As well as two full albums, this CD also contains two previously unreleased bonus recordings making 27 sizzling cuts in total.“Review von kitti/Rockabilly Bash (http://www.rockabillybash.com) über Buckle Up!, 2009

„There are some funny facts about that band: they are quite often (probably by mistake or just that venues want to attract more visitors) are named on posters as a band from Australia… and the second – they quite often are invited for Teddy Boy Festivals. Both facts are quite strange, because this band certainly doesn’t need extra advertising to atract more people and they are not a Teddy Boy band (at least in my opinion). So who are they?The Slapbacks don’t need any introduction, I suppose. They have been quite often appearing all over Europe and bringing with them not only musical instruments, but some energy and fun. The cover of their brand new cd “Buckle Up!” looks quite boring in contrary to the music on it.17 songs (9 of them self-penned) are pure powerful rock’n’roll. The additional promo letter is advicing you “to spin the cd in your Hi-Fi-System at 100% Volume”, which I would not recommend… only if you are alone and in the wild forest. The songs sound already “loud” even on low volume. It is good and bad at the same time. I would like to hear more clear recordings, because the band can play and also can show it. But I know there are a lot of people, who would enjoy this cd like it is now, because it gives you an idea of live performance and not just a “dry” studio sound.So Buckle Up and start the motor. “Gear Up” is the first track and a good introduction for the whole cd. But so far nothing special is going on. Only the next composition “Mean Devil Woman” starts to give your some accelaration. “One Broken Heart For Sale”, one of my favourite songs of Elvis, seems not really in the style of The Slapbacks, but sounds very nicely (keeping its original softness, but also not letting the band loose their rockin’ style), and then slowly motor getting its speed again…I won’t concenrate on every song, but this how it goes: up and downs, speeding and slowing down again, and it certainly keeps you excited all the way. I like that cd has its story (with a start and a finish) and a title that sums it up.And how about the music? Well, steady and solid rhythm – this is what is popping up in my head, when I am trying to describe the music. When I am thinking about the style, I would say rough and mean. The rest is is left for your own judgement!So what else I can add? Just prepare yourself and have a fun ride with the Slapbacks!“Slapbacks_02Review von http://www.events.at über Racin‘ & Rockin‘, 2011„Das Rockabilly Trio aus der Hauptstadt präsentiert ihren eben auf dem bekannten Londoner Label RHYTHM BOMB RECORDS erschienenen Tonträger – „RACIN’ & ROCKIN’“. Die EP-CD mit 5 Songs zeigt den unverwechselbaren Stil dieses Trios, neben packenden Rock-A-Billy Beats und mystischen Cash-Style gibt es auch eine Portion Blues-A-Billy Bop.