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Austin, TX, United States

lbh background wrkngCLICK ON ARTWORK ABOVE TO BUY THIS ALBUM!TRACK LISTING:01 Not For Long (3:13)02 Can You Spare A Match? (2:23)03 All Knocked Up (2:22)04 Put You Down (3:51)05 Mean Mean Woman (1:45)06 I See Green (2:47)07 Little Black Heart (3:17)08 Camille (3:45)09 When I Steal (3:04)10 Who You Think I Am (3:26)11 Pretty Little Kitty (4:11)12 The Way I Walk (3:19)13 You Underwhelm Me (3:26)All songs Philippa/Harada © & P 2016 North Of Bakersfield Music, ASCAP except “The Way I Walk” (Jack Scott) APRS/EMI UNART Catalog, Inc BMITraycardCREDITS:Lead and Harmony Vocals, Songwriting: Ruby Dee PhilippaElectric guitar, baritone guitar, flattop and archtop acoustic guitar, bottleneck guitar on “Little Black Heart”, B Bender on “I See Green”: Jorge HaradaUpright Bass: Dylan CavaliereDrums and Percussion: Scott L. FrenchConsole Steel Guitar on “Little Black Heart”: Dave Leroy BillerSaxophone: Jim TrimmierPiano: Earle Poole BallCello on “Camille”: Tony RogersViolin on “Camille”: James AndersonAll Knocked Up Rowdy Playground Choir: Ruby Dee, Kelly Davis-Burns, Holly Brown, Cris Burns, Dylan Cavaliere, Jorge HaradaSpecial guest appearance by Rosie D. Burns on “Pretty Little Kitty”

Produced by Ruby Dee Philippa and Jorge HaradaEngineered by Cris Burns at Ameripolitan Studios, Austin TX during March and April 2016Mixed by Cris Burns and Jorge HaradaMastered by Cris BurnsCover Photo by Ricardo Acevedo at St. Elmo Soundstage, courtesy of Dave WolfeBack Cover Photo by Joe Van WykDesign by Dave S. Phillips, Dimention XPublicity: Heather West @ Western PublicityRadio: Bill Wence @ Bill Wence ProductionsCLICK HERE TO LEARN MORE ABOUT RUBY AND THE SNAKEHANDLERS!RD-JH BehindMany Thanks (not in any particular order):Cris Burns for his invaluable ear and assistance – we couldn’tve done it without you, Kelly Davis-Burns, Tim Summitt and Holly Brown, Josh Nichols and Monica Jones, Rob Butler, Sweetpea Rockabilly, Leon Berman at Shake The Shack – KEXP FM Seattle; Road Moag, Ted Branson, and Miss Pearl at KOOP-FM Austin TX, Freddy Krc and American Federation Of Musicians (Local 433), Dave Phillips, Jess Klein, Tjarko Jeen, Rod at The Driskill Hotel, AJ Mancabelli, Joe Carducci at GRETSCH Guitars, Jeff Van Zandt at Fender Musical Instrument Corporation, Steve Wertheimer and Dianne Scott at The Continental Club Austin, Waterloo Records, Antone’s Record Store, Ed and Britta Maloney, Francis Macri, Shaun Havoc, Jen “Lil’ Bit” Adams and Sam’s Burger Joint, Joel Gammage and Texas Hatters, Chuck Stokes, Highway 99 Blues Club, Dr. Jon Carroll, PhD, Terry Gaona and all the staff at the Little Longhorn Saloon, Dale Watson, Phantom Shakers Elle Mae and Mark Longsdorf (Thank you for loaning me the awesome sounding guitar, Mark!), A-Town Rockabilly Roundup, Rockin’ Ronny Weiser and Rollin’ Rock Records, Lee Joseph and Dionysus Records, and all our fans in the USA, Europe, and Australia, anyone who supports live music, and rockabilly rebels and honky tonk angels everywhere. We miss you, Mary Schuh.To those who hit the boards with us night after night, past and present – we salute you: Dylan Cavaliere, Mike L. Smith, Scott French, Kevin Fox, Jody Suarez, Pete Crowley.CLICK ON THE IMAGE BELOW TO BUY THIS ALBUM AT CATTY TOWN RECORDS.FACE copiar

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Los Angeles, CA, United States

Late 2015 release on Rhythm Bomb Records by California based band Lil’ Mo & The Unholy Four.