“Review von Raucous Records (http://www.raucousrecords.com) über Roasted & Toasted, 2011„CD mini-album with 5 fantastic Rockabilly tracks from The Slapbacks.Four raw ‘n’ rockin’ lively originals, rounded off with a blues-a-billy bop version of Big Joe Turner’s Honey Hush. A cool release which maintains the high standard of output from one of Europe’s best Rockabilly trios.“Review von Raucous Records (http://www.raucousrecords.com) über Single Is This Love/Man Eating Woman, 2012„A great rockin’ 45 from The Slapbacks featuring Man Eating Woman on the B-Side.“Slapbacks_03Auszug aus einem Interview mit Dynamite, 2010 (http://www.rockandroad.de):„Dynamite: Ich habe mir heute eure neue Homepage angesehen. Bei den News wird über den Tod und die Wiederauferstehung eures Bassisten Mr. Watson berichtet – was hat es damit auf sich?PAT: Das war ein kleiner Seitenhieb auf all die Gerüchte, die uns zu Ohren gekommen sind nach dem Unfall (die Slapbacks hatten vor einem halben Jahr einen schweren Busunfall).Da war von „einem kleinen Kratzer“ bis hin zum „Tod“ alles dabei.MICHAEL: Nach dem Unfall hat es wilde Spekulationen über unseren Gesundheitszustand und die Zukunft der Band gegeben. Wir haben zwar versucht, unsere Fans übers Internet auf dem Laufenden zu halten, aber es dürfte nicht zu allen vorgedrungen sein. Also ist diese Meldung mit einem gewissen Augenzwinkern zu verstehen.HORSTL: Wir wollten damit sagen, dass wir uns von solchen Kleinigkeiten nicht unterkriegen lassen und mit Sicherheit weiterhin unterwegs sein werden.DYNAMITE!: Ihr habt ein halbes Jahr keinen Gig in Wien gespielt.MICHAEL: Wenn wir in Wien spielen, spielen wir gerne in Wien. Es hat sich aber herausgestellt, dass es nicht gut ist, wenn man die Szene mit Auftritten überfrequentiert. Jeder Auftritt sollte etwas Besonderes sein, insofern war die Zwangspause wegen dem Unfall willkommen.PAT: Im Wesentlichen war schon der Unfall schuld.DYNAMITE!: Wenn man nach Infos über eure Band sucht, findet man kaum Angaben – steckt da eine Absicht dahinter? Ihr kommt doch alle aus Wien, oder?MICHAEL: Ich denke, es ist absolut nebensächlich, woher der Typ kommt, der auf der Bühne steht. Hauptsache, er kann das Publikum begeistern und eine gute Show abliefern.DYNAMITE!: Wie habt ihr zueinander gefunden?HORSTL: Das war wirklich spektakulär: Eines Abends ging ich zum Telefon und ein Typ sagte „Hey, wüst bei uns Bass spün?“ „Jo, sicha. Waun und wo?“ Das war’s eigentlich.PAT: Ich hatte Glück, ich wollte immer schon „professioneller“ und „intensiver“ musizieren; und dann habe ich eines Tages über einen Freund erfahren, dass die Slapbacks einen Rhythmus-Gitarristen suchen. Der Kontakt wurde hergestellt und ein Besuch bei einer Probe folgte. Ich habe die Jungs zu diesem Zeitpunkt alle nicht gekannt, aber wir haben uns gut verstanden und viele weitere Proben und erste Gigs folgten…“From Rockabilly Deluxe Magazin (2Slapbacks_Logo_v2_black_low