LMbackJust love this description of the band from their Facebook page –Born in the death house of Parchment Prison Farm, and sired by werewolves, The Unholy Four are a quartet of hell-raising hooligans bent on giving the devil his due by making unearthly noise up and down the west coast! Santos De Leon and Randall Stanton hold down the back beat and bass fiddle, while up on six strings, “Spanish” Mike Sobieski, creates devilish licks and leads.All of this fury is caught in a catchers mitt, shines up with black tar and thrown with a wicked curve by the redneck high screeching sound of one “Lil Mo” Everett, on loan to Lucifer from the fabulous Los Angeles doo-wop octet, The Dynaflos.After sippin’ some of Grandpappys sippin’ shine and sitting on a thumbtack or two, the sound that a-comes out of the jerry-rigged amplification is a harmonious horror-fest of good old East Texas rockabilly and Louisiana swamp blues, with just a hint of Grand Old Opry on the side.WARNING: This is the devils music, liable to make young folks want to copulate in the street, or at least dance real close in dark environments. No one under 3 years of age will be admitted onto the dance floor!!!Some live performances of album tracks –

Unholy Images: –[gallery ids="7758,7759,7760,7761,7762"]Out now on Rhythm Bomb Records and available in all rockin’ dealers.RBlogo2Two of the original 50’s tracks covered on the album –

RAllen flyer.png
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Frohburg, Germany

This is the fourth album by Germany’s Ray Allen.RAAFAll tracks recorded at Lightning Recorders in Berlin. Engineered by Ike Stoye, re-recording, mastering by Axel Praefcke. Sleeve design by Axel Praefcke.

RAABPrevious albums –[gallery ids="7744,7745,7746"]Available now from Rhythm Bomb RecordsRBlogo2Here’s a full track from the album:

4.00 (1 review)
Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

Rhythm Bomb Records says “Hailing from Melbourne, this outfit is around since 1996 and its members have played all aussie RnR bands from Benny & The Flybyniters, Dancehall Rackateers, Stringbusters, Starliners or Straight 8’s. We met them at the Rockabilly Rave, backing up Scotty Baker and were really impressed. Music On The Up Beat is a re-release of their aussie version and is limited to 500 copies. An LP release will follow in September.”HJDemons Track Information and Credits etc:hanks-jalopy-demonsThe Band are:

  1. Hank Ferguson – Vocals and Rhythm Guitar.
  2. Dave Cantrell – Lead Guitar, Steel and Vocal Harmonies.
  3. Til Vex – Bull Fiddle and Vocal Harmonies.
  4. Andrew Lindsay – Drums
  5. Guest Artist – Ezra Lee on “Bare Knuckle Ride” – 88 keys

All songs are written by Hank Ferguson except;

  • Track 3 – Joe Thomas.
  • Track 6 – Lindsay/Ferguson.
  • Track 12 – Nelson Young.
  • Track 15 – Ferguson/McDonald

Art design on cover by Don De Vil Vintage Artwork!