Rīga, Rīgas pilsēta, Latvia

“Pete Anderson & The Swamp Shakers” was formed back in 2009 in Riga, Latvia, which definitely is not the most typical place for springing up the Rockabilly bands.Pete Anderson & The Swamp Shakers musicians are:Pete Anderson – lead vocals, rhythm guitar (real name Pits Andersons)Hurricane Annie – upright bass, back vocals (real name Anna Andersone)Magic Marc – lead guitar, back vocals (real name Mārcis Liepiņš)Mr. Splash – drums, back vocals (real name Kārlis Paukšte)CLICK HERE TO LISTEN TO OUR MUSIC ON REVERB NATIONThese cats are heavily inspired by the sounds of early Rockabilly & Rock’n’roll of the Fifties. They have a bunch of original songs, they are really busy with more than 180 gigs per year, giving 100% plus in their performances, spiced with action and passion, and always driving the audiences wild!The success of the band’s sound lies in powerful professional vocals of Pete Anderson, crazy slap bass and charming vocals of attractive and sexy Hurricane Annie, wild virtuoso guitar licks of devoted rockabilly aficionado – 18-years old child prodigy Magic Marc, solid pumpin’ beat and strong back vocals of highly professional charismatic Mr. Splash on drums.PA1The life story of Pete Anderson, a true Rockabilly Rebel, is full of adventures and it even gave an inspiration to famous Hollywood film director Paul Haggis’ to shoot a movie called “Red Hot” with Balthazar Getty acting as a main character.Pete’s solo CD “Brass-A-Billy” is acknowledged as “The Winner of Just Plain Folks Music Awards 2009 for the Best Rockabilly Album 2009″ (Nashville, TN) – http://www.jpfolks.com.The band has just recorded their debut album „Enjoy The Ride” with 14 original songs at the famous Lightning Recorders studio in Berlin (released on Rhythm Bomb in 2014, RBR CD 5767). It has got the raving reviews from the leading genre’s reviewers from all over the globe!PAalbumIn March 2010, just one year after its formation, the band already headlined „The Rock’n’roll Party # 20” in Nokia. In June 2011, “Pete Anderson & The Swamp Shakers” performed at one of the most prestigious Rockabilly festivals in Europe – the famous „ROCKABILLY RAVE”!In August 2011 the band appeared at the 25th anniversary of the Norway’s prestigious “SILDAJAZZ” festival (Norway).During the year 2012, The Swamp Shakers got a new even more powerful line-up and have now a new twist with Magic Marc and Mr. Splash!In June 2012, the new line-up was introduced to the audiences at the 1st Old Iron Weekender in Estonia and since then the band has performed both at the big stages and at clubs in Lithuania, Russia, Norway, Denmark, UK, Turkey (!), Finland, Sweden, Belgium, Poland and Netherlands.The biggest Rockabilly events among others were:Rockabilly Rave (2009) – UKThe Rock’n’roll Party (2010) – FinlandRockin’ Around Turnhout (2014) – BelgiumUddeholm Ladan Rockabilly Festival (2014) – SwedenAmerican Beauty Car Show (2014) – EstoniaTerschelling Rock’n’roll Street Festival (2014) – NetherlandsMany Biker’s meetingsAs a soloist Pete has also performed at Summer Jamboree in Italy backed by 22-piece big band.