Click on the image below to see the bands page on Catty Town!!HJD Some more tracks from the album:

Beat Up 40’s Ford Live

Video shared from ScottBarberMedia

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Tamworth, New South Wales, Australia

“Second Release of the aussie piano pumper, this time backed up by the Firebird Trio! Ezra is touring like hell through Oz and has been booked to all good festivals, including Rhythm Riot in UK and Viva Las Vegas in the US. A new record is already in the making and probably out for the Riot”.Rhythm Bomb Press Release Statement!TRACKLISTING

  3. WOW WOW
  11. ROCKER


  • Ezra Lee – Vocals and Piano.
  • Chris Nomad D’Rozario – Slap Bass
  • Pete Belair – Guitar
  • Hank Elwood Green – Drums

Recorded at Hailstone Studios, Produced and engineered by Paulie Bignall![caption id="attachment_7313" align="alignnone" width="472"]Ricoh Company Ltd. Ricoh Company Ltd.[/caption]

Find out more about Ezra Lee at wikipedia here –   

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Blue Swingin’ Mama is the new Album by Essex based band “The Houserockers” on Rhythm Bomb Records.Track Listing:

  1. I’m So Lonesome (Wilson).
  2. Blue Moon Baby (Satalsky-Rowe).
  3. Tell Me Why (Glazebrook).
  4. Slippin’ In (Millet)
  5. Blue Swingin’ Mama (Fiscel-Dowd-Mitchell).
  6. Baby’s Got Two Left Feet (Glazebrook).
  7. If I Had Me a Women (Shell-Price).
  8. Wee Willie Brown (Rex-Ferguson-Williamson).
  9. Nuthin’ I Can Do (Glazebrook).
  10. Rocky Road Blues (Monroe).
  11. She’s Mine (Strickland-Lawrence).
  12. Keep Her Cool (Glazebrook).
  13. Give Your Heart To Me (Besh-Bartel-Bella).
  14. Trapped Love (Testo).

Bonus Tracks (in Low-Fi).

  1. Susie Q (Hawkins-Lewis-Broadwater).
  2. Slippin’ In (Millet).

All songs recorded at “No Recording Studios” in Rayleigh, Essex, UK.the-houserockersPersonnel Involved:Band:

  • Rob Glazebrook – Lead Vocals and Guitar.
  • Nick Hoadley – Double Bass.
  • Nick Simonon – Drums

Producer:John Hannon

HR'sOthers songs from the album performed live!!


This is the new (2015) album from one of the fastest rising Rockabilly bands in Europe. It was released on Rhythm Bomb Records recently and is doing very well for the band. This writer DJed just before they took to the stage at the 2013 Rockabilly Rave and saw them up close and personal. They are a quiet bunch but very very good musically, they looked very focussed on the day and performed very well.Carolina-and-Her-Rhythm-RocketsSome band and album info;Band members are Carolinn Rottman (Vocals/R Guitar), Sebastian Rottmann (Lead guitar), Marco Mass (DB), Stefan Durrbeck (Drums)Guest Musicians: Miss Lily Moe (vocals), Rene Rottmann (Guitar on T7), Sascha Kommer (Piano on T8 & 9).Writing Credits: All songs are originals written by the band except T7 which is a cover of an old Patsy Cline Rocker.C&RRcdtracksHere is another track from the album;

And some tracks from the bands first album:

Some other online reviews for this album:http://www.bealestreet.be/index.php/carolina-and-her-rhythm-rockets-by-my-sidehttp://www.thebettajivereview.com/cd-reviews.htmlhttp://famouslastwordsrecords.com/reviews/?genre=rockabilly   

rob3 .jpg

Rob Ryan Roadshow are a High Energy Honky Tonk Music, Rocking Country Style Band

Since 2008, The Rob Ryan Roadshow has been on the road all over Europe and has opened up on tours for The Boss Hoss and Imelda May to name a few.They have played more than 350 concerts throughout Europe, including on such events as The Hemsby Rock n Roll Weekender in the UK, Summer Jamboree in Italy and Polish Picnic Country.

Their style is a mix of Americana,Rockabilly and Roadhouse Rock played and sung with such power and passion that it wins over audiences almost immediately where ever the band goes.The Rob Ryan Roadshow bands members : Rob Ryan – Lead vocals, Acoustic guitar and Harmonica.Ralf Sommer – Double Bass , Jaco Bertacco – Electric lead guitar , Boris Israel – Drums & PercussionSigned with the London based Rhythm Bomb Records the guys have just released their 4th Album to date,called GOIN’ OLD SCHOOL. Click here for more info on their new album.  