Swampshakers Gallery:[gallery ids="5450,5451,5452,5453,5454,5455,5456" orderby="rand"]INTERVIEW:Why did you pick your band name?We have picked our band’s name for two reasons:First– in our opinion the pop music of today in most cases is a mass of uninspiring, unemotional, blurry environment. In other words it reminded us a swamp which we‘d like to shake a bit!Second – we here in Latvia live in a climate and weather that most of the times is rainy, foggy, grey, dark and not too joyful. Another reason for the band to be called The Swamp Shakers.We picked the band’s name meaning that “Swamp” in this case is the whole annoying pop culture for masses, including most of the filthy contemporary ‘music” that sounds now everywhere on the radio. We decided this to be a proper name for our band just because our aim is to shake this swamp, to explode it with really rockin’ Rockabilly sounds. That’s how we became The Swamp Shakers.How did you form? Why did you decide to play the genre or genres you do?We formed back in 2009. It was Pete’s lifetime dream to form the real authentic Rockabilly band. At those times no one really knew in the whole country of Latvia what this word really means. Pete was looking for a long time to get the right, decent young talented musicians who could have the potential and ability to play this particular music. The genres were not a discussion, we all knew Rockabilly, Swing, 50’s rockin’ music is our common passion!3) Do you write out your lyrics?Yes, we do write our own songs, both music and lyrics.Do you ever change a song’s lyrics in live sets?Not too often, but sometimes it’s a good chance to make a joke about certain situation or place where we perform, then according to the audience’s reaction we may change a few lyrics here and there. It depends on mood, on inspiration, crowd’s attitude etc. Sometimes it’s a spontaneous thing that may stay with a band for a long time; sometimes it’s just a one-time occurrence. And of course sometimes it’s just a silly mistake!4) Where do you usually gather songwriting inspiration?We can get it from lots of different things, like any everyday funny situations, funny words combination, a slang expression or just a sparkling musical idea that comes literally from nowhere and hits you right between the eyes.5) What is your usual songwriting process?Most of the time it just happens in the middle of the night when you have to get up from the bed and stumble straight up to your mobile phone’s voice recorder to catch it unless it disappears.5) Do you have a band website?There’s just a Pete Anderson’s website – http://www.pete-anderson.com, for the band we have Facebook page.6) Why or why not?Obviously because it strengthens the connection with your fans, regular page visitors, gives them all possible and actual information about the band’s activities in the past, present and future.7) Do you have a Facebook or Twitter?Yes, we do – https://www.facebook.com/PeteAndersonAndTheSwampShakers8) Do you use Bandcamp, Spotify to share your music?So far just Spotify.Never heard of Bandcamp, but have to give it a try as well!9) Do you think that online presence is important for fans to find you and critics to find your music to write about?Yes, definitely – it’s extremely important, there’s no doubt about it!The fans have to be highly respected and well-informed online about all the latest developments, gigs, recordings and other activities of the band! Same with critics looking for our music. Unfortunately due to a constant lack of time we were not so active lately, but now we’re trying to turn over a new leaf!10) Anything you would like share, from new merch to upcoming shows/tours or songs/albums?So far our merchandise at the live shows consists of just our CD’s and a 7” vinyl single.Now in the future we plan to sell the T-shirts with band’s logo as well.We just got confirmation that we will perform again at Terschelling Rock’n’Roll Street Festival (Holland) in September, 2015. In May we’ll have a small tour over Europe. There will probably be Finland tour in summer as well. Pity, but our biggest problem still is that we here in Latvia are kinda isolated from the rest of Europe Rockabilly scene and movement, very few things are happening here at all. Our goal is to get out of this situation.11) What was the funniest story that happened on the road?One of the first funny things that happened to the band was actually our first gig. That happened during a harsh winter, it was February, the outside temperature was about -18 C and we were booked to play for bobsleigh championship’s participants. Big was our surprise when upon arrival we discovered that the stage is located open-air, right beneath the bob’s track. We had to play two 40 minutes long sets. You can imagine how we felt playing in those freezing conditions! For organizers of this event it didn’t seem anything unusual at all! Two big electric heaters were supposed to make us warm, but something went wrong and instead of blowing out hot air they hit ice cold straight on us! But nevertheless everybody liked the performance of Lil’ Frozen Swamp Shakers and had a crazy party!12) What happened the first time you met each other, or the first time they picked up the instrument they play (or sang).We definitely felt same certain chemistry between us, we felt we may create a team with certain synergy; we had similar tastes in music and common aim and we loved the way the other potential members of the band expressed their musicianship. The rest is historyJ!13) What was your favorite live-music performance, and why?There were too many great moments in our band’s career to name ‘em all! Especially we feel great when the PA is controlled by competent guys who know what the right sound should to be and there’s also a great support from the audience. We often go off the stage directly into the audience. Anna’s making then impressive show doing Marshall Lytle acrobatics with her upright bass right down on the dance floor; Marc’s climbing on the tables playing wild guitar solos, me standing on the bass while Annie is doing her stuff and so on! We also use to change the instruments, for instance the drummer takes lead guitar, guitarist sits behind the drums, Pete’s grabbing bass and Anna sings and strums rhythm guitar. we do it from time to time and people usually go wild! It’s often big fun to play outside or in crowded places like shopping malls, railway stations etc. Then out of nowhere there comes fantastic mutual energetic exchange between us and the crowd. One of our most unusual and impressive shows of such kind happened in luxury resort place – Alanya, Turkey at the town’s main square located on the beautiful scenic ocean shore on the warm Southern evening with almost two thousand people in the audience, both locals and tourists from all over Europe. Everybody was swingin’ and dancin’ to the beat having a great time with us! That was definitely cool feeling! Rockabilly sure is unique in a way it makes people of all ages happy, willing to dance, forgetting their everyday troubles. Its style is so attractive and incomparable to any other style of music! In most cases regular ordinary people have never before heard anything like that, but for many youngsters it’s a knock-out discovery of music they couldn’t even imagine exists!