The Rob Ryan Roadshow play their music with such a large dose of passion and power that the audience is not able to resist their sounds and will not relent in the pursuit of bringing every audience member to the dance floor.

Check out their website for upcoming gigs



cj rockers.jpg
Melbourne, Australia

The BandRobyn and the Rancheros -“Rockin’ the Roost” CDCD1FRONT



London, United Kingdom

 ‘The Tattoo Lifestyle Shop’ is The Largest Online Tattoo Studio Directory (thetattoolifestyleshop.co.uk) and Alternative Shopping Centre (nicheorunique.co.uk) in the UK. The Tattoo Lifestyle Shop also includes ‘Strangemporium Oddity Shop – The Land That Taste Forgot’ (strangemporium.co.uk) which is the department store of The Tattoo Lifestyle Shop.The founding principle of the site is that the tattoo studio listings in the Studio Search and the main alternative business listings in Niche or Unique must be free to both users and business owners – the site may generate income in other ways, but these two main listings must always be free.The Tattoo Lifestyle Shop Facebook and Twitter pages publish a combination of between 5-10 daily offers, new products and competitions from the Niche or Unique Alternative Businesses.Tattoo BrandJohn  Taylor who runs this online directory has played live and sang for many years and played guitar but mainly saxophone.Below is john’s  favourite back tattoo:Phoenix  Here is a playlist of some of the songs John sang himself:


Frantic Rockers are a Los Angeles based hot blues combo that pumps out some of the dirtiest savage rockin’ blues you’ve ever heard. Their screaming guitars, wailing harmonica, and howling vocals are sure to have the dance floor shakin’, boppin’, and screaming. Formed in the summer of 2010 and coming off of our most successful year yet, we are ready to jump onto all of the major rockabilly festivals all over the world. Signed to Rhythm Bomb Records and releasing our debut album “Savage Beat” was amazing this year and looking forward to all the thing to come in 2015. Click on image below for more information and reviews of the album.FRmainWe have played many awesome venues here in the US with huge crowds of people in the hundreds like the Viva Las Vegas Rockabilly Weekender, Café du Nord in San Francisco, all of the amazing venues here in Los Angeles like the School of Rock n Roll, Spikes Bar in Rosemead, The Observatory, Bordellos, Viva Cantina, The Alpine Village and many more.Our musical background includes many different genres. Jorge and David played in both punk bands and psychobilly together and separately before forming frantic rockers. Ernest played in a punk/ska band before and this is the first band for Jesse. I guess as we got older we started to get into rock n roll and rockabilly and we originally were leaning towards playing like that until we heard the blues everything changed for us. We knew what we really wanted to play.

Some quotes about the Frantic Rockers!The Rockabilly Chronicle – Rhythm Bomb has just launched a LA branch and this one is one of the first two new release. And believe me friends, that’s what I call a hot platter. Beware it’s gonna burn your player down.Take some classic harmonica driven Chicago blues, add a good dose of neo-rockabilly (their upright bassist, Jorge, is really a frantic rocker) and sprinkle it with a punkish attitude reminiscent of the Sonics or the Downliner Sect, and maybe you’ll have a close idea of how this four guys from Los Angeles sound. The rhythm section is tight as hell, powerful slap bass with Diddley beat, their guitar player is an ace and the singer has the perfect gravelly and threatening voice. I couldn’t recommend this album enough.Raucus Record – Savage Beat is the debut album from The Frantic Rockers – a Rockin’ Blues combo from the USA. Wild stuff – this release is sure to make a big impact and will establish The Frantic Rockers as a popular band on the rockin’ scene.DJ Wildgoner – Debut album from this Rockin’ Blues combo from the United States.  Since the 80’s the rockin’ and boppin’ Blues is very popular on the European rockin’ scene and there are lots of bands like Dollar Bill (okay, in this case a one-man-band), the Excellos, Boll Weavil Blues Band or the Blue Flames.  many of the bands try to recreate the early boppin’ Blues sound of Muddy Waters, Slim Harpo, or Howlin’ Wolf but the Frantic Rockers take it a bit further. Their sound is more updated without straying too far away.  If you like your rockin’ Blues on the wild side, do check them out!  For me the sounds is a bit too modern but I’m very single minded when it comes to my music.  Anyway, a good debut album from a band that will surely be headlining some of the big festivals in the near future.[gallery ids="5608,5609,5610,5611,5612,5613" orderby="rand"]Rhythm Bomb Interview with The Frantic Rockers!1) Confirm band members and names (and band name!) – real names?– Jesse De Lucas, David Gutierrez, Jorge Renteria, Ernest “Sir” Jaramillo2) Why did you pick your band name? How did you form? Why did you decide to play the genre or genres you do?– We chose Frantic Rockers because we wanted something that let people know what our music was like. We like to have fun and play music the way we want with no boundaries. We got together as a band when David was teaching Jesse how to play guitar, he asked Jorge to help him out on bass and the three starting learning songs from Howling Wolf, Muddy Waters, and Little Walter. The songs started to sound really good and we decided to take a bit further and ask Ernie to join us on drums, we started writing our on songs and things just took off from there. We started playing rockin’ blues because we really loved the style. And at the time here in Los Angeles there was not any bands in the rockabilly scene that played this style. I think that is what really made us stand out from the rest.3) Do you write out your lyrics? Do you ever change a song’s lyrics in live sets?– We do write our own lyrics, everyone is involved. One person will have a couple of verses in mind and then we all just add to it. We never really change the lyrics to our songs on stage.4) Where do you usually gather songwriting inspiration? What is your usual songwriting process?– We gain a lot of inspiration from the records we listen to, watching videos of our favorite artist online, and from live shows. They always motivate us to push ourselves to be as good as we can be. Our writing process is more of a jam session we just get together and try different leads and rhythms until we find something we think will really rock. And then try and fit lyrics into it.5) Do you have a band website? Why or why not? Do you have a Facebook or Twitter? Do you use Bandcamp, Spotify  to share your music?– We do not have a band website yet but hope to start one up in 2015. We are on facebook, instagram, and reverbnation that’s where everyone keeps up with the band for updates, shows, pictures, and all other info.6) Do you think that online presence is important for fans to find you and critics to find your music to write about?– We believe it is very important to have an online presence it makes you more accessible to find, listen to, and keep updated on new things.7) Anything you would like share, from new merch to upcoming shows/tours or songs/albums?– We are in the process of printing new shirts and sweaters for our fans, and are very excited to start recording a new record in 2015.8) What was the funniest story that happened on the road?-The funniest thing would have to be Jesse doing the splits on stage at Viva Las Vegas 2014 and splitting his pants! Luckily it was not noticeable and he continued the show.9) What happened the first time you met each other, or the first time they picked up the instrument they play (or sang).– Well Jorge, Jesse, and David are neighbors so we grew up together. And when David introduced us to Ernest we jammed out and knew we could play some real rock n roll! Jesse first starting singing as a joke but everyone loved his energy and voice that we kind of forced him to keep doing it!10) What was your favorite live-music performance, and why?– Our favorite live performance was Viva Las Vegas 2014 we had a lot of energy the crowd was amazing and we felt we really put on a great show for everyone and got the crowd loved it.