SWAMPSHAKERS PRESS GALLERY:[gallery columns="2" ids="5508,5509,5510,5511,5512,5513,5514" orderby="rand"]  

The Cyclones CD Cover.jpg
Penarth, United Kingdom

The Cyclones…Kicking up a StormLewis Clayton and The Cyclones, unveiled their new name at the beginning of 2013. The Cyclones, fronted by 24 year old guitar sensation Lewis Clayton, have been kicking up a storm in 2014. And with gigs booked in the UK and Australia, and a new CD to promote, the future is looking great. They have now expanded their repertoire to include not only a comprehensive catalogue of mainstream 50s and early 60s Rock n Roll, but also a wide range of rockabilly numbers, as well as a hint of country!Lewis Clayton and The Cyclones2The Cyclones revisit those crazy, shakin’, rockin’, boppin’ days of the 50s, recreating the sounds that changed popular music forever. The four piece line up packs a punch, delivering an exciting mix of rock n roll music which ranges from Elvis, through to Buddy Holly, Chuck Berry, Jerry Lee Lewis, Carl Perkins, Johnny Burnette, Fats Domino and Eddie Cochran. There is most definitely something for everyone here!

All the classics are there, along with fresh material including originals penned by The Cyclones. It’s the full 1950s rock ‘n’ roll experience – rockabilly, jump jive, that great Bill Haley dance beat…big hits and top bops, performed as only The Cyclones can.Cyclones  posterHere are more images and videos of the band:

Gretsch G Brand

Lewis Clayton and The Cyclones O NEXT GIGS:  [gallery ids="5436,5437"]


The Alleycats are a 50’s style rock’n’roll band based in SE London. They were formed in 1998, but have had quite a few changes since then. Only surviving member of the original four piece line-up, Drew Spikes, seems to have accumulated a motley collection of old mates from previous bands to make up the current six piece line-up.americana02trimmedJohnny, Drew & Butch all used to be in Yakety Yak together back through the 70\’sDrew & Mick used to be in Sonny King & the Sons Of Swing in the early 80\’s,Newest member is Paul Kent, who took over recently on drums from Jerry (Gerard Barte). Sometimes, however, if Paul is unavailable, we still borrow Richie Taylor from the Sundowners or ex-member Eddie Gentry.We haven\’t had a permanent piano player since Rusty first went to join the Kingcats, but have had several great players take it in turns to give us that extra dimension.

Current band is:Johnny Valentino (vocals/guitar)Drew Spikes (vocals/bass)Mick \’Guitar\’ Murphy (vocals/lead guitar)Butch Evarts (tenor sax/vocals)Paul Kent (drums)and a guest pianist who might be one of:-Claire Hamlin (ex Slammers Maximum Jive Band)Jamie Rowan (lately part of The Stargazers)Dan Edwards (ex Extraordinaires, now Big Boy Bloater)alleycats2013The Alleycats finally have a new CD released, a dozen rockin’ tracks, half classic covers and half brand new rock’n’roll songs. for more information about the CD click on the image below.uptoscratchforcdbaby The Alleycats have covered a very broad spectrum of 50’s rock’n’roll, from rockabilly to doo-wop, so have a wide range of influences.Top Ten (in no particular order) narrowed down to:Big Joe Turner – Boogie Woogie Country Girl

Dion Di Mucci – Love Came To Me

Bill Haley – Real Rock Drive

Elvis Presley – I Forgot To Remember To Forget

Five Satins – In The Still Of The Night

Eddie Cochran – Teenage Heaven

Chuck Berry – (C’Est La Vie) You Never Can Tell

Johnny Burnette – Please Don’t Leave Me

Johnny Horton – Honky Tonk Man

Danny & the Juniors – At The Hop

not forgetting the great slew of various artists records featuring Grady Martin on guitar


Foxy and her RavensFoxy and her Ravens is a female fronted rockabilly band, influenced by Jazz and Rhythm & Blues sounds. Although this is Foxy’s first musical project (formed in 2014), the Ravens are no strangers in the scene.Stephanie Vos (Vocals & Rhythm Guitar) has been singing while showering and cooking for many years. After singing some guest performances, she now wants to please peoples eardrums with her high ‘n low tones of her very own band. Foxy3Michael Warlich (Lead Guitar) who is known for his finger picking, also played in Two Lane Blacktop, Wild Stallion, The Rhumba Kings and ofcourse Channel Red with which he opened shows for many well known (inter-)national acts.Huey Moor (Upright-Bass) is known as the bass player of the Ragtime Wranglers for almost 14 years. He recently started his Hot Rhythm Ramblers and also played in Highway 54. Huey worked with many 50’s artists like the Collins Kids, Jack Earls, Glenn Barber, Janis Martin etc. and he also toured with legendary Stray Cat Slim Jim together with guitar ace Darrell Higham.FoxyannouncementAeilko van der Wagen (Drums) is drumming in Talisker Four, The Vibro Kings and CC Jeromes Trio. Besides The Reno Brothers he also drummed in various other bands. Aeilko has got the energy for ten and is unstoppable when he’s on stage.Check out some more images of Foxy and below!FoxyProfile Foxy1cThe bands inspirations/influences include this cavalcade of talent;Stephanie:Peggy Lee,Wanda Jackson,

The Supremes,Nina Simone,Etta James,

Billie Holiday,Lils Mackintosh,Ella Fitzgerald,The Fontane Sisters,

Amy Winehouse,Donna Hightower.Michael:Brian Setzer,Eddie Cochran,

Link Wray,Paladins,Batmobile,Arthur Ebeling,Tielman Brothers,

Ronnie Dawson,Cliff Gallup,Danny Gatton,Scotty Moore,Johnny Cash,Buddy Holly,

Huey Moor:Bill Black,

Dorsey Burnette,Joseph S. Zinkan,Bob Moore,

Willie Dixon,Slam Stewart,Kevin Smith,Jimmy Sutton,

Jake Erwin,Beau Sample.Aeilko:Kenny Aronoff,Buddy Rich,

Gene Krupa,Keith Moon,

Ringo Starr.

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