Video above by Tony Bruce!So many great rockabilly bands have sprouted up over the globe since the style first took root in the ’50s. Hank’s Jalopy Demons are proud to be a part of such a tornado of musical wildness and take their inspiration from the countless masters of this genre over the past 60 years. In fact, what may make Hank’s Jalopy Demons a hip band is their total immersion in this music, as well as their energetic enthusiasm for playing rockabilly the best they can – trying to emulate the best, while creating their own unique authentic interpretation.Jalopy_Demons-01On this exciting musical journey, Hank’s Jalopy Demons started out by doing the hard yards of the musicians’ ordeal – playing in rough dingy bars on the wrong side of the tracks (in fact, they still do). From there, the small, increasingly loyal, audience grew. From those early hard days, they added inspired new original numbers to their repertoire and formed a tight musical outfit. By 2000, they were having people really rockin’ at the Shifters hot rod show at Viva Las Vegas with their frighteningly authentic and wild renditions of rockabilly.Back in Australia since, in addition to releasing their first CD “Going straight (to the electric chair)” on Preston Records in 2007, they’ve played all the major rockin’ festivals, such as GreazeFest (Brisbane) and Camperdown Cruise (Victoria), alongside a plethora of international acts to packed audiences. Most recently, they had their European debut at the 2014 Rockabilly Rave, where they made the audience go flipsville, as evidenced by the great interest (sales) of their latest long-play recording, entitled “Music on the up beat”.

Of course, a band is more than just the sum of its members – the quality of a band in a non-linear equation. This dynamic output is the result of the input of the following vigorous personalities.First, there’s Andrew Lindsay on drums. He has extensive experience in the hippest of hipness. Many will be familiar with Benny and the Fly-by-niters in which he provided the rhythm, as well as the respected western-swing/hillbilly-bop outfit the Starliners. Secondly, there’s Dave Cantrell on the lead guitar and vocals, who’s been playing and recording rockabilly since a school-boy, still wet behind the ears. He played in such renowned Melbourne bands as the Roadsters and Stringbusters, plus the Starliners too. Next, there’s Til Vex on bull fiddle. He’s been honing his skills for many moons in Melbourne rockabilly bands, such as the Straight 8s and the Roadsters. You may be familiar with all of the of bands mentioned above from the infamous and acclaimed Preston Records label. In addition, Andrew, Dave and Til backed both Scotty Baker and Kieron McDonald, among others, on their excellent recordings. Lastly, Hank Ferguson, lead vocalist, rhythm guitarist and composer, is known for his singing with the Starliners, as well as other Preston Records releases dating back over two decades. He’s been playing this music since he was knee high to a grasshopper.And that, amigos, is Hank’s Jalopy Demons – dig it!HJDlogo2Review quotes:I have to admit I do absolutely love this band… The Rave lot went wild when they rocked the main stage and lots of CD’s were sold after the show.Like I said, the sound of the recordings are period perfect and after the Rave this was one of the CD’s I played over and over again… Most of the tracks on this killer album are self written and you’ll have to check out the lyrics, which often are creepy and amazing!Check out “Damn Their Hides”, “Warm And Close”, “The Jackal”, “She Demon” or their boppin’ verison of “You Bring Out The Wolf In Me”!  Like their first album “Going Straight (To The Electric Chair)”, this is an absolute killer album by one of my favorite bands from Australia.  If you dig bands like the Crawdads or the Tex Speed Combo, you simply can’t afford not to buy this album, I love it!(From URL: http://www.eastcoastrockabillycentral.com/record-reviews-august-2014.html, DJWildgoner, accessed 29/11/2014)HJDalbumAn interview with Hank’s Jalopy Demons1) Confirm band members and names (and band name!)?We are Hank’s Jalopy Demons. On vocals and rhythm guitar is Hank Ferguson, with David Cantrell on lead guitar and vocals, Til Vex on double bass and Andrew Lindsay on Drums. 2) Why did you pick your band name? How did you form? Why did you decide to play the genre or genres you do?We think that Jalopies are the hippest form of internal combustion engine powered transportation, especially when rodded. So Andrew came up with the name spontaneously when we formed ’cause it runs through his veins.We formed when Andrew was called for a gig in 1996. He ’phoned around to see who could do it and Hank’s Jalopy Demons have been doing it since.We’d already been playing rockabilly music successfully for some time, so it was like ducks on water. It’s what we do, listen to and flip for. 3) Do you write out your lyrics? Do you ever change a song’s lyrics in live sets?[Hank:] I only write out the lyrics when I compose them. Hopefully, I can remember them after that. I may alter them when we first rehearse (or record) them if it improves the tune, such as phrasing to go with the musical interpretation of the band. If they’re ever changed in live sets, it’s probably because I’ve had a big night.4) Where do you usually gather song writing inspiration? What is your usual song writing process?Lately, I have been using the Jack Kerouac method – because I’m beat. That means getting on the metaphorical typewriter and letting the juices flow. Then, on another day, I can try to fashion them into a musical structure, based on the original raw impromptu verse. This works well with coming up with the best feel for these lyrics – should it be up tempo, should it be in a major or minor key, what kind of groove should it have to suit the meaning? Dig?Otherwise, Hank and Andrew might be having a beer and watching a corny hot rod movie. This inspired Beat up ’40 Ford. Or Hank was on a flight to a gig with Kieron McDonald and we just started writing lyrics to pass the time. And although I [Hank] still enjoy songs that just say, “Bop, bop, bop! Rock, rock, rock!”, it’s satisfying to write about what moves you personally, like Damn their hides is a protest against being ripped off, Mess you up is about how prisons are pathological and The Jackal describes the behaviour of certain types of unscrupulous guys who objectify women in late night bars.

5) Do you have a band website? Why or why not? Do you have a Facebook or Twitter? Do you use Bandcamp, Spotify  to share your music?What’s a website? [Insert loud ironic laughter here!] Yes, we have a website at the URL http://www.hanksjalopydemons.com.au and a Facebook band page too. As for the others, we haven’t gotten around to that yet.6) Do you think that online presence is important for fans to find you and critics to find your music to write about? It is good that people can contact us through the internet, but the web’s a scam these days you know. It’s mainly about commercial sites, like Facebook, collecting information about you and your behaviour to part you more easily from your money with targeted products. But Hank’s Jalopy Demons are on it anyway ’cause we belong to the same flock as all the other sheep. 7) Anything you would like share, from new merch to upcoming shows/tours or songs/albums?We’re playing around Australia, in different capital cities, all the time, as well as in our home town of Melbourne. In the process we are always working on our act to improve our performances and tunes. Also, there’s a rumour that we may be touring in Europe in the future, but we’d like to have had another album recorded before then.We have CDs to sell, plus the vinyl single (put out by Rhythm Bomb Records) and t-shirts with our jalopy races inspired ‘logo’. 8) What was the funniest story that happened on the road?Well, for me, Hank, it was when I was throwing rocks at the first floor window outside the pub where we were staying on tour in Sydney, standing in the middle of the road, as dawn was rising. You see, the door was locked and I had been painting the town red, but the Jalopy Demons had gone back earlier. Well, of course, when a cop car came around the corner, I had to do some quick talking which is pretty hard to do when you’ve been drinking all night.Anyway, I got out of that scrape, without being cuffed, but when I got inside and looked in the mirror, I had a big ‘love bite’ on my neck. “Damn it!”, thought I, “I’ll be in worse than the dog house when I get back to Melbourne”. Anyway, Andrew did me the favour of scraping my neck hard with Velcro to cover the evidence. It hurt – and I think he actually enjoyed it too! Sicko!There’s really probably a funnier story, but I lost that brain cell somewhere.Jalopy_Demons-02 9) What happened the first time you met each other, or the first time they picked up the instrument they play (or sang).We ignored each other because each thought that the others were asses. Well, in fact, we couldn’t’ve been more wrong. Most times!10) What was your favourite live-music performance, and why?Playing at the Continental Club, in Austin in 2000, was wigsville. Like, the vibe was electric, it was packed to the gunnels with cats who dug, were hip to and could play the music as it’s meant to be played. And the line up was outstanding, including the irrepressible Ray Condo and his Ricochets and the fabulously talented High Noon. What a blast!


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